McADAM WILLIAM granted 1 lot on Craig Rd W in St Sylvestre, Que in 1820 and 1 lot on Craig Rd East.


McADAMS THOMAS m JULIA ?, children born at St Sylvestre : Richard b 1842, Thomas b 1843. Witness at the children's baptism was John Hogg.


McADAMS JANE b 1819, d 1892, bur Inverness Presb, m HENRY MOORE


McALLISTER ELIZABETH b 1822 IRELAND, d 1900, living single in 1861 in home of Hugh and Catherine Jamieson in Leeds Tp.


McALLISTER BRIDGET b 1852 LC, Epis, living in home of William and Ann Gunston in Inverness in 1861 census.


McALLISTER WILLIAM m JENNETT. Lived St Jerome, Que. Child : Mary b 1865, bapt WM Ireland Tp.











McANARNY PATRICK b 1821 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census, 15th Range, 1/2 of Lot 24. Married CATHERINE b 1821 IRELAND. Children :

  1. James b 1843 Ireland
  2. Bridget b 1847 Ireland
  3. John b 1853 Ireland
  4. Catherine b 1856 Ireland
  5. Margaret b 1859 Ire
  6. Mary Ann b 1860 Ireland

McANDREW (McANDRE) JAMES JOSEPH m CATHERINE CARR. Lived St Gilles. Child : John m in 1844 at St Gilles RC to Mary Ann Kennedy.


McATTEE JAMES d 1849 at St Gilles, bur C of E Leeds Tp, m 1st to FANNY ADLEY 1813-1836, and married 2nd in 1838, 2 Apr at C of E Leeds Tp to LETTITIA CRAWFORD b 1822. Witnesses at marriage of James McAttee and Lettitia Crawford were Robert Kirkland and Robert Ferguson. After James McAttee's death, Lettitia Crawford remarried on 13 April 1854 at WM church of Ireland Tp to Andrew Lowry. Sometime between 1861 and 1871 Lettitia and Andrew Lowry moved from Leeds Tp to Melbounre Tp, Que., then to Windsor Mills, Que, and by 1901 to Worcester, Mass. Children :

  1. Francis McAttee b 1832 in St Gilles
  2. Jane McAttee b 1835. Witness at Jane's baptism was Archibald McAttee.
  3. William McAttee b 1841, d 1927, m Susan Fairborn 1837-1910.
  4. Catherine McAttee b 1843, d 1934, m Robert Frye b 1852.
  5. Elizabeth McAttee b 1849, d 1932, m Nelson Woodard.

    Source for the above McAttee family is : Bruce Jameson, Corunna, Ontario. Contact info available.


McATTEE ANN, widow of Inverness Tp, m 2nd on 2 Jan 1866 at CCLI to MICHAEL HENRY b 1836. Children :

  1. John Lewis Henry b 1867 Ireland Tp
  2. Mary Ann Henry b 1868 Ireland Tp

McATTEE ANN 1802-1885 m THOMAS ADDLEY. Lived Leeds Tp




McBEAN JOHN m JANE FRASER. Lived Frampton. Child :- John b 1832, bapt C of E Leeds.


McBEAN MARY JARJORY from Inverness, Scotland in 1833, d 1866, m JAMES McGILLIVRAY. Lived Inverenss Tp, Que.

Contact info available for McBean.

McBURNEY CHARLES b 1805 IRELAND, Co Down, Kirked (Kirkeel, now Kilkeel), settled in Kinnear's Mills, tailor and farmer, C of S m in 1833 to ELIZA SKILLEN b 1811 IRELAND, d 1911, aged 100. Children :

  1. Margaret Jane b 1844 LC
  2. Hugh b 1846
  3. Elizabeth b 1850
  4. Samuel b 1850, d 1936, m in 1873 to Isabella Kinnear. Children :
    1. Charles b 1874
    2. Ayton Kinnear b 1875
    3. James Arthur b 1881 m Mildred Taylor
    4. Albert b 1884 m Olive Chambers
  5. William John b 1854
  6. Contact info available for McBurney.

McCABE FRANCIS m MARGARET THOMPSON b 1821 in IRELAND, RC. Settled Nelson Tp. Children :

  1. Ellen b 1846 in LC
  2. Margaret b 1847
  3. Mary b 1849
  4. William b 1851
  5. Catherine b 1853
  6. Patrick b 1855
  7. John b 1857

McCAFFREY EDWARD 1831 census : 8 in house, RC, settled Leeds Tp after 1825. Edward m BRIDGET McCALLUM. Child :

  1. Catherine m 1838 at St Sylvestre RC to Edward Fahey
  2. Susan

McCAFFREY PATRICK b 1781 IRELAND, RC, m CATHERINE McMANUS b 1786 IRELAND. They lived in Halifax S Tp. Children :

  1. Phillip McCaffrey b 1824 Ireland, m in 1852 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Catherine Sheridan b 1824 Ireland. Child :
  2. Dennis b 1855 LC
  3. Michael b 1819 in Ireland, RC, m in 1848 at St Ferdinand RC to Ann Carleton, b 1824 in Ireland, RC. They lived in Halifax Tp. Children :
    1. John b 1852 LC
    2. James b 1854
    3. Catherine b 1856
    4. Phillip b 1859
    5. Anne b 1861
  4. Laughlin m in 1851 at St Ferdinand RC to Mary Carey

McCAFFREY PATRICK b 1821 in IRELAND, RC, m MARY b 1825 in IRELAND, RC. Settled Thetford Tp. Children :

  1. Mary Anne b 1849 in LC
  2. Joseph b 1853
  3. Ellen b 1855
  4. Catherine b 1859


  1. Mary Ann m 1854 at St Sylvestre RC to John McGee


  1. Patrick, m in 1880 at St Adriene d'Ireland, Ireland Tp to Sarah Vallee, dau of Joseph and Julie Vallee.

McCAFFREY PATRICK b 1812 IRELAND, RC, m SARAH b 1814 IRELAND. They lived in Halifax S Tp. Children :

  1. Rose b 1841 LC
  2. Patrick b 1842
  3. Anne b 1844
  4. Sarah b 1847
  5. Michael b 1848
  6. Margaret b 1852
  7. Catherine b 1854

McCAFFREY PATRICK b 1816 IRELAND, stonemason, d 1883 at Lancaster, NH. He was married, wife's name not known.


McCAFFREY JOHN b 1809 IRELAND, RC, m JANE McGUIRE b 1811 Ireland. They lived in Halifax S Tp in 1861. Children :

  1. Rosa m 1872 to William O'Keefe
  2. Patrick b 1833 Ireland, m in 1870 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Bridget Byrns
  3. Francis b 1837 LC
  4. John b 1839
  5. Jane b 1842, m Patrick Murphy
  6. Catherine b 1845
  7. Michael b 1846
  8. Phillip b 1848 twin
  9. Ann b 1848 twin m Charles Murphy
  10. Susanna b 1849
  11. Malach b 1853
  12. Dennis b 1856, m in 1884 at St Ferdinand RC to Johanna Murphy
  13. Mary b 1859, m 1883 at St Ferdinand de Halifax to Octave J B Garneau, widower of Adeline Phaneuf.

McCAFFREY JOHN b 1829 IRELAND, RC, m MARY RYAN of St Agathe, b 1827 IRELAND, RC. They lived in Halifax S Tp. Children :

  1. Mary 1848-1871 m in 1871 at St Agathe to Samuel Carroll. Child : Mary Ann m 1906 to Joseph Callum 1882-1943
  2. Patrick b 1852 LC
  3. Elenor b 1851
  4. Catherine b 1854
  5. John b 1857
  6. Michael b 1858
  7. Rose Ann b 1860

McCAFFREY TIMOTHY b 1857 at St Agathe, Lotbiniere, m BRIDGET HOPKINS b 1863 at St Sylvestre. Child :- John Joseph b 1883 at Lancaster, NH.


McCAFFREY CHARLES m MARIE LOUISE DILLON. Lived St Nicholas, Que in 1821.



  1. Mary m 1842 at St Sylvestre RC to Louis Mailly, son of Louis Mailly and Marie Gilliere of Deschambeault.


  1. Eliza b 1877 at St Sylvestre RC, m in 1898 at Northumberland, NH to Edward J Morancey, papermaker, son of Isaac Morancey b LC.


  1. Louis m 1869 at St Ferdinand de Halifax to Mary Ann Pidgeon


  1. Sarah m 1880 at Broughton RC to James Campbell

McCAFFREY ELLEN b 1846 LC, RC. Servant maid, age 16 in 1861, living in home of Thomas and Mary Devaney in Inverness Tp.


McCAFFREY, JOSEPH: Announcement:

'Mr. A. Andrews of Maple Grove [Ireland Tp.] has sold his farm to Joseph McCaffrey, and intends on going west.'

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 12 April, 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

Contact info available for McCaffrey.



McCALLUM JOHN b 1760, d 1842, medical practicioner


McCALLUM AGNES d 1860, bur Leeds Presb, m THOMAS GOFF


McCALLUM ALEXANDER RAY, settled Leeds Tp, miller, m in 1833 at Leeds Presb to MARGARET CATTANACH of Inverness Tp. Children David b 1835, William A b 1841.


McCALLUM JAMES settled Leeds Tp, m ELLEN LEGGATT, b 1801, d 1837. 1831 census : CS, 9 in household, came before 1825. Children :

  1. Charles b 1831
  2. Ann b 1834
  3. Christianna 'Adelaide' Margaret b 1837.

McCALLUM COLIN m JANE METCALF, (widow of Metcalf). Lived Quebec City. Child :

  1. Titroy b 1851, bapt C of E Inverness Tp.

McCALLUM DUNCAN settled Leeds Tp, m MARGARET LEGGATT. Children : Alexander Archibald b 1831, D. James b 1834.


McCALLUM JOHN b 1787, living in Leeds Tp, 6th Range, Lot 12 in 1861 census.


McCALLUM JOHN m MARGARET b 1790, d 1846, bur St Sylvestre RC


McCALLUM MALCOLM granted 1000 acres, 5 lots on 9th and 10th Ranges of Arthabaska in 1802-1809 period.


McCAMMON THOMAS b 1822 IRELAND, settled Inverness Tp, died 1885 at Montreal, Quebec. Congregationalist, m in 1850 to JANE BRODIE b 1828 in SCOTLAND. Child :

  1. Isabella b 1851 LC, d 1899, m Hugh Maxwell

McCAMMON JAMES b 1828 IRELAND, FC, shoemaker, d 1901, m MARGARET HALL b 1840 IRELAND, FC, d 1906. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Maria b 1861 LC, d 1936, bur Elmwood Cem, Sherbrooke, m A.S. Johnson
  2. John b 1863, d 1941, general merchant of Inverness, m in 1887 to Mary Ann Whyte. Children :
    1. John 1888-1958 m Mora Morgan. Lived Montreal
    2. Margaret Agnes b 1890, m 1926 to James Thompson Allan
    3. James Hutchins 1892-1893
    4. George Duncan 1894-1920, was with the 73rd Highlanders.
    5. Alexander Martin 1895-1944, m in 1923 to Helen Lydia 'Nell' Kinnear. At the time of his death, Alex was Secretary-Treasurer of Johnston Asbestos Co in Thetford Mines.
    6. Andrew Donaldson 1898-1985, m Katie Isabel Suitor b 1894 in Nelson Tp, dau of Thomas Suitor and Jane Graham
    7. Harriet Maria 'Peg' 1900-1962, teacher

McCAMMON AGNES 1811-1895 m JOHN KEOUGH. Lived Ireland Tp.

For the emigration pattern from Ireland of the McCammon family, see ' Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre ,' by Gwen Barry.

Contact info available for McCammon.


  1. Elizabeth b 1864, bapt WM Ireland Tp

McCANLEY JOHN granted 2 lots St John's Range East, St Sylvestre in 1828.


McCANN BERNARD and MARY granted 2 lots on St John's Range West of St Sylvestre c 1830


McCARROLL SAMUEL , b 1800 IRELAND, d 1861 in Inverness Tsp, CS, m MARY b 1805 IRELAND, CE.


McCARROLL DAVID m MARTHA BROWN b 1838 SCOTLAND, lived in Sherbrooke but working in Leeds Tp in 1861. They moved to Hokah, Minn, USA. Children :

  1. Willliam b 1860
  2. Isabella Jane b 1861
  3. Agnes E 1865-1885, d Minn, bur Inverness WM


See also: McCARTHY



See also: McCARTNEY

From Scotland :


McCARTNEY GEORGE b 1796, SCOTLAND, Glasgow, d 1883 in Megantic Co, m SARAH b 1792 IRELAND, d 1867. They lived in Ireland Tp. Child:

  1. Elizabeth b 1833 ENGLAND, Epis, Her children :
    1. Sarah J b 1855 USA
    2. James b 1857 USA
    3. Sarah A b 1859 LC

McCARTNEY JAMES b 1838 SCOTLAND, C of S, m in 1854 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELIZA KELLY b 1840 LC. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Mary Jane b 1854 LC, CE, living in home of Henry Kelly, C of E and wife Bridget Sherry, RC in Ireland Tp in 1861.
  2. Sarah b 1855, bapt Witness Henry Kelly
  3. Lucy b 1856
  4. Elizabeth b 1858

McCARTNEY AGNES b 1821, d 1905, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m C R AMADON.


McCARTNEY JOHN b SCOTLAND, lived in Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, m ELIZABETH HORSFIELD. Children:

  1. Sarah Ann b 1855 in Ireland Tp, m in 1881 at Lancaster, NH to Irving J Morse, b Lancaster, resident of Bethel, Maine in 1881, son of Fred Morse b Randolph, NH and wife Rose Jordan b Columbia, NH.
  2. George b 1869
  3. Agnes Rachel b 1864
  4. Jennie Elizabeth b 1866, m in 1888 at Guildhall, Vt to Charles Webb b 1867 at Guildhall, son of Lewis and Matilda Webb.

From Ireland :

McCARTNEY JAMES settled Inverness Tp, 3rd Range, Lot 3, m SARAH HOGG. They moved to Ontario, Canada. For their descendants, see the Hogg publication by Gwen Barry.

McCARTNEY HUGH b 1801 in IRELAND, RC, d 1883, buried Leeds RC, m SARAH WILSON b 1810 in IRELAND, RC. They were living in Leeds Tp, 14th Range, 1/2 of lot 14 in 1861 census. They attended the RC chapel in Leeds Tp in the 1883 period. After Hugh's death Sarah lived with her son John McCartney. Children of Hugh and Sarah:

  1. McCARTNEY SARAH 1828-1871, m in 1853 at St Sylvestre RC to WILLIAM CARR b IRELAND, resident of LC in 1882 widower. Child :
    1. John Carr b 1846 LC, m in 1882 at Lancaster, NH to Maggie O'Connell b 1860 IRELAND, dau of Thomas O'Connell and Mary Healey, both born Ireland, residents of Lancaster, NH in 1882.
  3. McCARTNEY JOHN ELIE b 1835 in IRELAND, m in 1856 at Broughton RC to MARY SAVAGE b 1831 in IRELAND, dau of Hugh Savage and Ann Wilson. They were living in Leeds Tp, 5th Range, 1/2 of lot 14 in 1861 census, and attended the RC chapel in Leeds Tsp. Children :
    1. David 1857-1857
    2. James 1858-1858
    3. Joseph b 1861
    4. Mary Ann b 1862, m in 1891 at St Sylvestre RC to James Ogle
    5. John 1854-1867
    6. Eliza b 1866
    7. William b 1868
    8. Sarah b 1870
  4. McCARTNEY DAVID b 1837 in LC,(son of John Elie McCartney and Mary Savage) m 1st ELLEN DONOVAN and m 2nd to MARGARET McMAHON. Children :
    1. Hugh b 1865 by Ellen Donovan
    2. Ann 1868-1881
    3. Sarah 1870-1881
    4. Mary Ellen 1873-1881
    5. David 1875-1881
    6. John b 1883
  5. McCARTNEY HUGH 1840-1852 bur Leeds RC
  7. McCARTNEY ANNE b 1845 m in 1872 at Inverness RC to PETER McMAHON
  8. McCARTNEY BERNARD b 1846 m in 1876 at Invernesss RC to JOANNA McNALLY or McNULTY. Children :
    1. Sarah b 1877
    2. William Joseph b 1878
    3. Thomas Edward b 1880
    4. Joseph Ambrose b 1882
    5. Augustin b 1884
  9. McCARTNEY WILLIAM 1849-1852

McCARTNEY FRANCIS granted 1 lot St Catherines Range of St Sylvestre in 1836.


McCARTHY JAMES m in 1880 to ELLEN COARR, RC. Lived St Sylvestre. Child : Ambrose,

moved to Ottawa, Ont.

Contact info available for McCartney/McCarthy.

McCASTLAND or McCAUSLAND JOHN, widower, settled Nelson Tp, postmaster, m 2nd in 1849 to SUSANNAH GLASS of Nelson Tp, b 1823, d 1895, BUR St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp.



See also: McAULEY



See also: McCAULEY


McAULEY WILLIAM b 1798, d 1877, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1837 to MARGARET GRADY. Children :- William b 1838, - John b 1848, d 1869.


McAULEY DUNCAN Reverend, b 1792, came from SCOTLAND Cardross, Dunbarton to Leeds Tp, Que in 1833-34. He was a graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1808. He was the son of Aulay McCaulay, merchant and Catherine Leitch of Dunbarton, Scotland.


McCAULEY MURDO of Compton Co, Que m in 1899 at Leeds Presb to RACHAEL ANDERSON of Leeds Tp, dau of James Anderson and Harriet Mann


McCAULEY JOHN of Leeds Tsp m in 1872 at Leeds C of E to ELIZA JANE KING of Leeds. Children :

  1. Clara Nina b 1874
  2. Andrew b 1873
  3. Albert Allan b 1876
  4. Andrew Shields b 1878

McAULEY FRANCIS b 1818 in County Antrim, IRELAND, d 1874, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1847 to ELEANOR JOHNSTON b 1832 in IRELAND, of Leeds Tp, b 1828, d 1878. In 1861 they lived on the farm next to Thomas Johnston and wife Alice Ross. Children of Francis and Eleanor McAuley :

  1. Matthew b 1848, died Leeds Tp.
  2. Thomas b 28 Jan 1849
  3. Jane b 1852 in LC, m a Gahan from Barnston, Que.
  4. Agnes b 1854, m Ewart McGregor in Manitoba
  5. Eleanor b 1857 m David Jeffers at McAuley, Man.
  6. Sarah b 1861 m John Fox at Galt, Ont.
  7. Francis m Elizabeth Parke at McAuley, Man.
  8. George b 1865 m Jessie Thompson of Dundas, Ont. at McAuley, Man.

McAULEY ANDREW b 1802 in IRELAND, Epis, married and


McAULEY GEORGE b 1817 in IRELAND, Epis, single, both living in the household of John Ewart (Youart) and wife Jane McAuley in 1861.

MCAULEY JANE 1802-1886, bur Leeds Presb, m JOHN EWART.


McAULEY JOHN b 1815 IRELAND, FC, m MARGARET b 1816 IRELAND. In same household in 1861 census in Leeds Tp were :

  1. John McAuley b 1849 LC single
  2. George McAuley b 1861
  3. William b 1839 LC, of Leeds Tsp m in 1860 to Nancy Morrison b 1829 LC of Leeds. Lived 2nd Rg of Leeds. Children :
    1. Margaret b 1866 twin
    2. William b 1866 twin
    3. Nancy b 1869
    4. John 1863-1865
    5. Matthew b 1871
    6. Janet b 1873
    7. George b 1861
    8. William John b 1878

McCAULEY ISABELLA 1824-1883, bur C of E Ireland Tp, bur witness George Smith, m WILLIAM SMITH. Lived Ireland Tp.


McCAULEY WILLIAM 1790-1877, bur Leeds RC, m CATHERINE COX b 1784 in IRELAND, RC, widow in Inverness Tp in 1861. Children :

  1. Patrick b 1817 IRELAND, RC, m in 1859 at Broughton RC to Eliza Ryan b 1841 IRELAND. Children :
    1. William b 1859 LC, bapt Inverness RC
    2. Patrick b 1861
    3. Elizabeth 1870-1873
  2. John 1819-1871, bur Leeds RC
  3. Catherine m in 1857 to Thomas Carroll b 1834

McCAULEY JOHN, RC, m 1st Helen Kelday of St Croix, m 2nd Mary Fox of Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. Ellen m 1844 at St Sylvestre RC to Thomas Neville. Ellen born to Helen Kelday.
  2. Sarah m 1846 at St Sylvestre to John Carr. Sarah born to Mary Fox.
  3. Contact info available for McAuley/McCauley.

McCLARY/McLARY JAMES, RC m ANN HOULEY. Lived Leeds. Child Ann b 1858



See also: McLEAN



See also: McCLEAN



  1. Ettie May b 1887, bapt Leeds WM.

McCOMEAU FRANCOIS m CATHERINE ROSE McKENNAN 1836-1913. Lived Leeds. Children :

  1. J Louis b 1880, bapt St Sylvestre RC
  2. M Anne b 1885, bapt Inverness RC

McCONECHY Rev JAMES M, b c 1814 SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, Presb, settled Kinnears Mills, Leeds Tp Que., d 1878 m CATHERINE JANE MAXWELL b 1822 SCOTLAND, FC. James may have married 2nd to JANE CRANE. James was the son of James McConechy Sr. James Jr graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1836. Came to Henryville, Iberville Co, Que before 1854, moved to Leeds Tp, Megantic Co in 1854. He was a Presbyterian Minister and school teacher. Children :

  1. James b 1847 LC
  2. Agnes b 1851
  3. John b 1853
  4. Rev Archibald b 1855
  5. Catherine #1 b 1855 d 1868
  6. Benjamin b 1858, d 1875 (by Crane)
  7. Mary Elizabeth Sarah b 1861 (by Crane)
  8. Charles Crombie b 1864 (by Crane)
  9. Catherine #2 died 1877 at London, Ontario.

McCONNELL WILLIAM STEWART, b 1819 in IRELAND settled Leeds Tp, m in 1842 to ELIZABETH FRIZZELL, b 1824 in IRELAND. Children :

  1. Annabella b 1842 in LC
  2. David James b 1844, m Elizabeth Nelson. Child : Marietta b 1875
  3. Maria b 1847
  4. William b 1852, d 1900, m Elizabeth Davies. Children :
    1. David Stewart b 1887
    2. Thomas Arthur b 1889
    3. Catherine 1890-1897
    4. Edward Charles Clarence b1891
    5. Lewis Benjamin b 1898
    6. Margaret b 1899
    7. Mabel Jane b 1886
    8. Wilfred R b 1893
    9. Bertram b 1895
    10. Elizabeth b 1896
  5. Ellen Jane b 1854
  6. Catherine b 1856, d 1897
  7. Elizabeth b 1858
  8. Margaret b 1861

McCORD ANDREW b IRELAND, settled in Broughton Tp in 1831. Prot.


McCORD THOMAS b 1851, d 1914, bur C of E Leeds. In 1861 he was living in Inverness Tp in the home of James and Ann Briggs.


McCORD MARY 1842-1914, died Leeds Tp


McCORMICK ANTHONY m ROSE DONAHUE b 1805 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Michael b 1840 Ireland, blacksmith, m in 1860 at St Agathe RC to Mary McGuire, b 1842 Ireland. Children :
    1. Anthony b 1863 at St Johnsbury, Vt
    2. Burnett b 1865 at St Johnsbury, Vt
    3. Francis b 1868 at St Johnsbury, Vt
    4. Katie Agnes b 1873 at St Johnsbury, Vt
  2. Mary Ann m in 1869 to Bernard McGuire
  3. Terance b 1841 LC
  4. Anthony b 1849
  5. Jerimiah b 1851


  1. Terence m in 1865 at Inverness RC to Ann Corbett. Child :
    1. Anthony b 1866, bapt Inverness RC

McCORMICK JAMES m SUSAN McGUIRE. Lived Leeds Tp. Child :

  1. Mary Ann b 1856, bapt St Sylvestre RC

McCOURT SAMUEL b 1806 in IRELAND, RC, m MARY b 1810 in Ireland, RC, settled in Nelson Tsp. Children :

  1. Ann b 1837 in LC
  2. Peter b 1839
  3. William b 1842
  4. Catherine b 1845
  5. Mary b 1848
  6. Ellen b 1854

McCOURT FRANCIS granted land on St John's Range E of St Sylvestre in 1839 and granted 2 lots on St Johns Range E in 1829. Married MARGARET McHUGH. Child :

  1. Patrick m in 1833 to Helen Mullavey

McCOURT MICHAEL, came over from Co Fermanagh, Ireland in a barque, which overturned approaching Quebec. All on board perished except Michael McCourt. He settled in St Sylvestre, married in 1835 to MARY SCALLON, dau of John Scallon and Mary Fleth, also from Co Fermanagh. Children :

  1. John
  2. Francis
  3. Michael m in 1865 to Mary Galvin. Children :
    1. Mary Ann
    2. Kate
    3. Ellen
    4. Michael
    5. Margaret
    6. John
    7. Agnes
    8. Patrick


See also: McCREA, McRAE



See also: McCRAE, McRAE



See also: McCRAE, McCREA


McCRAE ROBERT settled St Sylvestre, m in 1841 to JANE LOWRY of St Sylvestre.

Children :

  1. William b 1842
  2. Thomas b 1844, d 1921, m in 1881 to Agnes Hopper, dau of Roger Hopper
  3. Joseph b 1848, m Sophia Jane Redman. After Sophia's death, Joseph and all his children, except for Edward and William, moved to Manitoba. Children:
    1. Daniel b 1875, m 1st to Mary Jane Delaney White, m 2nd to Jennie E McKeage. Lived East Angus. Child : Wilfred Thomas b 1898 (by Delaney White)
    2. Edward Robert 1876-1947, m Edith Helen Taylor b 1884, d 1969. Edith was from Cumberland Mills, Beauce Co, Que.
    3. Elizabeth Jane b 1878
    4. William Eason b 1880, m Florence Rachel McVetty. Moved to Vermillion, Alta.
    5. Eva Margaret b 1883
    6. Joseph Lee b 1885
    7. Richard b 1887
    8. Samuel Vincent b 1889
    9. John Arthur 1891-1893
    10. Sophia May 1894-1983 m Norman McHardy
  4. John b 1850
  5. Rebecca Jane b 1854
  6. Mary b 1856
  7. Robert James b 1860, m 1888 to Ellen Longmore, dau of James Longmore and Ellen Matthews. Children :
    1. Clara Mae b 1889, m Carrol (Carl) Chase
    2. Ivan b 1891, d 1960, m Pearl A Percy. Lived Ste Agathe de Lotbiniere
    3. Mary Ellen b 1893, d 1894
    4. Orlando Raymond b 1895
    5. Ella Myrtle b 1902 m Robert Clifford Nutbrown
    6. Maggie Olive b 1903 m Henry Robert Wheeler
    7. Gertrude Pearl b 1908 m Herbert James Little. For Little, see Publications by Gwen Barry.

McRAE WILLIAM b 1783, d 1863, settled St Sylvestre, Fermanagh Range in 1834, m in 1841 to MARY ANN CROMWELL of St Sylvestre. William was the son of Andrew McRae. Children :

  1. John b 1842
  2. William b 1850
  3. Thomas b 1852
  4. Mary Jane b 1856

McCRAE WILLIAM settled Lot 157, St Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre in 1834. He donated part of lot 17, St Margaret's range on Jan 3, 1845 for a cemetery for St John the Evangelist C of E church. Lot 17 is now designated lot 216 of St-Severin. Source for the lot information:Steve Cameron:


McRAE ANDREW b 1812 in IRELAND, d 1879, settled St Gilles, m in 1843 to ELLEN FRIZZEL of Leeds Tp, b 1825 in IRELAND, d 1878. After marriage, they lived in Leeds Tp. Ellen's mother Elizabeth Frizzell b 1792 in Ireland, was living with Andrew and Ellen in 1861. Children of Andrew and Ellen :

  1. Elizabeth b 1843
  2. Margaret b 1850
  3. David b 1849
  4. Robert John b 1854, m in 1885 to Margaret Stevenson McKelvie. Children :
    1. Agnes b 1887
    2. Margaret Stevenson b 1889
    3. Ellen b 1886
  5. William b 1863
  6. Andrew b 1857, d 1937, m in 1893 to Honorah Brown Nugent, 1870-1945, dau of Sam Nugent and Janet Allen. Children :
    1. Janet Allan McRae b 1894
    2. David James McRae b 1896
    3. Samuel 1899-1981, bur St Marks C of E, Kinnear's Mills
  7. Annabella Jane b 1858


  1. John b 1868, m in 1893 at Barre, Vt to Emily Good, b 1872 in LC, dau of Michael Good and Kate McNally.

McCRAE GEORGE, settled Fermanagh Range of St Sylvestre, in 1833.


McCRAE JOHN settled Fermanagh Range of St Sylvestre, in 1835


McCRAE JOHN settled St David Range of St Sylvestre, in 1838.


McCRAE JOHN settled St Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre in 1835


McCRAE JOHN, b 1827 Ireland, WM, shoemaker of St Sylvestre, m in 1851 at WM Ireland Tp to MARY CALVIN b 1832 LC of St Bernard, Que. Children :

  1. Christiana b 1852
  2. Margaret b 1854
  3. Thomas b 1856
  4. William 1858
  5. Ester Ann 1860-1875
  6. Mary b 1863
  7. Ellen b 1866, d 1875
  8. Sarah b 1868
  9. Robert b 1870
  10. James b 1870
  11. Albert Edmund b 1873
Contact info available for McCrea/McRea

McCRAIG MICHAEL b 1811, living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census.


McCREDMAN SAMUEL was living in Lower Ireland in 1837, where he participated in meetings of the Lower Ireland Constitutional Association, as per the Quebec Mercury, of 16 Dec 1837.



  1. Ellen m in 1851 at St Giles RC to Peter Shallow

McCUCHEN JAMES b 1811 in IRELAND, Presb, m SARAH b 1813 in IRELAND, Epis. They lived in Nelson Tp. Children :

  1. James b 1837 in Ireland
  2. Joseph b 1844 in LC
  3. John b 1846
  4. Robert b 1848
  5. Alexander b 1851
  6. Elizabeth b 1853

McCUCHEN ROBERT b 1815 in IRELAND, Epis, living in Nelson Tp. Child Ann b 1847 in IRELAND.


McCUCHEN WILLIAM b 1839 in IRELAND, Epis m ISABELLA b 1838 in Ireland, Epis. Children : Margaret b 1855 in LC, and Robert b 1858.


McCULLOCH ROBERT b 1805 in IRELAND, CS, d 1874, settled Inverness Tp, m ANNIE STRATTON b 1815 in IRELAND, d 1890. Children :

  1. William John b 1835 LC, m Margaret McGill. Lived Inverness Tp. Children:
    1. David b 1870
    2. Elizabeth d 1872
    3. Mary d 1872
    4. William John 1867-1897
  2. Alex b 1840, m in 1870 at Compton CE to Alice McGill
  3. Mary Ann b 1848, d 1903, bur Inverenss Presb, m John McGillivray
  4. Robert S b 1853, d 1927
  5. Joseph b 1856, d 1893
  6. Cordelia Elizabeth b 1861, d 1902

McCULLOCH PHILLIP b 1818 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census. Married ANN b 1824 IRELAND. Children :

  1. Patrick b 1844 Ireland
  2. James b 1846 Ireland
  3. Charles b 1848 Ireland
  4. John b 1850 Ireland
  5. Adeline b 1852 LC
  6. Mary b 1854
  7. Sophia b 1856
  8. Catherine b 1858
  9. Phillip b 1860

McCULLOCH HAMILTON b c 1810 in IRELAND, settled St Sylvestre, m MARY CASCADDEN. Children :

  1. Martha b 1 June, 1829 in Ireland, d 1918, bur Boutelle Cem Inverness Tp, m in 1850 to Thomas Lowry, son of Thomas Lowry and Ruth McKay. See Lowry for Martha and Thomas' children.
  2. Mary b c 1833 in Ireland
  3. Jane 1833-1886, m Joseph Wark
  4. Ellen b c 1837 LC
  5. Margaret b 1841 in LC, d 1886, bur Leeds WM, m John Lowry. Lived Inverenss Tp.

McCULLOCH CHARLES, settled 11th Range, Inverness Tp, Lot 11, household of 5, CE, in 1831 census.


McCULLOUGH CHARLES m CECILIA McALLISTER. They came from Co Antrim,Ireland and settled near Lake Aylmer, Que. They had 8 children. Only one is known, as follows :

  1. Charles b 1834 at Larne, Co Antrim, Ireland, d 1916 age 91 at Vail, Iowa, bur St Anns RC, Vail. Arrived 1856 in Quebec. Worked as a teamster. He married about 1862 near Aylmer, Que to Margaret McDonald. Charles went to California in 1870, returned to Quebec, then went to Clinton Co, Iowa and two years later to Crawford Co, Iowa. Children :
    1. Mary died age 14
    2. John F lived Jackson Tp, Crawford Co, Iowa
    3. Charles lived Milford Tp, Crawford Co
    4. James lived Milford Tp, Crawford Co
    5. Samuel T lived Denison, Iowa
    6. David D lived Stockholm Tp, Iowa
    7. Dennis lived Milford Tp
    8. Patrick J lived Milford Tp
    9. Martin lived Carroll Co, Iowa
    10. William J lived Denison, Iowa
  2. A brother who remained in Ireland and was still living in 1916 aged 97 years.

McCULLAGH ELIZA b 1792 in IRELAND, RC. Children :

  1. Mary b 1833 in Ireland
  2. Eliza b 1837 in LC
  3. Charles b 1839

McCULLOUGH CHARLES m ELIZABETH BIGGER of Ste Agathe de Lotbiniere, Que. Child : Sarah


McCULLOCH JOHN b 1832 LC, RC, m LETITIA CULLEN b 1832 LC, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Eliza b 1857, bapt Inverness RC
  2. Charles b 1860, bapt Inverness RC
  3. John 1863-1866 bur Leeds RC

McCULLOUGH DAVID of Inverness Tsp m HARRIET WILSON KINNEAR, dau of John Lambie Kinnear. Children :

  1. Ethel Isabella b 1894
  2. John Lawson William bapt 1900

McCULLOCH W GEDDES Rev m JANET WILSON. Lived Kinnear's Mills. Childen :

  1. James Duff b 1883, bapt Leeds Presb
  2. Agnes Allan b 1886
  3. William Smith b 1888
  4. George Geddes b 1889

McCULLOCH GEORGE granted land in Inverness Tp 26 Aug 1830, and granted 200 acres in Ireland Tp, Lot 8, 6th Range in 1834.


McCURDIE LACHLIN b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, arrived Megantic Co in 1851, m JANET CURRIE. Lachlin was a sister to Ann McCurdie. Lachlin and Janet's children all bapt Presb Inverness :

  1. Margaret b 1861
  2. Janet 1863-1864
  3. Janet b 1866
  4. John 1868-1868
  5. William d 1870
  6. Mary 1871-1871
  7. Mary Elizabeth b 1872
  8. Katie b 1876

McCURDIE ANN b 1828 in SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, came before 1850 to Inverness Tp, Que, d 1906, bur Inverness Presb, m PETER HAMILTON. Ann was a sister to Lachlin McCurdie. Note that other McCurdie's from Arran went to Dalhousie, NB directly from Arran.


McCURDIE ALEXANDER m ISABELLA McMURCHIE. Children all bapt Leeds Presb :

  1. William b 1840
  2. Elizabeth b 1850
  3. Daniel b 1853
  4. John b 1854

McCURDIE MARY 1825-1900, bur Inverness Presb, burial witness Peter Hamilton, m JOHN WALLACE, blacksmith in Inverness.

Contact info available for McCurdie.

McCUTCHEON ARCHIBALD settled Halifax Tp, m NANCY ? Children: Flora b 1835, Sandy b 1837.




McCUTCHEON ROBERT (widower of Jane McMannus b 1811 in County Tyrone, d 1860 in Megantic County) m 2nd in 1876 to ELIZABETH HENDERSON b 1834, dau of William Edwards Henderson and Susannah Davidson. Robert and Elizabeth lived Halifax Tsp. They moved to Iowa in the 1860s. Elizabeth died in California. Elizabeth had previously been married to John Currie. Robert and Elizabeth moved to Dennison, Iowa. Elizabeth died of pneumonia at the home of her daughter, Mrs C W Fishburn, 12 years after arriving in California, (from Iowa). Elizabeth and Robert McCutcheon had 11 children. Only 5 of her children were still living at the time of their mother's death. (Robert McCutcheon was a brother of James McCutcheon who married Sarah Alexander) For details on the descendants of Robert McCutcheon and Elizabeth Henderson, see The Henderson publication, and the Davidson publication, by Gwen Barry.


McCUTCHEON JAMES b 1807, d 1883, settled Nelson Tsp, then to Inverness Tp, shoemaker, m SARAH SALLY ALEXANDER b 1811, d 1888. James McCutcheon was a brother to Robert McCutcheon who married Elizabeth Henderson. Children :

  1. Sally Ann b 1841
  2. Joseph b 1843
  3. John b 1846
  4. Robert b 1848
  5. Alexander b 1851
  6. Elizabeth b 1853
  7. James II born 1837 of Nelson Tp m in 1863 in Inverness Tsp to SARAH HELEN HENDERSON b 1841, dau of William Edwards Henderson and Susannah Davidson. James and Sarah moved to Crawford Co, Iowa. James was a nephew of Robert McCutcheon who married Sarah's sister Elizabeth Henderson. For details on the descendants of James McCutcheon II and Sarah Helen Henderson see The Henderson publication, and the Davidson publication, by Gwen Barry. Also see Crawford County History , Crawford County, Iowa, published 1987.

McCUTCHEON ROBERT of Halifax Tsp m in 1876 to HANNAH 'ANNIE' JANE RALSTON, b 1859. Lived Halifax Tp. Annie remarried 2nd to James Lasher. Both Hannah and James died in Paullina, Iowa. For their descendants, see the Little and Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.


McCUTCHEON DONALD settled St Croix, Lotbiniere, m ISABELLA ? Children :

  1. John b 1837, bapt WM Ireland Tsp
  2. Malcolm McEachern b 1839.

McCUTCHEON JOSEPH b 1812, d 1871, settled St Gilles, m MARIA WILSON, b 1816, d 1885. Both are buried at the King Cemetery, St Anastasie, Lyster, Que. Children :

  1. William b 1835
  2. Hugh b 1837
  3. Charles b 1839 twin
  4. John b 1839 twin
  5. Joseph b 1843
  6. Joseph b 1851, m in 1874 to Ellen Stoughton of St Sylvestre. Children :
    1. Celia Maud b 1880
    2. Maria Alice b 1875
    3. George Walter b 1877
    4. Ernest b 1882

McCUTCHEON HUGH, widower of St Gilles, m in 1828 at St Andrews C of S in Quebec City to MARY JOHNSTON of Ireland Tp. Granted 2 lots Craig's Rd W of St Sylvestre in 1820.


McCUTCHEON HARRIET 1849-1924 m JOHN JAMES PARKS. Lived St Sylvestre.


McCUTCHEON WILLIAM of St Sylvestre, d 1894. Child :

  1. Maria b 1853 LC, m in 1877 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Fred McWilliam b 1848 at Inverness.

McCUTCHEON JOHN b 1819 IRELAND settled St Gilles, then to Leeds Tp, d 1896 at Leeds, m in 1841 at Leeds to JANET STEVENSON of St Gilles, b 1822 SCOTLAND, d 1882 at Leeds. Children :

  1. John b 1844 LC, twin, m in 1875 to Mary Jane Jamieson. Child :
    1. Mary Jamieson 1887-1896
  2. Isabella b 1844 LC, twin
  3. Margaret b 1846
  4. Hugh b 1847, d 1929 at Leeds, m in 1871 at North Adams, Mass to Sophia Newman Raycraft 1851-1918, dau of Thomas William Raycraft 1828-1871 and wife Ann 1828-1899. Children of Hugh and Sophia :
    1. Mary Ann 1871-1931, m 1889 at Leeds to Gilbert Beattie
    2. Janet Stevenson 1873-1963 m 1894 to Lewis C Cutler
    3. Thomas William 1874-1959, died North Adams, Mass, m 1903 to Cora Wilson
    4. Alice Sophia 1882-1969, m in 1904 at Leeds to Henry Reid
    5. Robert Wilson 1883-1972, died North Hatley, Que, m 1917 at Leeds to Harriet Effie Whyte
  5. William b 1852
  6. Robert Wilson b 1852
  7. Eliza Jane b 1855
  8. Ann Wilson b 1858

McCUTCHEON WILLIAM of Coaticook, Que m in 1877 to MARY HARRIET CRAIG of Leeds. Children :

  1. Mary Harriet b 1882 twin
  2. William Robert 1882-1882

McCUTCHEON HUGH b 1828 LC, CS, storekeeper in Leeds Tp, m in 1853 to MARY FAIRFIELD of St Sylvestre b 1832 LC. Witness at their marriage was Alexander Fairfield. Children :

  1. Charlotte b 1854, d 1945, m William Ross. Lived Montreal
  2. William b 1857
  3. Janet b 1859
  4. Anne b 1860, d 1903, m 1876 at St Sylvestre Presb to John Craigie, merchant of Leeds
  5. Mary b 1869
  6. Oliver Fairfield 1871-1946, school inspector
  7. Charles Asa b 1873, d 1918 at Utica, NY

McCUTCHEON DUNCAN of Leeds Tsp, m in 1829 at St Andrews C of S in Quebec City to MARGARET LEGGAT of Beauport.


McCUTCHEON DAVID J m ELIZA KING. Lived Warren, NH. Child :

  1. Clauders Clinton b 1889, bapt CE Leeds

McCUTCHEON WILLIAM ALEXANDER, harness maker of Leeds and Station Agent at Broughton m in 1877 at Inverness WM to ELIZABETH ELLEN CRAIG. Children :

  1. Laura Ethel b 1881
  2. Caroline Fairfield 1880-1880



McCUTCHEON WILLIAM of Nelson Tsp m in 1855 C of E to ISABELLA COCHRANE of Nelson Tsp. Children :

  1. Margaret Anna b 1855
  2. Robert b 1858
  3. Mary Jane b 1861
  4. Isabella b 1865

McCUTCHEON ROBERT b 1811, d 1892, settled Inverness Tp, bur St Stephens C of E, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, Que..


McCUTCHEON ROBERT b circa 1851, LC, C of E, living in Inverness in 1861 in home of Richard and Dorothy Jackson.


McCUTCHEON JAMES b 1834 LC, Epis, labourer in Inverness in 1861 in home of John and Margaret Smith of England.


McCUTCHEON JOHN m in 1860 to CATHERINE BELL of Inverness Tp


McCUTCHEON CHARLOTTE b 1854, d 1917, m WILLIAM B LOWRY. Lived Verdun, Que.



  1. Thomas J b 1872 at Island Pond, Vt, stonecutter, m in 1894 at Barre, Vt to Annie Chenette b 1873 at Montpelier, Vt, dau of Philias Chenette and Mary Alex.

McCUTCHEON WILLIAM m SARAH. Child : James b 1859 at Stewartstown, NH.


McCUTCHEON JANE d 1918, bur CE Inverness Tsp, m WILLIAM JOHN SMYTH. Lived Inverness Tp.

Note : There was a William McCutcheon, who joined the Donner Party in Missourie in 1848, on their wagon train journey to California. The Donner Party unwisely chose to break away from the main wagon train westward on the Oregon trail, taking a more southerly route. After passing out of the Salt Lake flats of Utah, the Donner party was a month behind schedule and near out of food. William McCutcheon volunteered to go on ahead seeking help. He was never seen again and died alone somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Snow came early, constant and deep in the mountains that fall, and about 50 of the party died before reaching the summit at Sutter Creek, California. It is not known if this McCutcheon was related to the above Megantic Co McCutcheons. However, some of the McCutcheons of Megantic Co went west to Iowa in the 1860s. This 1860s trip was preceded by parties of Quebec men who rode west on horseback in the 1840s, including Hendersons (married into McCutcheons), Ralstons, several others from Inverness Tsp, Leeds Tsp, and many from Frampton.

Contact info available for McCutcheon.


  1. Francis b 1849
  2. Mary Ann b 1851, bapt St Nicholas

McDONALD - Ireland Tp :


McDONALD ALEXANDER b 1799 SCOTLAND, Invernesshire, C of S, d 1873 m MARGARET LYNAUGH b 1817 SCOTLAND. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Margaret b 1840 LC, C of E, teacher
  2. John b 1842
  3. Esther b 1844, d 1884, m Francis Whitney Bennett
  4. Joseph b 1846
  5. Ann b 1849
  6. Martha b 1855
  7. Leslie b 1857


  1. Annie b 1847
  2. Jessie Harriet b 1854
  3. Walter Lord b 1853
  4. Jennie 1855-1872

McDONALD JOSHUA, shoemaker of Quebec City, m MARY d 1857, bur Holy Trinity, CE, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp.


McDONALD PETER b 1824, d 1889, settled Ireland Tp, New Ireland, m in 1841 to MARGARET WALSH of New Ireland, m 2nd to JANE McCOY. Child :

  1. John (by McCoy), m in 1866 at Laurierville RC to Julie Bolduc, dau of Michel and Theotiste Bolduc.


  1. Peter b 1817 IRELAND, m in 1853 to MARY CAMPBELL b 1817 SCOTLAND, C of S, d 1891. Lived Ireland Tp. Children :
    1. Mary b 1842 LC
    2. Ann b 1844
    3. Anthony b 1848
    4. Christina Campbell 1854-1875
    5. Eliza Jane b 1855
    6. Peter b 1857
    7. Margaret b 1857, d 1887

McDONALD MARY d 1853, bur WM Ireland Tp, burial witness was Peter McDonald, m JOHN McLEAN. Lived Ireland Tp.


McDONALD MARY 1819-1891, bur Ireland Tp C of E.


McDONALD ELIZA, born Ireland, of Ireland Tp, m in 1831 at HT, C of E, Levis, Que to MARTIN McGRATH of Ireland Tp, m 2nd in 1847 to ARNOLD ALDRICH of Inverness Tp


McDONALD GEORGE THOMAS 1863-1893, bur C of E Ireland Tp.


McDONALD PETER 1864-1893, bur C of E Ireland Tp


McDonald - Inverness Tp :


McDONALD JOHN McKAY b 1824 in LC, d 1889, m JANE GILL b 1817 in IRELAND, Co Wicklow, d 1883. John was still single in 1861, living in Inverness Tp.


McDONALD PETER b 1836 LC, FC, m in 1861 to JANE MACKIE b 1839 SCOTLAND. Lived Inverness Tp. Peter was a brother to John McKay McDonald. Child :

  1. Alice Isabella b 1875, d 1952 at Kinnear's Mills, m William Kinnear

McDONALD WILLIAM b 1803 in SCOTLAND, Sutherlandshire, CS, d 1877, bur Inverness Presb, burial witnesses were Peter McDonald and James Mc Donald, settled Inverness Tp, m in Scotland to MARGARET JOHNSTONE b 1804 in SCOTLAND, Orkney Islands. They came over in 1836 or 1842 with their 6 children born in Scotland, along with Margaret's brothers Thomas and Isaac Johnstone. A 7th child, William Henry McDonald, was born in Inverness, Que in 1837. Another child James was born 1847. All their children were :

  1. John b Scotland
  2. James b Scotland
  3. William b Scotland
  4. Margaret b Scotland
  5. Peter b Scotland
  6. Isabella b Scotland
  7. William Henry b 1837 LC
  8. James b 1847 LC

McDONALD DONALD ALEXANDER b 1796, SCOTLAND, Invernesshire, d 1873, settled Leeds Tsp, then to Inverness Tp, carpenter, m in 1834 to JANE GRAHAM. Children :

  1. Alex Graham b 1835
  2. Elizabeth b 1837
  3. Robert b 1839
  4. Isabella b 1841

McDONALD DONALD m AGNES JOHNSON of Boston, Mass, b 1835, d 1904


McDONALD CATHERINE of Inverness Tp, m in 1874 at St Andrews Presb Quebec City to SAMUEL RICHARD CHARLESON, lumber merchant of Quebec City.


McDONALD CHRISTINA d 1872, bur Inverness Presb, m JOHN ROSS. Lived Inverness Tp


McDONALD MARGARET 1837-1924, bur Inverness Presb, m JOHN LEADBEATER. Lived Inverness Tsp


McDONALD ANGUS A 1860-1895, bur Inverness Presb. Lived USA


McDonald - Halifax Tsp :


McDONALD THOMAS DONALD settled Halifax Tp, died 1843 or before, m ELIZABETH WILSON. Children :

  1. William b 1830, d 1843
  2. Elizabeth 1840-1840

McDonald - St Giles/St Sylvestre


McDONALD JAMES b c 1806 in IRELAND, Wicklow Co, C of E, settled St Gilles, m in 1829 at Quebec City to MARY MARCELINE LETTER, b 1810 LC, RC. Married on agreement that sons to be raised CE and daughters RC. 8 of their children were :

  1. Peter b 1832, bapt C of E Leeds
  2. John b 1838, bapt C of E Leeds
  3. Thomas b 1841 at St Sylvestre, C of E, d 1918, converted to RC in 1862. Married 1st in 1867 to Eleanore Fontaine. They had 5 children. Lived St Pierre de Broughton. Married 2nd in 1874 to Marie Julien, d 1921. They had 13 children. Moved to 14th Range of Leeds Tp. Thomas worked at Harvey Hill Mines. Children :

    From 1st marriage :

  4. 4 died young
  5. James, moved to Syracuse, NY.

    From 2nd marriage :

  6. 5 died young
  7. John b 1875, d 1952 m in 1897 to Marie Emelie Cote b 1874, d 1951, 15th Range of Leeds.
  8. Joseph Just b 1881, d 1961, m in 1916 at St Narcisse RC to Delia Laverriere
  9. Francis b 1883, (baptized Francois-Xavier), d 1927, nm.
  10. Alma m Pierre Landry
  11. Arthur b 1886, d 1944. RC Priest
  12. Onesime b 1889, d 1912, m 1911 to Marie Bolduc. Marie remarried after 1912 to David Mooney and moved to USA.
  13. Joseph Thomas b 1881, d 1921, nm
  14. Laura m Pierre Couture
  15. Charles McDonald b 1849 St Sylvestre, bapt C of E
  16. Susan McDonald b 1851, bapt RC
  17. Joshua b 1853, bapt C of E
  18. Alexander b 1856, bapt C of E
  19. Bridget b 1859, bapt RC

McDONALD JOHN of St Sylvestre m in 1843 at St Sylvestre C of E to MATILDA TRACY


McDONALD KENNETH m in 1858 at St Sylvestre Presb to ELIZA JANE ROWE of St Giles.



  1. Archibald m in 1853 at Plessisville RC to Zoe Beaulieu, dau of Etienne And Victoire Beaulieu
  2. Francis m 1854 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Ann Muleny
  3. Hugh Jerome m in 1853 at Plessisville RC to Josephte Robichaud

McDonald - Leeds Tp


McDONALD RANDALL b 1806 in IRELAND, RC, m in 1830 to MARY FRIZZELL b 1806 in IRELAND, RC living in Leeds Tp, 3rd Range, 1/2 of Lot 4 in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Arthur b 1840 in Ireland, RC, m in 1859 to MARGARET b 1840 in Ireland, RC. Child : Mary Elizabeth b 1861 in LC.
  2. Honora b 1844 in Ireland, m in 1865 at Inverness RC to Edward Joyce
  3. Catherine b 1846 in Ireland
  4. Charles b 1849 in Ireland

McDonald - Township Residence unknown :


McDONALD CATHERINE b 1847 LC, servant maid in 1861 in the home of Peter and Margaret McKenzie.


McDONALD JAMES, machinist, m ELIZABETH STALKER. Lived St Johnsbury, Vt. Children:

  1. William Hugh b 1875
  2. Ann Taylor b 1877

McDONALD OSCAR, was a witness in 1859 at the baptism at C of E Inverness of child Emily Elizabeth Taylor, born to Matthew Stephen Taylor and Jane Wilson.

Contact info available for McDonald.

McDONOUGH PATRICK settled St Gilles, m MARY POWELL. Children : Temperance b 1832, Maria b 1834, bapt C of E Leeds Tp.



  1. DONALD b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, m in 1836 at C of E Leeds to ISABELLA KERR.

McEACHERN MALCOLM, widower, b SCOTLAND, Isley, came to Megantic Co in 1833 with his 5 children born in Scotland.




McELRAVEY JOHN b c 1796 IRELAND, near MacFinn, Ballymoney, FC, d 1892, m CHRISTINA b 1792 IRELAND, d 1861. Children :

  1. Sarah b 1843 Ireland
  2. Samuel b 1830 Ireland m Eliza Wilson b 1833 LC. Lived 11th Range of Leeds. Children :
    1. Mary Jane b 1860 m a Londgon. Child :
      1. Gertrude E b 1885 in Holland, NB, m a Jackson.
    2. Margaret b 1863
    3. William b 1868
    4. Samuel b 1871, d 1953, m Prudence Wilson, dau of John Wilson and Margaret Elizabeth. Child : J W McElreavy
    5. Elizabeth b 1862
    6. Sarah b 1866
    7. Robert Wilson b 1874
    8. Ann b 1870
  3. James b 1823 IRELAND, d 1886, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1847 to MARY ANN ROUSE b 1825 in ENGLAND, of Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Daniel b 1855
    2. Catherine b 1865
    3. George 1860-1860
    4. John b 1850
    5. Sara b 1852
    6. James M. b 1851, d 1916, m Eliza Miles. Lived 11th Range of Ireland Tp. Children :
      1. James P b 1884, d c 1910
      2. Ellen Mary b 1885 in Waterford, Vt, d 1980 in Claremont, NH, m Eugene E Clough b 1881 Bath, NH, son of Moses H Clough and Mary Dodge.
      3. Joseph b 1888 in Leeds, Que, d 1976 in White River Junction, Vt, m 1st in 1912 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Minnie Blanche Johnson, m 2nd in 1918 at Claremont, NH to Sadie Elizabeth Guyette, b c 1897 in Brandon, Vt, dau of Joseph Guyette and Jennie Bean.
      4. Anna Maria b 1890 in Leeds, d 1980 in Claremont, NH, m 1912 at Littleton, NH to Amos Lyman Davidson, b 1884, d 1962 at Claremont, NH, son of Arnold Aldrich Davidson and Susan Wight. For Davidson, and Aldrich, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      5. Daniel b 1892 in Thetford Mines, Que, d 1979 in Claremont, NH
      6. Daniel b 1892 in Thetford Mines, d 1979 Claremont, NH, m 1st in 1914 to Esther Jennie LaMothe, m 2nd Glaldys Morgan
      7. William John b 1895, d c 1985, m in 1910 to Katherine McGuire, d 1974, dau of Bernard McGuire and Johanna O'Shea.
      8. Eliza Edith b 1897 in Leeds, d 1980 in Claremont, NH, m Anthony J McGuire b 1902 Thetford Mines, d 1988 Claremont, NH
      9. Jennie Mary Jane b 1900 in Thetford Mines, d 1994 in Unity, NH, m James Patrick Gillen
      10. Mary Gertrude b 1902 in Thetford Mines, d 1987 in Claremont, NH, m at Claremont, NH to Edward J Currier b 1901 at Inverness, d 1975 Claremont, NH, son of Gaudios Currier and Mary Cote.
      11. Margaret R b 1906, m at Claremont, NH to Raymond G Nutter
      12. Thomas b 1908 Thetford Mines, d 1964 in Claremont, NH, m in Claremont, NH to Florence Nelson b 1911, dau of Asher Rollin Nelson and Rose Therrien.
      13. Leonard J b 1911 in Canada, m Katherine A Rowe, dau of Joseph F Rowe and Agnes E Noble.
    7. David b 1858
    8. Mary b 1857
    9. Ann M b 1859
    10. Jane b 1862 m in 1887 at Inverness to Timothy Kelly
  4. John b 1824 IRELAND, d 1892, settled Leeds Tp, 11th Range, m in 1847 to MARY ROTHNEY, b 1827 SCOTLAND, dau of William Rothney and Elizabeth Smith. Mary d 1895. Children:
    1. Ann M b 1850, d 1879
    2. Elizabeth b 1849, m Walter Winters. Children :
      1. Ora E b 1888
      2. Myrtle Winters b 1884
      3. Walter Winters
    3. Daniel M b 1851
    4. John b 1855, d 1933, m Helen Sutton. Children :
      1. Thurlo 1899-1949
      2. Roy
      3. Thelma d 1974, m Guy Hazelton
      4. Nina d 1948, m Frank Olmstead
    5. William b 1858, d 1931, m 1891 to Catherine Ashcraft b 1873, d 1945, dau of Robert Ashcraft and Mary Jane Ferguson. Children :
      1. Irvin Edward b 1892, m Ruby Almira Geake, dau of Robert Geake and Margaret Jamieson
      2. Dickson Wilbert b 1901 m Erma Henderson. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      3. Ida May 1906-1956, m Robert James Mathers, son of John Mathers and Annie Matilda Simons
    6. Anna b 1859 m Robert Smith. Children :
      1. Ethel m Roe Bridger
      2. Herbert m Ocida
      3. Ruth E 1898-1984, m Harold Ames
      4. Bertha m Clarence DePew
    7. Samuel b 1861
    8. George b 1863, d 1901, typhoid
    9. Mary Martin b 1866 m 1st a Hale, and m 2nd to Ivan Brown. Child :
      1. male Brown m a Ballance
    10. Robert Archibald b 1868, d 1944 at Inverness, m in 1897 to Harriet Belinda Wilkin. Children :
      1. Everett. Child : Wayne
      2. Cecil 1900-1900
      3. child 1901-1901
      4. Kenneth Wesley b 1903
      5. Pearl Mary b 1905 in Lemesurier, Leeds Tsp, m James Wilbert Simons, son of John Simons and Mary Cearry.
      6. Hilda Edith b 1907, d 1997
      7. Ernest Lorne b 1910
      8. Sarah Vivian b 1919 Leeds, d 1997 Littleton, NH, m Maurice Dickerman
      9. Vera Harriet 1916-1997
      10. Doris Florence b 1920, m a Wright
    11. James b 1871, d 1962, m 1894 to Henrietta Bailey b 1859, m 2nd in 1933 to Marian Nutbrown b 1911, d 1995 at Capelton, Que, dau of James Nutbrown and Eunice Jane Henderson. Children :
      1. Herbert Menzies b 1897, d 1970, m Harriet Sarah Marjorie Gillander b 1906, dau of Ernest Gillander and Laura May Filgate
      2. Lillian Jane b 1900, m Kenneth Thompson Hutchison, son of James Oliver Hutchison and Bertha Elizabeth Thompson
      3. John Allan m Patricia Dyer
      4. Amos Gordon Hume b 1895
  5. Andrew b 1835, d 1891, kicked by a horse, m in 1855 to Mary Ann Wallace, b 1859. Lived 1st Range of Thetford Tp. Children :
    1. Bertha, m a Barker
    2. Sarah b 1856
    3. Christina b 1858
    4. Mary Ann b 1859 m a Howland
    5. Mary Ann b 1863, d 1883
    6. Elizabeth Jane b 1865
    7. Eleanor b 1866
    8. James Andrew b 1871
    9. Margaret b 1861
    10. Hattie b 1869, m in 1891 at Barre, Vt to George W Scott b 1865, railroad man, son of John Scott and Elizabeth Shorten.
    11. Nellie b 1870, m in 1893 at Barre, Vt to Clark Suitor, b 1869, son of Alex and Eliza Suitor.
    12. Thomas b 1873 at Leeds, d 1937, m in 1904 to Christina Murray, d 1935
    13. Hugh Wallace b 1878 in Leeds, d 1959 St Johnsbury, Vt, m 1906 C of E Kinnear's Mills to Alberta Maud Frizzell, b 1881 Leeds, d 1986, dau of David Frizzell and Margaret Kidd.
  6. Jane Christina
  7. William

McELRAVEY MARGARET d 1895, bur Leeds Presb m WILLIAM JOHN GUY. Lived Calais, Vt.



Contact info available for McElravey.


See also: McILROY



See also: McELROY


McELROY JOHN granted 1 lot St John's Range E of St Sylvestre in 1825


McELROY PATRICK granted l lot St John's Range E in 1825, and 1 more lot in 1828, and 1 more lot in 1831.


McELROY PATRICK, lived St John's Range, m in 1873 to CATHERINE HENEY, dau of Arthur Heney and Maria McIntyre. Children :

  1. Mary
  2. Agnes
  3. John Henry
  4. Ann Emily
  5. William Patrick
  6. Sarah Catherine
  7. Francis Arthur b 1879, m in 1906 to Agnes McCourt of St Sylvestre

McILROY NEIL settled Inverness Tp, 6th Range, Lot 9, CE, m 2nd in 1835 to BRIDGET CARROLL, of Inverness Tp, her 2nd marriage.


McELROY JAMES granted 1 lot St John's Range E of St Sylvestre in 1828.


McELROY Obituary notice:

'Robert Graham Sr., died 8 Apr. 1900, 11th Range of Inverness. He arrived in Canada 15 June 1831, age 13, with stepfather James McGill, mother and 3 sisters. James McGill was a commuted pensionnr, who received a grant for lot 18, 11th range of Inverness. Already on the same range when they arrived were the families of Mimnaugh, Wilton, Hackett, Currie, Plummer and Percy. In 1831, their nearest mill was at Goff's on the Craig Road, or Keoughs mill in Ireland Township. They got their flour at McElroy's store in St-Sylvestre . Many expended all and left before the first crop. The first schoolhouse on the 11th range was on lot 20. The teacher was Dr. James Currie. Robert Graham Sr. married Catherine Campbell, daughter of John Campbell . '

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 4 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.


McENANLY, JAMES and wife MARY McELROY - Came from Clogher Parish, Co Tyrone to settle in Quebec City, with some of their children moving on to resettle in Inverness Tp., Megantic Co., Quebec.

Contact info available for McEnanly. Walter and Peggy Doherty, Mahopac, N.Y. have an extensive collection on McEnanly.

McFADDEN ROBERT m SARAH. Lived Tingwick. Child : Sarah Elizabeth b 1859, bapt WM Leeds


McFADDEN WILLIAM m JANE CUNNINGHAM. Lived St Giles. Child : John b 1831, bapt C of E Leeds











McFARLAND W. b New Ireland, Ireland Tp, Que m MARY RICE b New Ireland. Child :

  1. Anna b 1876, m in 1912 at Burke, Vt to Peter George Neagle, b New Ireland, Que, son of Joseph Neagle b New Ireland, Que and Bridget Ward, b IRELAND.

McFARLAND OWEN b IRELAND, m MARY BRADY b IRELAND. Lived New Ireland, Que. Child :

  1. Hugh b 1880 m in 1905 at Burke, Vt to Della M Donahue, dau of John L Donahue and Jane M Labay of LC.

McFARLANE JOHN b 1807 in SCOTLAND, C of S, d 1886 in Leeds, settled Leeds Tp after 1825, m SARAH b 1808 in SCOTLAND.


McFARLANE JAMES b 1829 SCOTLAND, Epis, Physician, m ELENOR GENDRON b 1834 LC, RC, French. They lived in Leeds Tp. Dr McFarlane was an Orangeman who had married an Catholic. He drove his wife to the Irish Catholic parish at St Sylvestre, so she could participate in religious exercises during an annual parish retreat. A snowstorm came up and Dr McFarlane had to accept the overnight hospitality of the local priest. During the night, unknown persons got into the stable and cut of the ears, tail and mane of Dr McFarlane's horse. Children :

  1. James b 1855 LC, Epis
  2. Frederick b 1856 Epis
  3. Eleanor Josephine b 1857 bapt St Sylvestre RC. Census reports her as Epis.
  4. William Edward b 1860, bapt RC, Census reports him as Epis
  5. M Jane Teresa b 1862, bapt RC

McFARLIN HUGH b 1793 IRELAND, RC, m CAROLINE McKEEVER. Hugh was a widower living in Ireland Tp in 1861. Children :

  1. Sarah m in 1841 at St Sylvestre RC to Bartholomew Kennedy
  2. William b 1820 IRELAND, Co Cavan, RC, d 1897 m SARAH COLE b 1816 ENGLAND, RC. Lived Ireland Tp. They moved to Burke, Vt about 1862. William is buried at St Adrienne d'Ireland RC Cemetery. Children :
    1. Edward b 1837 m Ellen Carleton
    2. Mary
    3. Hannah b 1840 LC
    4. Elizabeth
    5. Catherine
    6. Abraham
    7. Margaret b 1854 m in 1881 at Lyndon, Vt to John C McCann of St Johnsbury, Vt.
    8. Edward b 1861 at New Ireland, Que, d 1863 of diptheria at Burke, Vt

McFARLIN WILLIAM b 1832 IRELAND, RC, m 1st to BRIDGET McCOLE b 1840 IRELAND, RC, and m 2nd in 1867 at St Ferdinand RC to MARY NAIGLE. Lived Ireland Tsp. Bridget died in 1863 at Burke, Vt of diptheria after being sick for 9 weeks. Child: Edward b 1861.


McFARLANE JOSEPH m JANE McCORD. Child : John 1891-1891 bur Leeds Presb


McFARLANE S ANN d 1876, bur Inverness Presb, m DAVID McGILL. Lived Inverness Tp.



See also: McPHEE



See also: McFEE


McFEE ANN 1803-1877, from Dugary, Isle of Arran, Scotland, to Inverness Tp in 1842, m in 1825 in Scotland to FINLAY KERR


McGARVY JOHN m NANCY RICHARD. Lived St Sylvestre. Child :

  1. James m in 1846 at St Sylvestre RC to Margaret Hogan. Child : Patrick b 1847.

McGARVY JOHN, schoolmaster in St Sylvestre, m MARGARET CASCADDEN. Child :

  1. Emma b 1850, bapt WM

    Note : McGarvy may be McGravy



See also: MAGEE



See also: McGEE


McGEE JAMES b 1798 IRELAND, RC, settled in Leeds Tp in 1852, m MARY MONDOON or MULDOON or McELDOON, b IRELAND. James was a widower in 1861 census Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. JOHN b 1833 IRELAND, m in 1854 at St Sylvestre RC to MARY ANN McCAFFREY b 1838 LC. Living in Leeds Tp, 12th Range, 1/2 of Lot 19 in 1861 census. Children :
    1. Mary b 1856 LC
    2. Patrick b 1857
    3. James b 1858
    4. John b 1861
    5. Lizzie b 1871, m James Sheridan b 1866 at Lancaster, NH, son of Thomas and Flora Sheridan
  2. PATRICK b 1834 LC, miner in Leeds in 1861, M IN 1862 AT Broughton RC to Georgianna Cecelia O'Brien, dau of John O'Brien and Mary Flinn of Nicolet, Que.
  3. JAMES b 1836 LC m in 1856 at St Gilles RC to MARGARET KEENAN b 1839 LC. Leeds Tsp. In 1888, James opened the first hotel at Broughton Station. It was operated by James, his son Christopher and Auguste Turcotte. James and Margaret later moved to Robertsonville, Que. Children:
    1. Christine b 1858
    2. Mary b 1859
    3. James b 1861
    4. Christopher 'Christy' b 1857, m in 1885 to Georgianna Routhier. Christy ran the hotel after his father. Christy and Georgianna had 10 children. In 1898, Christy left for the Klondike Gold Rush. After a few years, his wife sold the hotel and moved with her young children to Worcester, Mass. Christy did not return to his wife. He eventually returned to Broughton and was mayor in 1915-1916. He moved to join his wife in Mass a few years before his death in 1940. Children :
      1. Mary Jane Priscilla
      2. Marie Eliza Anne
      3. Thomas D'arcy
      4. Joseph Auguste Charles
      5. John Francis
      6. George Henry
      7. Marie Anne Bertie
      8. Margaret Matilda m Hermenegilde LeClair
      9. Marie Anne Alice
    5. HENRY b 1839 LC
    6. ISABELLA b 1841 m in 1864 at Broughton RC to Patrick Hogan
    7. JOSEPH b 1845 at St Sylvestre, twin, merchant and mechanic, resident of Lancaster, NH in 1877. Married in 1877 at Lancaster to Anna Emma Barden b 1853 at Leeds, Que, dau of Patrick and Ann Barden, both born IRELAND. Child:
      1. Catherine Mary b 1881 at Lancaster, NH.
    8. FRANCIS b 1845 twin

      MAGEE ROBERT settled Inverness Tsp, m SARAH MAHON. Child Catherine b 1833, bapt CE Leeds.

      MAGEE PATRICK m ANN WOODBIM. Granted land in Ireland Tp in 1831. Child Agnes baptised 1831 at C of E Leeds.



  1. William b 1851, m in 1891 at Barre, Vt to Elizabeth Patterson b 1861, dau of William J Patterson and Sarah Watts.

McGEE MARY A m in 1876 at Island Pond, Vt to HUGH McGRATH.



  1. Ellen m in 1856 at Inverness RC to James McGuire
  2. Sarah b 1853 at Leeds, living Brighton, Vt in 1869. Married in 1869 at Island Pond, Vt to John Wood, b 1846 in Danville, Que, son of Isaac and Julia Wood.
  3. Mary Ann b Leeds, m in 1876 at Island Pond, Vt to John Jones, b Chicago, Ill., formerly of Dixville, Que, son of John Jones and Sophia Arnold.

McGEE THOMAS b St Sylvesttre, m KATE b 1830 at Sy Sylvestre, d 1908 at Jefferson,NH. Children :

  1. William b 1859 at Sy Sylvestre, carpenter, m in 1889 at Whitefield, NH to Katie Monaghan b 1866 at St Sylvestre. Child: male b 1890 at Jefferson, NH
  2. Kate b 1872 at St Sylvestre, d 1902 at Whitefield, NH, m in 1894 at Whitefield to Darius Rafuse, b 1866 at Lunenburg, NS, son of Stephen and Elizabeth Rafuse, both born NS.
  3. Annie b LC, m Thomas Gravel, b NY. Children : male b 1890 at Jefferson,NH and female b 1891 at Jefferson
  4. James b 1866 LC, m Josephine Fowler. Child : Fred b 1890 at Jefferson,NH
  5. male m Fannie Fitzgerald b 1860 LC, d 1888 at Jefferson, NH.

McGEE WILLIAM granted 1 lot on Monaghan Concession of St Sylvestre in 1835.

Contact info available for McGee.




See also: MAGILL



See also: McGILL


McGILL JAMES b 1781 in IRELAND, d 1856, settled Inverness Tp, m ISABELLA ? b 1772, d 1856.


McGILL DAVID b 1803 in IRELAND, C of S, d 1891, m MARGARET A. TURNER, b 1822 in IRELAND, CS. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Margaret b 1840 IRELAND, school teacher in Halifax S Tp in 1861, C of S. Married William McCullough
  2. Arthur b 1842 in IRELAND m in 1864 to ELIZABETH GALLAGHER b St Sylvestre. Children :
    1. James b 1870
    2. Thomas b 1867 Inverness, m in 1910 at Burke, Vt to Maud F Switzer, dau of Henry Switzer of Greensboro, Vt.
  3. baby born Ireland, stolen from the family on arrival at the quarantine station at Grosse Ilse.
  4. Thomas b 1844 in LC, blacksmith, d 1928, m 1st in 1869 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Louisa Jane Gallagher of Inverness, and m 2nd in 1879 to Wilhelmina Melrose 1851-1932, bur Boutelles Cemetery, Inverness Tsp. Lived Kinnear's Mills, Leedst Tp. Children :

    By Louisa Jane Gallagher :

    1. Frank m Hanna Mathers. To West Burke, Vt
    2. Clara m Donald McCullagh to Gould, Que

      By Wilhelmina Melrose :

    3. Alex David b 1879, m Gertrude Morrison. To USA
    4. Robert James b 1881, to St Johnsbury, Vt. Child :
      1. Robert m Irma. Live Danville, Vt.
    5. Wilamina Forbes 1882-1957, m James Robinson 1877-1938
    6. Janet Melrose Jenny b 1884, m Gusty Wilson, to Lyndonville, Vt
    7. Thomas Turner b 1885, m Doris Ervine. To St Johnsbury, Vt
    8. John Charles b 1888, m Bessie Crawford. To St Johnsbury
    9. Agnes Isabella b 1893, m Ernest Porter. Lived Lower Ireland, Que
    10. Margaret Ann b 1887
    11. Arthur 1890-1890
  5. Robert b 1846
  6. Eliza b 1848, m Alexander McCullogh.
  7. Mary b 1850
  8. William John b 1855, and mate, Mary Corrigan b c 1860, RC. Mary, as a child, lived in the home of unmarried brother and sister, Peter and Marjory McKenzie, along with her child Albert Magill. The McKenzie's lived on the farm next to the Magills. Mary Corrigan died in Inverness at age 41 in 1901. Child of William John Magill and Mary Corrigan :
    1. Albert Magill b 1899 at Inverness, bapt St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness, d 3 Nov 1959, bur Fort Francces, Ontario. After the death of his mother, Mary Corrigan in 1901, Albert continued living with the McKenzies. Peter McKenzie died in 1903 and Marjory McKenzie died in 1914. Albert then moved to Toronto with the family of Daniel Mooney. Albert went on to the west from Toronto and married in Penzance, Sask to Elizabeth Duncan, born Scotland. In 1919 Albert and Elizabeth moved to Cobalt, Ont. They had 6 children. Source : Joann McCann-Magill. One of their children was :
      1. Al Magill. Child :
        1. Glenn McGill m Joann McCann. Lives Ottawa, Ont.
  9. Jane b 1856

McGILL THOMAS b IRELAND, 1831 census : 5 in house, settled Craigs Rd, Lot 12, Ireland Tp after 1825.



  1. Mary m in 1846 at St Giles RC to John Power


Obituary notice:

'Robert Graham Sr., died 8 Apr. 1900, 11th Range of Inverness. He arrived in Canada 15 June 1831, age 13, with stepfather James McGill , mother and 3 sisters. James McGill was a commuted pensionnr, who received a grant for lot 18, 11th range of Inverness. Already on the same range when they arrived were the families of Mimnaugh, Wilton, Hackett, Currie , Plummer and Percy. In 1831, their nearest mill was at Goff's on the Craig Road, or Keoughs mill in Ireland Township. They got their flour at McElroy's store in St-Sylvestre. Many expended all and left before the first crop. The first schoolhouse on the 11th range was on lot 20. The teacher was Dr. James Currie . Robert Graham Sr. married Catherine Campbell, daughter of John Campbell. '

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 4 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

Contact info available for McGill.

McGILLIVRAY ANGUS b 1785 in SCOTLAND, Inverness, FC, (brother of James), m 1st in Inverness, Scotland to ANN MATHESON. Ann died in Scotland, then Angus remarried in Inverness, Scotland 2nd to HELEN MORRISON b 1808, Inverness, Scotland, d 1884. Angus and his 2nd wife Ellen came to Megantic Co with their 14 children born in Scotland. They settled near St Julie/Laurierville on the Scot Road.

Children by Ann Matheson :

  1. Jessie
  2. Alexander b 1822, (by Ann Matheson), shoemaker, m in 1850 to Catherine Brodie b 1828 Scotland, daughter of Angus Brodie and Isabella Walker. Alex and Catherine lived in Halifax S Tp in 1861. Children of Alex and Catherine:
    1. Ann b 1852
    2. Isabella b 1854
    3. Angus b 1856
    4. male b 1858
    5. Alexander b 1860
  3. James died in Scotland
  4. Angus m in 1847 at Shipton, Que Congregational to Mary Kelso
  5. Duncan
  6. Annie of Danville, Que m in 1847 at Shipton Congregational to Angus McKillop

    Children by Helen Morrison :

    1. Lexy b 1838 in SCOTLAND (female)
    2. Jane b 1841 in SCOTLAND, d 1887 at Inverness, m Alex McKinnon
    3. Peter b 1843 in SCOTLAND, m Ann Bickford
    4. Helen b 1845 in SCOTLAND, m R Drew
    5. John b 1847 in LC, dy
    6. Marjory b 1850 in LC, d 1863
    7. Mary
    8. Isabella 1832-1923, m Archibald Kelso
    9. Eliza m Donald Bell
    10. Agnes
    11. John m Mary Ann McCullough. Children :
      1. John Angus b 1872
      2. Robert b 1875
      3. Grace Isabella Stewart bapt 1884, d 1904, lived St Johnsbury, Vt
      4. Jessie Cordelia b 1886
      5. Loretta b 1886
      6. Annie Elizabeth b 1879

McGILLIVRAY JAMES Sr, shoemaker, (brother to Angus above), b 1784 in SCOTLAND, Inverness, FC, m in Scotland to MARJORY McBEAN b 1788. They came to Inverness Tp in 1833 with their 5 children b in Scotland. Children:

  1. Duncan b 1816 in SCOTLAND, m Margaret Kelso b 1827 SCOTLAND. Children :
    1. Margaret Mary b 1854
    2. Jessie b 1856
    3. John C b 1857
    4. James b 1860
    5. Margaret Ann 1862-1885
    6. Grace Jane b 1864
    7. Duncan Donald McKinnon b 1874
    8. Elizabeth McKinnon b 1866
    9. Christina Isabella b 1868
  2. James b 1828 in SCOTLAND, m in 1855 to Elizabeth Kelso b 1830 in SCOTLAND. Children:
    1. James b 1856
    2. Mary b 1857
    3. Simon b 1859
    4. Jessie b 1861
    5. Alice b 1860
    6. John b 1862
    7. Alexander b 1864
    8. George b 1866
    9. Duncan b 1868
    10. Margaret b 1868
    11. Donald b 1870
    12. Marjory d 1869
  3. Mary 1819-1901, m James Johnston. Lived Inverness Tp.
  4. Jessie m Rev Simon Fraser
  5. Mysie m James McEachern
  6. Marjory d 1867 m James McKickney. Lived Somerset. Children :
    1. Mary b 1858
    2. William Malcolm b 1862
    3. Marjory 1866-1866
    4. Jessie b 1864
    5. Elizabeth b 1866

McGILLIVRAY JOHN, customs officer at Quebec City, m EUPHEMIA KERR b 1834, d 1888, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. James b 1865
  2. Flora b 1868, d 1909, m in 1892 to John Kerr
  3. Janet b 1867
  4. Charles Alexander b 1871, d 1948, m Margaret Currie McKinnon. Child : Cuyler
  5. Della Maud b 1873, d 1935, m in 1899 to John Kelso
  6. Christina b 1875

McGILVERY JOHN m in 1820 in SCOTLAND, Barrony Parish, Co Lanark to ANN WHITE. This family was living on St Gabriel Street, Quebec City in 1842. They moved to Montreal, Que before 1851 census. Their 9 children :

  1. McGILVERY JOHN b 1821 in SCOTLAND, CS, d 1903, weaver, m in 1867 to ELIZABETH 'BETSEY' McKELVIE, b 1821 in SCOTLAND, CS. They lived on Lot 19, 1st Range of Inverness at St Pierre Baptiste. Children :
    1. May Victoria . Child :
      1. Florence m a McKinnon
    2. Elizabeth b 1847 LC, d 1934 Montreal, m James Crawford
    3. Ann b 1849
    4. Mary b 1853
    5. Jane b 1856
    6. John b 1858
    7. Mary b 1860
  2. McGILVERY ROBERT b 1823
  4. McGILVERY AGNES b 1828
  7. McGILVERY (unknown)
  8. McGILVERY ANN b 1837
  9. McGILVERY JANET b 1839, d 1887 m Alexander "Sandy" McKinnon, b 1805, d 1886, bur Presbyterian Cemetery, Adderley. Sandy had previously been married to Bell Ross.Their children :
    1. Mrs Hugh Jamieson
    2. Mrs Francis Rogers
    3. Neil
    4. Mrs Williamson
    5. Note: Sarah McGillivray, was the wife of Ralph Horner, who preached in Megantic County, forming a religious group called the 'Hornerites.' As per headstone #44: Sarah died 14 June 1892, age 36 years and 5 months, buried Scotch Road Cemetery, Grenville Tp., Argenteuil County, Quebec. See: And and (Quebec, redball(180))

      Sarah was probably from Megantic County.

      Contact info available for McGilvery.

Mc GINLEY JOHN granted 2 lots in St Patrice de Beaurivage in 1821


McGINLEY HUGH granted 2 lots St Andrews Range of St Sylvestre in 1830s


McGINLEY CHARLES b 1827 in IRELAND, RC, m CATHERINE MARTIN b 1837 LC, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Mary b 1853 LC
  2. John b 1855
  3. Margaret b 1856
  4. Francis b 1859
  5. Alex b 1861
  6. James b 1863
  7. Joseph b 1865.

    Living in McGinley home in 1861 was an Ellen Roomey b 1842 IRELAND, RC.



  1. James Campbell m in 1880 at Broughton RC to Sarah McCaffrey

McGINLEY THOMAS m MARY McGILL. Lived St Sylvestre. RC. Granted 1 lot St Peter's Range of St Sylvestre in 1831. Child :

  1. Charles m in 1846 at St Sylvestre RC to Eliza Parkinson


  1. Charles m in 1866 at Inverness RC to Catherine McGinley


  1. James m in 1847 at St Gilles RC to Susan McCaffrey

McGINNIS JAMES b c1782-1873 in IRELAND, FC, d 1873 in St Sylvestre, settled in 1836 on St Catherines Range, St Sylvestre Seigneurie, Lotbiniere Co, Que. Married JANE b 1790 IRELAND. They lived in Leeds Tp in 1861. Note : Jane was probably Jane Suitor, as per the following : Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery record for Leeds Tp. : James McGinnis, d 11 June 1873, age 91 years, wife Jane Suitor. And Jane Suitor, d 16 Mar. 1879, age 92 years, wife of James McGinness. Their 7 children were :

  1. McGINNIS WILLIAM b 1822 IRELAND, settled St Sylvestre, m 1st in 1839 to BARBARA LOWRY, m 2nd in 1854 to CATHERINE LOWRY b 1828 IRELAND.

    Children by Barbara Lowry :

    1. James b 1839 m Mary Jane Rinehart. Child : Florence May b 1881
    2. Ruth b 1841
    3. Jane b 1843 d 1889, m Andrew Rinehart
    4. Thomas b 1844 m Mary Jane Rinehart. Lived Leeds. Children :
      1. Arthur Edmund 1875-1876- William John b 1871
      2. Mary Agnes b 1877
    5. Joseph b 1849
    6. Elizabeth b 1851
    7. Mary Ann b 1852

      Children by Catherine Lowry :

      1. William McGinnis b 1854 d 1855
      2. Barbara Eleanor McGinnis b 1856 m in 1888 to Frederick John Goff
      3. Elia b 1859
      4. William b 1865 m in 1890 at Barre, Vt to Jennie Astbury b 1872
  • **CATHERINE ANN McGINNIS b 1808, d 1899, bur Leeds Presb, m 1st to JAMES GUY, m 2nd to ALEXANDER BOND. Note: Catherine Ann McGinnis and her children may be misplaced in the above family. Her marriage record to her 2nd husband, Alexander Bond reads: "Catherine Anne Mcginnis Guy, 38 years old, widow, servant, from the townland of Aghansillagh, daughter of Daniel McGinnis, labourer, married Alexander Bond, 31 years old, a widower, labourer, from the townland of Little Derry, son of Thomas Bond, labourer, St Finoluganus (?) Church of Ireland, Balteagh Parish, (County Londonderry) 7 March 1850." Marriage record added 24 Sept. 2014. Contact info available. They must have left for Canada soon after their marriage of 1850. Both husbands lived on the 1st Range of Thetford Tp., Megantic Co. For Guy, see Publications by Gwen Barry. While Catherine Ann McGinnis may not be a daughter of James McGinnis above, she is no doubt related to him (perhaps an uncle?) James McGinnis and wife Jane Suitor also came from Co. Londonderry. Children :
    1. William Guy m in 1856 to Mary Ann Jamieson
    2. James Guy m in 1859 to Agnes McKee
    3. Alexander Bond m Sarah Maria Russell
    4. Catherine Bond
    5. John Bond
  • JAMES McGINNIS b 1830 IRELAND, WM, m in 1852 to MARGARET MONTGOMERY b 1833 LC. To Dakota Territory, USA
    1. Edward McGinnis b 1853 at St Sylvestre
    2. James McGinnis b 1857, m in 1883 to Ann Cameron of Leeds. Child :
      1. Aubrey Cameron b 1899
    3. Jane b 1855
    4. Margaret b 1860
  • SARAH JANE McGINNIS b 1823, m in 1844 to WILLIAM OGLE of St Marie range, St Sylvestre.
  • MARY ANN McGINNIS m in 1841 to THOMAS SUITOR of St Catherines Range, St Sylvestre. Children :
    1. James Suitor b 1840
    2. William Suitor 1842-1845
    3. Robert Suitor b 1844
    4. David Suitor b 1850
    5. Eliza Jane Suitor b 1852
    6. Matilda Suitor b 1853
    7. Thomas Suitor b 1855
    8. Catherine Suitor b 1857
  • MARTHA McGINNIS b 1813, d 1900 at Leeds, m in Armagh, Ireland to SAMUEL ELLIOT. Children :
    1. James Elliot b 1839
    2. Robert Elliot b 1841
    3. Alexander Elliot b 1850
    4. Thomas Elliot b 1854
  • ELIZA McGINNIS m ROBERT JAMIESON. They lived in St Gilles. Children:
    1. William Jamieson b 1834
    2. Margaret Jamieson b 1835
    3. Jane Jamieson b 1837
    4. John Jamieson b 1839
    5. Elizabeth Jamieson b 1842
    6. Matilda Jamieson b 1844
    7. Barbara Jamieson b 1848

McGINNIS MARGARET of St Sylvestre, d 1887 at St Patrice Parish, St Sylvestre, bur Leeds WM m in 1850 to JOHN BAKER of Leeds


McGINNIS WILLIAM of Leeds, d 1883, m MARY ANN ORR, d 1899. Their children were : Catherine Ann McGinnis b 1871 and Isabella Emmeline McGinnis b 1872


McGINNIS JAMES of Leeds, m in 1863 to MATILDA PATTERSON or JAMIESON. Children :

  1. Caroline b 1871
  2. Lerds Elya b 1867
  3. Joseph Edwin b 1861

McGINNIS CATHERINE of St Sylvestre, d 1904, m in 1855 to CHARLES CRAWFORD of Leeds, d 1913 at Hardwick, Vermont. They had lived on the 1st Range of Leeds. Children :

  1. Mary Ann Crawford 1861-1884
  2. Elizabeth Crawford b 1865, m in 1884 to George Coxon
  3. Sarah Matilda Crawford b 1867
  4. James Edmond Buchanan Crawford 1869-1956 m 1904 Edna Rickaby
  5. Harriet Sophia Crawford b 1872
  6. Eliza Willemina Crawford b 1872
  7. Edith Crawford b 1874
  8. Ellen Maud Crawford b 1882
  9. Alfred Crawford

McGINNIS EDWARD b Leeds Tsp, m CARRIE BEMIS b Burke, Vt. Child :

  1. Frank Leslie b 1886 at Sutton, Vt, m in 1907 at Lyndon, Vt to Hazel Azelia Cunningham
  2. Contact info available for McGinnis.


  1. McGOLDRICK CHARLES b 1826 in IRELAND, RC, m in 1848 at St Gilles RC to CATHERINE RYAN, b 1833 in LC, RC, lived in Nelson Tp.
  2. McGOLDRICK EDWARD b 1831 in IRELAND, RC, m in 1853 at St Gilles RC to BRIDGET RYAN, b 1831 in LC. Lived in Nelson Tp.
  3. McGOLDRICK THOMAS, first mayor of St Sylvestre from 1845-1862
  4. Walter and Peggy Doherty have an extensive collection on McGoldrick. Contact info available.

McGOWAN JOHN, RC, settled 7th Range, Inverness Tp, Lot 13, family of 5 in 1831 census.


McGOWAN ELIZA b St Armand, Que, m HORACE B CARPENTER b Barre, Vt, painter.

Child : Charles E Carpenter b 1865 at St Johnsbury, Vt


McGRADY JAMES 1831 census : 10 in house, CS, settled Leeds Tp after 1825.


McGRANY PATRICK settled Lot B, St Margaret's Range of St Sylvestre in 1834.


McGRATH MARTIN b 1791, d 1844, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, RC, settled Ireland Tsp, m ELIZA MCDONALD. Martin was the son of Martin McGrath Sr. Eliza remarried in 1847 to Arnold Aldrich of Inverness Tp. Eliza and 2nd husband Arnold Aldrich moved about 1856 to Fordwich, Howick Tp, Ontario. For Eliza McDonald McGrath, see the Aldrich publication by Gwen Barry. Martin and Eliza's children, all bapt C of E :

  1. Martin John b 1831
  2. Peter b 1836
  3. Eliza Jane 1838-1845, bur C of E Ireland Tp
  4. Edward b 1841
  5. Richard b 1844

McGRATH MARGARET b 1798, d 1876 in Megantic Co, bur C of E Inverness Tp.


McGRATH MARTHA b 1791, d 1844, bur C of E Ireland Tp.


McGRATH JAMES b 1800 in IRELAND, RC. He was the first settler in Thetford Mines, Que, 1st Range in 1840 and lived to be 105 years of age, m MARY CATHERINE WOOD b 1814 in IRELAND, RC. Children :

  1. Mark b 1842, m in 1864 at Broughton RC to Bridget Dooley
  2. Thomas b 1845
  3. Mary b 1847
  4. Jane b 1850
  5. James b 1854, m in 1886 at Broughton RC to Ann Eliza Daly

McGRATH MICHAEL b 1812 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tp, 4th Range, 1/2 of lot 1 in 1861 census. Married in 1838 to MARY HOGAN b 1814 IRELAND, RC. Children :

  1. James b 1843 LC
  2. Catherine b 1838 m in 1867 at Inverness RC to James Rooney
  3. Mary b 1849
  4. Ellen b 1852
  5. John b 1853

McGRATH MICHAEL granted 2 lots St John's Range E of St Sylvestre circa 1828.


McGRORY PATRICK b 1812 IRELAND, RC, married. Living in Halifax S Tp in 1861 with son born 1850 LC.

  1. MAGUIRE JAMES b 1774 IRELAND, RC, widower in Halifax N Tp in 1861. Child :
    1. James b 1821 Ireland, m in LC circa 1847 to Marianne b 1823 England. She was previously married to a Hearn. Children :
      1. Ann Hearn b 1842 LC
      2. Richard Hearn b 1847
      3. Sara Maguire b 1848
      4. John Maguire b 1850
      5. Mary Maguire b 1852
      6. Ellen Maguire b 1853
      7. Henry Maguire b 1856
      8. Agnes Maguire b 1858
      9. Jane Maguire b 1860

McGUIRE MARY b St Croix or Leeds Tp, m MICHAEL McCORMICK. See McCormick for their children.


McGUIRE JAMES m ANN CLEARY. Child :- John m in 1883 at St Giles RC to Maggie Boyle


McGUIRE MARY d 1856, m JOHN ROBINSON. Lived Inverness Tp.


McGUIRE FELIX m BRIDGET DOYLE. Lived St Sylvestre. Child :

  1. James m in 1861 at Inverness RC to Ellen McGee


  1. Bernard m in 1869 at St Sylvestre RC to Mary Ann McCormick
  2. Mary m in 1860 at Ste Agathe RC to Michael McCormick.

McGUIRE ANN b 1785, d 1854, buried Leeds RC, m RICHARD DILLON


McGUIRE PATRICK settled Lots 148-149, St Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre in 1833, m ROSE BRETON. Children :

  1. Francis m in 1857 at St Gilles RC to Mary Timony
  2. James m in 1863 at St Gilles RC to Ellen Timony

McGUIRE JAMES m ANN CLEARY. Child :- John m in 1883 at St Gilles RC to Maggie Boyle


McGUIRE JOHN granted land in Inverness Tp 13 Dec 1831.


McGUIRE PATRICK m MARY MILLER. Lived St Sylvestre. Child :

  1. James m in 1838 to Ellen Kelly
  2. Contact info available for McGuire.


See also: MAHARG



See also: McHARG


McHEDGE, GEORGE, JAMES, JOHN AND ROBERT lived in Broughton Tp in 1837, as per their participation at meetings with John Greaves Clapham, representative for Megantic County, in which they volunteered to become part of a military force to assist the British military in protecting the garrison at Quebec during the Rebellion of 1837. As per National Archives of Canada, series RG4 B37, 248 682 3.


McHUGH JOHN m FRANCES WALLACE. Lived Leeds Tp. Child : John b 1846, bapt St Nicholas RC.


McHUGH PATRICK b 1801 Ireland, RC, m CATHERINE b 1817 Ireland, RC. Lived St Sylvestre. Walter and Peggy Doherty, Mahopac, NY have an extensive collection on this family. Contact info available.



See also: McGINNIS



See also: McINNIS


McINNES JAMES d 1873, farmer, bur Leeds Tp. Contact info available.


McINTOSH ROBERT b 1804 SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, FC, d 1863, m in Scotland to ELIZABETH HAMILTON b 1814 SCOTLAND. They lived in Halifax N Tp in 1861.Children :

  1. Mary b 1837 Scotland, d 1904, m Dugald Crawford
  2. William b 1840 Scotland
  3. John b 1850 Scotland
  4. Isabella b 1853 Scotland
  5. Ronald b 1856 LC

McINTOSH DAVID b 14 Jan 1787 SCOTLAND, Edinburg, d 1872 in Kinnears Mills, Leeds Tp, m in Scotland in 1821 to CHRISTINA ANDERSON b 1792 in Dalkeith, SCOTLAND, d 1867. They came over in 1831 with their 7 children.. Children :

  1. McINTOSH ANDREW, m Elizabeth. Lived Leeds Tp, then moved to Toronto. Child: David b 1843
  2. McINTOSH JAMES b 27 Jan 1825 in Liberton, SCOTLAND, FC, d 1890, m in 1849 to LYDIA STEVENSON b 1833 in IRELAND, C of S. They lived in Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Elizabeth b 1850 in LC
    2. David b 1851
    3. James b 1855
    4. Joshua Stevenson b 1858
    5. Christiana Anderson b 1856 m in 1875 at Sherbrooke Presbyterian to Sam T Beavan
    6. William Thomas Stevenson b 1865, m in 1898 at Leeds Presb to Eliza Augusta Sommerville of Leeds. Moved to Dauphin Man.
  3. McINTOSH JENNET d 1890, m Hugh Harris. Lived Leeds Tp
  5. McINTOSH JOHN b 1826, d 1861 in Somerset Tsp, teacher. Lived in Drummondville, Que.

McINTOSH WILLIAM b 1820 in SCOTLAND, gardener, from Upper Canada, staying in Inverness Tp in 1861 as single, FC.

Contact info available for McIntosh.

McINTYRE SAMUEL b 1801, settled St Sylvestre/St Gilles, m JANE JOHNSTON b 1806. Children :

  1. Jane b 1832
  2. Jane b 1834
  3. Ann b 1836
  4. daughter b 1837
  5. child b 1838
  6. Mary b 1 March 1834

McINTYRE JOHN b 1796, d 1841 settled Inverness Tp, then to Leeds Tp, then Nelson Tp, m MARY ERWIN, b 1819, d 1899. Children :

  1. David b 1839
  2. Eliza b 1842
  3. David b 1846, d 1939, m in 1864 at C of E Inverness to Agnes Lowe 1838-1897. Children :
    1. Helen b 1869
    2. Annie b 1865
    3. Dorothy b 1867
    4. Margaret Agnes b 1871
    5. Maria Harriet b 1873
  4. Joseph b 1848, d 1906, m in 1874 at Inverness Presb to Agnes McMillan 1852-1931, born Sterling, Scotland. They died in Rochester, NY. Both bur Boutelle's Cem, Inverness. Children :
    1. Curtis Clyde 1882-1901
    2. Elsie Maud b 1881
    3. Elmer Joseph b 1878, m Ethel Maud Snelgrove
  5. William b 1850
  6. Abigail b 1852
  7. Mary Ann b 1856
  8. Martha b 1858
  9. Emma Jane b 1862, d 1920, m Joseph Gallagher
  10. Hannah b 1865

McINTYRE DAVID b 1813, d 1905 in Inverness Tp, bur Kinnears Mills Presb.



  1. McINTYRE MATTHEW b 1822 IRELAND, RC, m 1st in 1849 at St Giles RC to MARGARET CALLUM b 1824, d 1856 in Leeds, m 2nd in 1856 to SARAH KEENAN b 1833 in LC, RC. Lived Inverness. Matthew taught school in Leeds Tp in 1861. Children:

    By Margaret Callum :

    1. John b 1852, d 1858
    2. Margaret b 1856 LC

      By Sarah Keenan :

      1. Francis 1857-1859
      2. Patrick b 1859
      3. James b 1860
      4. Peter b 1861
      5. Eliza b 1861
      6. Robert b 1863
  • McINTYRE FRANCIS b 1813 in IRELAND, RC m in 1845 to BRIDGET CAMPBELL b 1818 in IRELAND. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Mary b 1850 LC
    2. John b 1852
    3. Ann b 1853 m in 1878 at Inverness RC to John Rooney
    4. Elizabeth b 1855
    5. Francis b 1858
    6. John m in 1881 at Inverness RC to Rosa Rooney
    7. Bridget m in 1881 at Inverness RC to Arcade Leclerc
    8. Patrick m Ella Gorman
  • McINTYRE JAMES b 1819 in IRELAND, RC, m in 1851 at St Giles RC to JANE CALLUM b 1829 in IRELAND, RC. Children :
    1. Patrick b 1852 LC
    2. Margaret b 1853
    3. Mary Jane b 1855
    4. John b 1857
    5. James b 1859
    6. Peter b 1866

McINTYRE JAMES, RC, m JANE KELLY. Lived Leeds Tp. Child :Francis b 1864


McINTYRE JAMES, RC, m SARAH REDMOND. Lived Leeds Tp. Child : John b 1865


McINTYRE male, C of S, m ABIGAIL b 1798 in IRELAND, C of S, widow in Inverness in 1861 census. Children :

  1. John b 1819 in IRELAND, C of S, m Mary b 1819 in Ireland. Lived Inverness. Children :
    1. John b 1842 LC
    2. Eliza b 1844
    3. David b 1846
    4. Joseph b 1849
    5. Wiliam b 1851
    6. Abigail b 1853
    7. Mary Ann b 1855
    8. Martha b 1858 m in 1883 at Island Pond, Vt to Leslie Aldrich
  2. Margaret b 1832 in IRELAND, single in 1861
  3. David b 1836 in IRELAND, single in 1861

McINTYRE MARGARET b 1799 in IRELAND, WM, d 1903, m GRAHAM REID. Lived Inverness Tp. Margaret was a sister of the male McIntyre above who married Abigail. Child :

  1. Grimes Reid b 1834 LC, WM, married, living in home of Abigail Reid, widow in 1861.

McINTYRE WILLIAM m in 1894 at Inverness Presb to EVA ROSS of Inverness. Lived 8th Range of Inverness. Child : Jessie Florence b 1896.


McINTYRE CHARLES, saddler and harness maker, m in 1881 at Leeds C of E to widow MARGARET JANE SUITOR. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. Joseph Henry b 1882
  2. William Lyman b 1884


  1. John Wesley b 1885, m Grace Linwood Longmore
  2. James Chester b 1886
  3. Edith b 1895 m Ernest Wright

McINTYRE ANNIE d 1894 at St Sylvestre, bur Leeds Presb, m WILLIAM CRAIG


McINTYRE CHRISTIANA 1785-1877, bur C of E Ireland Tp m COLIN CAMPBELL


McINTYRE JOHN m in Ireland to MARY McSTEIGH. Came over in 1827. Child :

  1. Maria b 1819 in Co Armagh, Ireland, m Arthur Heney of St Sylvestre. Child:
    1. Catherine m in 1873 to Patrick McElroy
    2. Contact info available for McIntyre.

McIVER JAMES settled Halifax Tsp, m ELEANOR DONAGHY. Children : George b 1839, Lettitia b 1840. There were other McIver's who settled in Scotstown, Quebec in the 1830s.


McKANNS HAMILTON b 1827, d 1845 aged 18, servant, bur C of E Ireland Tp.


McKAY/McKEY/McKEE Note : In the records there were families sometimes written as McKey, making it difficult to seperate the McKees from McKays. Please check McKee for possible relationships.

A McKAY family was granted 2200 acres, 11 lots in Tring Tp, Beauce Co between 1803-1809, including individual grants to the following :

  1. Mary McKay, nee Embling, widow of Hugh McKay
  2. Isabella McKay
  3. Jane McKay
  4. Bridget McKay
  5. Martha McKay
  6. Barbara McKay
  7. George McKay
  8. Archibald McKay

McKAY FREDERICK b 1761 SCOTLAND, d 1861, m SARAH ?, d 1856, bur C of E Leeds, burial witness William Harrison. They lived in Leeds Tp.


McKAY JOSEPH b Scotland and died Co Donegal, Ireland, m BARBARA EVANS/OVENS/OWENS b c 1770 in Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ireland. After Joseph's death, Barbara Evans remarried 2nd in Ireland to William McKay of Co Donegal. Joseph McKay had 2 sisters Mary and Margaret. Children of Joseph and Barbara :

  1. RUTH McKAY b c 1789 in Scotland or Ireland, d 1867, m c 1811 to THOMAS LOWRY, son of Joseph Lowry and Nancy Evans. Lived St Sylvestre. See Lowry.
  2. WILLIAM McKAY b c 1790 in Scotland, d 10 Jan 1861, settled St Gilles, m MARY MORRISON b 1800, d 1852 at St Sylvestre. Children:
    1. Ruth b 1833, d 1858
    2. Robert b 1837,
    3. Michael b 1838, m Jane Lowry
    4. Joseph b 15 Dec 1817, m in 1841 Ireland Tp, Que to Ester Colvin. Marriage witness was Barbara McKay. Ester was the dau of Thomas Colvin and Christina Morrison. Children:
      1. William b 1841, m 1866 to Margaret McCrae, dau of William McCrae and Mary Ann Cromwell
      2. James b 1849
      3. Lucinda 1855-1864
      4. Joseph b 1857
      5. Mary Jane b 1859
    5. Ester b 5 Jul 1819
    6. William McKay b 1 mar 1821 near Ballintra, Donegal, Ireland, d 11 Jan 1856 at St Sylvestre, m 1843 at New Ireland, Que to Agnes Orr. Children :
      1. Samuel McKay b 1854, d 1948 at Sacramento, Calif, m in 1883 at Cookshire, Que to Mary Jane Nutbrown b 1859, d 1924 at Sacramento. Children :
        1. Maud Mabel b 1884, d 1960, m Daniel Wright
        2. Verda Evelyn b 1885, m Hyr J Kueschler
        3. Sidney Osborne b 1887, d 1958, m Nettie Vogel
        4. Robert S b 1889 in Sacramento, m Beulah Miller
        5. Edwin J b 1893 m Ethel Short
        6. Mary J b 1895, d 1921, m Otto Herbst
        7. Ernest L b 1901 at Sacramento, m Marjorie Foss
      2. Edwin McKay b 1850 at St Sylvestre, d 1879, m 1876 to Lydia Aldrich. Children :
        1. Agnes McKay b 1877, m 1897 to James McDonald
        2. Jessie Edwina McKay b 1879, m 1907 to Harry J Fisher
      3. William McKay b 1845 at St Sylvestre, d 1937, m 1887 at Sherbrooke to Jane Henrietta Cromwell. Children :
        1. Elizabeth Edith McKay b 1884 m Ayton Kinnear McBurney
        2. Margaret Olive McKay b 1895 m Thomas Joseph O'Grady
      4. James McKay b 1844 at St Sylvestre, d 1913 at Martinville, Compton Co, Que, m 1877 at Sherbrooke to Jessie Aldrich b 1857, d 1881 at Martinville. Child :
        1. Alexander A McKay b 1878, d 1891
      5. Hugh McKay b 1847, d 1896
      6. Alexander McKay b 1848, d 1871
      7. Mary Elizabeth McKay b 1852, d 1934, m 1870 at Sherbrooke to Alexander McVetty
    7. James b 4 Sep 1823, d 11 Sep 1861 at South Ham, Wolfe Co, Que, m in 1851 at WM Ireland Tp to Mary Jane Thompson, of Ham Tp. They lived in St Sylvestre. Children :
      1. Margaret b 1851, m 1870 at Dudswell to William Russell, d 1925. Children :
        1. Mary Russell
        2. Emma Russell
        3. Russell Russell
        4. Rosamond Russell
      2. Mary b 1853 at St Sylvestre, d 1913, m Hiram Moon b Oct 1837. Children :
        1. George Moon
        2. Lilla Moon b 1876 m George True
      3. Clarissa McKay b 1855 at South Ham, Que, d 1882, m John Gerrish. Child :
        1. Esther Gerrish b 1881
    8. Hugh McKay b 11 May 1825
    9. Thomas McKay b 16 Jun 1827, m in 1856 to Ruth McVetty, dau of James McVetty and Eliza McKay. Children :
      1. William John b 1857, m Margaret Stevenson, dau of James and Rose Stevenson
      2. Elizabeth b 1860
    10. Mary McKay b 1829
    11. George McKay
    12. Mary McKay
    13. John McKay b 1835 at St David, St Sylvestre, d 1909, m 1862 at Dudswell, Que to Mary Jane Thompson
  3. JOHN McKAY b 10 May 1794 in Scotland, d 1871, bur King Cem, St Sylvestre, settled St Gilles, m 1st to JANE YOUNG, d 1852, and m 2nd in 1852 to CHRISTIANNA EVANS, bur King Cem, St Sylvestre. Children :
    1. Eleanor b c 1823
    2. Barbara b 16 Jun 1825, d 1892
    3. Joseph b 1829, d 1905
    4. William b 1832, d before 1841
    5. James b 1834 at St Sylvestre, d 1920 at Creston, BC
    6. Thomas b 1836, d 1881
    7. John 1838-1851
    8. William 1841-1915
    9. Christiana b 1855
    10. Rebecca Jane 1857-1875
    11. Mary Ann b 1853, m in 1869 to James Cooper

McKAY WILLIAM of Co Donegal, Ireland, d 10 Jan 1861, m in Ireland to BARBARA EVANS/OVENS/OWENS b c 1770 in Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ireland. Barbara had previously been married in Ireland to Joseph McKay. Children of William and Barbara :

  1. ELIZABETH McKAY b 1801 in Ireland
  2. JAMES McKAY b c 1800 in Ireland
  3. JOSEPH McKAY b 1804 at Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ireland, settled St Gilles, m in 1834 at Leeds C of E to REBECCA EVANS, (dau of Robert Evans and Catherine Elizabeth Lowry). Children :
    1. Robert b 1837, m in 1865 to Elizabeth McVetty, dau of James McVetty and Eliza McKay
    2. Joseph b 1839, m Emily Jane Goodenough
    3. Barbara b 1841, m William Thompson
    4. John b 1843, m in 1869 to Ann Jane Shorten
    5. Mary Ann b 1849 at St Barnard, Quebec
    6. Elizabeth b 1851
    7. James b 1853 at Ham, Que.
    8. Christianna b 1856

McKAY ROBERT JAMES of Ham, Wolfe Co m in 1890 at Leeds Presb to EMMA THOMPSON of Leeds Tp.


McKAY SAMUEL, widow of St Johnsbury, Vt m 2nd in 1866 at C of E Leeds to SARAH CRAIGIE of Leeds Tp


McKAY CHARLES GEORGE of Dudswell, Wolfe Co, m in 1896 at Leeds Presb to SARAH HARRIET THOMPSON of Kinnear's Mills. St Bernard


McKAY JOHN m MARGARET LAVALLEE. Lived Ireland Tp. Child :

  1. Donald b 1845, bapt WM Ireland Tp

McKAY JAMES, settled Halifax Tp, cooper, m ANN ? Children:

  1. Elizabeth b 1837,
  2. Susan b 1847.

McKAY BRIDGET b 1844 IRELAND, living in Inverness in 1861, single, in home of Michael and Mary Ward. Also in same household in 1861 was a John Chalem b 1838 in IRELAND, RC, single.


McKAY HUGH m MARGARET STOUGHTON. Lived St David's Range of St Sylvestre. Children:

  1. Mary Ann bapt 1856 at WM Ireland tsp m Thomas McCrae
  2. Charlotte Ruth b 1860, m John H Planche
  3. Contact info available for McKay.


See also: McKEAGE, McCAGUE








McKEAGUE GEORGE b IRELAND, Co Cavan, Baillieborough, settled in Broughton Tp in 1825, CE, m in Ireland to LETITIA NELSON. Children born in Ireland :

  1. Mary McKeague m an Anderson. Stayed in Ireland.
  2. John McKeague b 1811 Ireland, CE, d 1899, settled in Broughton, m in 1833 to Maria Sarah Stevens b 1818 LC. Children :
    1. Mary Jane b 1833, d 1917, m William Suitor. Had 11 children. According to Linda Sorensen, Mary Jane was the daughter of 'Dr. John McKeaguem 1810 in County Derry and Sarah Maria Stevens b 1817 in NH.'
    2. Mary b 1838
    3. Maria b 1840
    4. Susan b 1844
    5. George b 1845, m in 1873 at Leeds C of E to Sarah Fraser. Children :
      1. Mary Jane b 1873
      2. George b 1875
      3. Letitia 1876-1897 m William John McKee
      4. Sarah Agnes b 1878
      5. Ann Jane b 1879
      6. John b 1880
      7. Lucinda Alberta 1882-1946 m Lewis H Ross
      8. James b 1883
      9. Emily b 1890

        Living with John and Maria in 1861 was David Wark b 1859.

  3. Robert McKeague b 1812 Ireland, Epis, d 1892 bur St Lukes, Broughton Tp, bur East Broughton Cemetery, m in 1838 to Matilda Stevens, b 1822, Broughton Tp, d 1914 at Tingwick, Quebec, bur Troutbrook Cemetery, (dau of Robert Stevens and Jane Davis. In 1857, Robert donated Lot 12b, 6th Range of Broughton for the construction of St Lukes, CE Church. Their 15 children :
    1. Mary McKeague b 1838, d 1923, m in 1855 to David Suitor, b 1832 in Ireland, Co Cavan, d 1916 in Gladys, Alberta, bur St Andrew's Churchyard, Gladys, Alberta, settled St Margaret's, Lotbiniere Co. Their children, all born between 1856 and 1880.:
      1. Matilda,
      2. Robert,
      3. David,
      4. George,
      5. Elizabeth,
      6. William,
      7. Margaret,
      8. Jane
      9. John,
      10. Mary,
      11. Mary Jane,
      12. Martha,
      13. James Alexander.
    2. George McKeague b 1840, d 1919, m in 1864 at St Sylvestre C of E to Margaret Cordick. Children :
      1. Ann Jane b 1866
      2. Matilda b 1868
      3. John Joseph b 1870
      4. Mary Jane 1873-1874
    3. Margaret McKeague b 1841, d in 1850s.
    4. Maria McKeague b 1844, d 1918, m in 1876 to Benjamin Tucker.
    5. Robert McKeague b 1845, d 1926, m in 1875 at St Sylvestre C of E to Ann Jane Suitor, d 1895. Children :
      1. Ellen Letitia 1876-1877
      2. Susan Matilda 1878-1882
      3. Martha Eleanor b 1880
      4. Eva Alberta b 1882
      5. Emma Mabel b 1884
      6. Mary Elizabeth Jane 1892-1892
      7. Susan Miller b 1887
      8. Annie Rebecca 1889-1889
    6. Matilda McKeague b 1847, d 1942, m in 1867 to William Raycraft. Moved to western Canada.
    7. Sarah McKeague b 1849, d young
    8. John McKeague b 1851, d 1913, m 1st in 1875 at St Sylvestre C of E to Martha Suitor and 2nd in 1877 at Sherbrooke Presb to Sarah Cordick. Moved to western Canada. Children :
      1. Mary Etta b 1878
      2. Robert George b 1880
      3. John Edmund b 1883
      4. William Joseph b 1885
      5. Thomas James b 1887
      6. Maggie Matilda b 1891
      7. Ada Jane b 1892 m a Grant
      8. Herman Alex b 1896
    9. Alexander McKeague b 1853, m in 1882 to Sarah Jane Wark.
    10. Sarah McKeague b 1855, d 1917, did not marry. Moved to western Canada.
    11. James McKeague b 1857 at Broughton, granite polisher in Ryegate, Vt, d 1937, m in 1886 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Ellen McNeill of Hardwick, Vt. Marriage recorded in Ryegate Town Records.
    12. William McKeague b 1859, d 1873, did not marry.
    13. Joseph McKeague b 1860, d 1902, m in 1886 to Elizabeth Anne Raycraft.
    14. Ann Jane McKeague b 1863, d 1949, m in 1886 to Frank Nathaniel Thurber. Moved to western Canada.
    15. Ellen McKeague b 1864, d 1944, m in 1885 to David Stevens.
  4. William McKeague, did not like Canada. On the return voyage to Ireland, he died at sea.
  5. George McKeague b 1815, dy
  6. James McKeague b 1820 in Broughton Tsp, d 1890 in Tingwick, Quebec, bur at Castlebar Cemetery, m 1st in 1840 to Ellenor Waterson of Broughton, and m 2nd to Sarah Forgrave, b Ireland in 1820, d 1880 in Tingwick, Quebec. Their children:
    1. James Parson McKeague b 1843, d 1941
    2. William McKeague b 1845, d 1940
    3. Thomas McKeague b 1847
    4. John McKeague b 1849
    5. Alexander McKeague b 1851
    6. Letitia McKeague b 1854
    7. Robert McKeague b 1856, d 1933
    8. Sarah McKeague b 1858, d 1936
    9. Joseph McKeague b 1860, d before 1941.
  7. Alexander McKeague b 1823 Ireland, lived in Broughton Tp, d 1903 in Tingwick, Quebec, bur Lorne Cemetery, farmer and trapper, m in 1842 to Martha Suitor in Ireland b 1826, d 1890 in Tingwick, bur Lorne Cemetery, (dau of George Suitor and Margaret Armstrong of Ireland, who settled in St Margarets, Lotbinierre Co. Children of Alexander and Martha:
    1. Elizabeth Ann McKeague b 1842
    2. Margaret McKeague b 1845
    3. Letetia McKeague b 1848
    4. Susanna McKeague b 1849
    5. George McKeague b 1850
    6. David McKeague b 1852
    7. Alexander McKeague b 1854
    8. Mary McKeague b 1856
    9. James McKeague b 1858
    10. Martha McKeague b 1862
    11. William McKeague b 1862
    12. Robert McKeague b 1866
  8. Elizabeth McKeage m in 1835 to David Stevens in Maine, USA. She remarried in 1837. Name unknown. Children :
    1. Lettitia b 1836 m George Ewing
    2. Alex b 1839
    3. Mary J b 1840, d 1869, m Charles Thurber
    4. George b 1843, d 1899, m 1st to Rebecca Taylor and m 2nd to Christianna Neill
    5. James b 1847, d 1925, m Hannah Nutbrown
    6. Robert b 1849, d 1925, m Susan McKeague
    7. David b 1851, d 1912, m 1st to Emma Golden and m 2nd to Ellen McKeague
    8. William John 1853-1938, m Flora McLean
    9. Elizabeth m Zerah Gibson

McKEAGE MICHAEL. Child :- James b 1857 Wolfstown, Que, d 1913 at Northumberland, NH


McKEAGE ROBERT m LUCY GREY. Lived Broughton Tp. Child : Letitia b 1833


McCAGUE JOHN settled Broughton Tp, m ELIZABETH GREY. Child Isabella b 1833.



  1. Denis m in 1857 at St Ferdinand de Halifax, RC to Mary Ann Henley
  2. Contact info available for McKeague/McCaig.

McKEAN MALCOLM. He was a Home Boy, living on the farm of Henry Cross in Ireland Tp.,


McKECHNIE JAMES 1829-1866, bur Inverness Presb, m MARJORY McGILLIVRAY. Children:

  1. Marjory b 1856
  2. Sarah Grace b 1854

McKICKNEY JOHN granted 200 acres of Nelson Tp in 1833.


McKEE/McKEY/McKAY. Note : The records were sometimes written as McKee, McKey and McKay, making it difficult to seperate McKee from McKay. Please check McKay for possible relationships.


McKEE JOHN WILLIAM b 1814 in IRELAND, FC, m in 1843 to AGNES ORR b 1812, of St Sylvestre. Lived in Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. William b 1840 in Ireland
  2. Mary b 1844 in LC
  3. James b 1844
  4. Alexander b 1848
  5. Eliza 1846-1923, m William Wark
  6. Thomas b 1849
  7. John b 1852
  8. Edwin b 1850
  9. Mary Elizabeth b 1852
  10. Samuel b 1854

McKEE JOHN, m JANE THOMPSON b 1798 in IRELAND, Belfast, FC, d 1888. Settled in Ireland Ts, Que. Children :

  1. JOHN McKEE b 1822 in Belfast, Ireland, blacksmith, d 1906, m in 1851 to MARY CHURCH b 1832 LC. They lived 10th Range, Leeds. Children :
    1. Julie Annie McKee b 1852, d 1915, m in 1873 to George Hall Porter
    2. William McKee b 1854, m in 1883 to Margaret Cox b 1853
    3. George McKee b 1856 m Christina Cook
    4. James McKee b 1858 m Mary Ann Cook
    5. Samuel McKee b 1861, m 1st to Harriet Maria Wilson, m 2nd in 1885 to Margaret McKenzie
    6. Abraham McKee b 1862 m in 1886 to Mary Ann Wark. Children :
      1. Myrtle Eason b 1890
      2. Mildred Beatrice b 1891
    7. Joseph McKee b 1870 m Nellie Snaden
    8. John McKee b 1854 m in 1876 to Catherine Cox. Child :
      1. Luella Mary b 1881 m in 1898 George Aubrey, a blacksmith.
      2. Bertha May b 1877
      3. Ernest Howard b 1880, m Mary Agnes McGinnis
      4. Katie Isabella 1886-1886
  2. HANNAH McKEE m in 1849 to NEAL FREIL of St Sylvestre
  4. NANCY AGNES McKEE m in 1854 to JOHN ALLAN d 1867. Children:
    1. Jane Thompson Allan b 1857
    2. Mary Allan b 1858
    3. Isabella Allan b 1860
    4. Isabella Allan b 1862
    5. Charles Allan b 1864
  5. ELLEN McKEE b 1832, m in 1851 to ABRAHAM CHURCH b 1823 of Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Jane Church b 1853
    2. William John Church b 1855
    3. Abraham Church b 1857
    4. Hannah Church b 1859
    5. Isabella Church b 1861
    6. Samuel Church b 1862
    7. Mary Church b 1868

McKEE JOHN b 1813, d 1875 in Leeds Tp, m ANN McMULLIN. Child :

  1. JOHN McKEE b 1850 m AGNES McHARG. Lived 3rd Range of Leeds. Child :
    1. John McKee m in 1874 to Janet Oliver. Children :
      1. Margaret b 1883
      2. William b 1890
      3. Robert Oliver 1886-1939 m Annie Maria Harron
      4. Everard b 1896
      5. Andrew Goff b 1894
      6. Robert Oliver b 1895

McKEE GEORGE WILLIAM b IRELAND, near Belfast, settled in Leeds Tp in 1830. Nothing more in Megantic records


McKEE ANDREW, 1814-1907, settled St Catherines Range of St Sylvestre, wass granted 1 lot on St Charles Range of St Sylvestre in 1831, and later moved to Inverness Tsp, m SARAH KITNEY (KIDNEY?), b 1814, d 1907 at Waterville, Que. Children :

  1. MARY EMILIE McKEE b 1832 m JAMES WOODSIDE 1834-1899. Son of James Woodside of Carnduff, Co Antrim, Ireland.
  2. JAMES McKEE, b 1833 blacksmith, of St Sylvestre, m in 1856 to ELIZABETH POCOCK b 1836 LC, dau of Stephen Pocock. Lived in Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Alice Reed McKee b 1861
    2. Emily Mary McKee b 1865
    3. Frederick Charles McKee b 1872
    4. Susan W b 1859
    5. Isabella b 1860
  6. EDWARD McKEE b 1840, blacksmith, m 1st to SARAH McELRAVEY and m 2nd in 1864 to SARAH McHARG. Lived in Leeds Tp.
    1. Jane Amanda McKee b 1862 (by Sarah McElravey)
    2. Matilda Eveline McKee b 1865 (by Sarah McHarg)
  7. ISABELLA LINDSAY McKEE b 1841, d 1938, m ALEXANDER WOODSIDE 1836-1917, son of James Woodside of Carnduff, Co Antrim, Ireland. Children :
    1. Marietta Woodside b 1868, m James Alex McCleod, Lennoxville, Que
    2. George Alex Woodside, b 1871 m in 1899 to Annie Woodington. He was a Doctor of Divinity, Rector in Ottawa, Owen Sound and Brantford, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba
    3. James Henry Woodside, 1873-1967 m Jane Abelson, Lennoxville, Que
    4. Jennie Thompson Woodside 1875-1937, m Thomas Hodges Seale
    5. Winnifred Woodside 1878-1973 m Robert Stewart Lipsey.
    6. Rev John William Woodside 1881-1957, m Lulu Marion Currie. to Alberta, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Was Moderator of the United Church of Canada in 1938 and was President of the Canadian Council of Churches in 1949-50
    7. Marion Elizabeth Woodside
  8. MARY ANN McKEE m 1st in 1871 to THOMAS SOMMERVILLE of Leeds Tp, m 2nd in Thetford, Vermont to OCTAVUS NUTBROWN. Children :
    1. Archibald William Sommerville, b 1872 at St Sylvestre
    2. Frances Emma Sommerville, b 1873
    3. Eliza Augusta Sommerville, b 1874
    4. Newton Wesley Sommerville b 1875
    5. Sarah Jane Sommerville b 1878

McKEE AGNES d 1904, m in 1859 to JAMES GUY. They lived on the 1st Range of Thetford Mines. See the Guy publication by Gwen Barry. Children :

  1. ALEXANDER GUY b 1865 in Leeds, m AGNES McKELVIE. Children :
    1. Lewis McKelvie Guy b 1898, d 1894
    2. Emma Curtis Guy b 1891 m William Miles
    3. John Lewis Guy b 1889 m Gladys Opal Thurber
    4. Lewis McKelvie Guy b 1898 m Mary Violet Henderson
    5. Agnes Guy m Homer Campbell.
  2. JAMES GUY b 1872 at Leeds Tp
    1. William James Guy b 1900 m Beatrice Hazel Cochrane. Vermont
    2. Leonard Guy b 1907 m Luella Pearl Johnston
    3. Harold Melville Guy m Jean Dalrymple, Kitchener, Ont.
    4. Alvin Murray Guy m Mary Elizabeth Brooks
    5. Nelson Allan Guy m Della Edna Patterson
  4. JOHN GUY b 1863 d 1955, m ANN MURRAY. Children :
    1. Lillian May Guy 1904-1925
    2. Elmer James Guy 1906-1984
    3. Bessie Agnes Guy 1909-1979

McKEE THOMAS m in 1872 to MARY ANN SUITOR. Lived Kinnear's Mills Child :

  1. John Thomas b 1877, d 1957, mill owner at Kinnear's Mills, m 1st to Adelaide Maud King, d 1911 and m 2nd in 1922 to Emma Matilda Wright

McKEE ROSANNA d 1866, bur C of E Inverness, m ROBERT KIRKLAND. Lived Leeds Tp


McKEE WILLIAM of Leeds Tp m in 1860 to MARGARET JAMIESON of Leeds. Children :

  1. Alice b 1863
  2. William John b 1865
  3. Thomas b 1868
  4. Nancy b 1872
  5. Matilda 1881-1899
  6. Margaret Ellen b 1884

McKEE WILLIAM JOHN of Leeds Tp m in 1896 at Leeds Presb to LETITIA McCRAIG


McKEE JONATHAN m JOSEPHINE ROYER. Lived Inverness Tp. Child :

  1. Josephine Mary Elizabeth d 1898, bur Leeds WM

McKEE JOHN of Ireland Tp m in 1900 at Leeds Presb to WILHELMINA HOGG of Portland, Labelle, Que


McKEE THOMAS of Leeds Tp m in 1897 at Leeds Presb to MARY JANE HOGG of Buckingham, Que. Child : Gladys Mary b 1906


McKEE ROBERT b c1794 in Scotland, m 30 Apr 1827 at Quebec City to ELIZABETH MURRAY, b 30 Apr 1801 in Girvin Parish, Ayshire, Scotland, dau of John Murray and Elizabeth Brackenridge. Lived 10th Range of Stratford, Que. Both are in the 1871 census for Halifax Tp., North, Megantic County. They were Presbyterians.

Source for birth years and place of origin of Robert and Elizabeth was Rhea Gilbert. Child :

  1. John m in 1871 to Isabella Baird 1854-1878, of the 4th Range of New Ireland, Ireland Tp. Lived Warwick, Que. Children :
    1. Lizzie Jane b 1876
    2. George Kenneth b 1878

McKEE JOHN of St Sylvestre m in 1870 at St Sylvestre C of E to FANNY NUTBROWN

Contact info available for McKee.

McKEENAN. Also see KEENAN for possible connection.


McKEENAN (OR McKEINER?) JAMES, settled Halifax Tp, m ELEANOR DONAGHY. Children : Elizabeth b 1837, James b 1842.


McKELL JOHN settled in St Sylvestre, militiaman.


McKELVIE MARY m in Arran, Scotland to ARCHIBALD COOK b 1778, d 1853. They came over in 1831 and brought 8 of their children with them. Also see Cook. Children:

  1. JAMES COOK blacksmith, married and stayed in Arran. He drowned near the Isle of Mann in 1870
  2. ROBERT COOK b 1815 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, m ESTHER McCAMMON b 1828 in IRELAND, Baptist, d 1909 at Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. Mary Ann b 1849 LC
    2. Robert b 1851
    3. John b 1853
    4. Elizabeth b 1855
    5. Ester b 1857
    6. Caroline b 1859
    7. William b 1861
  4. JOHN COOK m ABIGAIL CHESLEY in 1859 in Illinois.
  7. ARCHIBALD COOK m in 1852 to SUSAN ELLIS. She died in Illinois
  8. PETER COOK b 1827 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, m in 1853 to CATHERINE CURRIE b 1833 in SCOTLAND, Baptist. She remarried to JAMES BUTLER. Peter and Catherine lived in Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. Archibald b 1855 LC
    2. Margaret b 1856
    3. Mary b 1858
    4. Peter b 1860
  9. ELIZABETH COOK b 1830, not married, died Illinois.

McKELVIE ANN b 1805-d 1895, m JOHN HUNTER, carpenter, d 1873. Lived in Halifax Tp. Child :


McKELVIE ISABELLA b 1815, d 1892, came from Arran Scotland in 1845 with Dugald and Donald McKelvie. She married JAMES KELSO 1811-1891. Lived Inverness Tp. Child :


McKELVIE DUNCAN b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, m in Arran to MARY STEWART, b 1790 in SCOTLAND, FC, settled Inverness Tp, arriving in 1831 with their 8 children b in Scotland. In 1861 census Mary was a widow. Children included :

  1. Mary McKelvie b 1816 d 1906 m Richard Dunn
  2. William b 1819, FC, d 1910, m in 1848 to Mary Stewart, b 1830 in SCOTLAND, dau of James Stewart and Mary Cook. Children :
    1. Duncan b 1850 LC
    2. Mary b 1852
    3. John b 1854
    4. Alex b 1856
    5. Flora Ann b 1857
    6. Catherine b 1860
    7. Elizabeth b 1862
    8. James b 1865
    9. William b 1868
    10. Jane Isabella b 1871 twin
    11. May Mary b 1871 twin
    12. Robert b 1873
    13. Annie Cook b 1874
  3. Dugald b 1818, d 1883, Congregationalist, still single in 1861 census.
  4. John b 1825 in SCOTLAND, m to Mary Shaw b 1832 in SCOTLAND Children :
    1. Duncan b 1854 LC
    2. Donald b 1856
    3. Mary b 1858

      Others living in their home in 1861 were :

    4. Mary Graves or Groves, age 18, b LC, FC
    5. Elizabeth Chisolm or Chalem b 1850 in Scotland, FC
    6. John Jones b 1842 in England, WM, single, blacksmith.
  5. Marion "Mysie" McKelvie m in 1846 to Donald McKillop, son of widow Catherine McKillop.
  6. Jane McKelvie
  7. Betsey Elizabeth McKelvie to John McGillivray
  8. Robert McKelvie
  9. Flora McKelvie d 1867, m in 1844 to Daniel "Donald" Murchie. Lived Inverness Tp

McKELVIE ALEXANDER b 1800 in SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, Auchincairn, Kilbride Parish, d 1854, settled in 1846 in Leeds Tp, cooper, m MARGARET STEVENSON b 1806, b Ireland, d 1873. Children :

  1. James McKelvie b 1829 in Arran m in 1852 to Mary AnnCruickshank, b 1833, d 1872 in Brighton, Vt. Lived Island Pond, Vermont. Child :
    1. Angie b 1860 in Sherbrooke, Que, m in 1882 at Island Pond, Vt to Dr Albert Pottle b 1848 at Harrison, Maine, son of Daniel Pottle and Mary Scribner.
  2. Joseph McKelvie b 1831 in Ireland, d 1916 in Island Pond, Vt, m in 1856 to Helen Cruickshank b 1836 LC, d 1918 at Island Pond. They lived Inverness Tsp, then moved to Island Pond, Vt. Children :
    1. Caroline Glanville b 1857
    2. Margaret Stevenson b 1860, d 1889, m in 1884 at Island Pond, Vt to Charles D Ladd b 1844, carpenter and m 2nd to Robert John McCrae of Thetford Mines.
    3. Calla b 1861, m in 1880 at Island Pond, Vt to Louis Ford King
    4. Robert Cromarty b 1864, m in 1892 at Island Pond, Vt to Emily Cummings, b 1871 at Charleston, Vt, dau of Josham Cummings and Kate Buchanan
    5. Alma Eva b 1872, d 1873 at Island Pond
    6. Daughter b 1874, d 1874 at Island Pond
    7. Helen Augusta b 1868
    8. William Alex b 1866
    9. Alexander b 1861
  3. William McKelvie b 1834
  4. Mary Jane b 1840
  5. Susanna b 1842
  6. Alexander McKelvie m in 1864 to Mary Bond b 1843 of 1st Range of Thetford Tp, Megantic. Their children :
    1. Agnes Guy McKelvie b 1864 m in 1888 at Barnet, Vt to Alexander Guy. See the Guy publication by Gwen Barry.
    2. Margaret Stevenson b 1866
  7. Agnes McKelvie b 1844
  8. John McKelvie b 1846 m in 1863 to Jane Fullerton born Arran Scotland
  9. Louisa Margaret McKelvie b 1848 m in 1877 to Peter Fern
  10. Archibald McKelvie
  11. Elizabeth McKelvie
  12. Martha McKelvie b 1843
  13. Donald, tailor, b 1820 in Arran, Scotland, came over in 1845. Congregationalist. Single in 1861, living in Inverness Tp.
  14. Dugald

McKELVIE ISABELLA b circa 1815, d 1892, from Auchincairn, Kilbride Parish, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Came to Inverness in 1843, married JAMES KELSO. Isabella was related to Alexander McKelvie.


McKELVIE ANN from East Brennan, Isle of Arran, Scotland, came on the 'Bowlby' in 1846, m in 1829 to JAMES McKINNON. Children :

  1. Mary
  2. John
  3. Donald
  4. James Hunter

McKELVIE JAMES W. b 1877 at Wolfstown, m MARY ANN KELLY b 1879 at Lachine, Que. Child : Norman A b 1902 at Northumberland, NH


McKELVIE JOHN b 1806 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, m JANE, b 1829 in SCOTLAND. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Isabella b 1847 LC
  2. Donald b 1849
  3. Janet b 1851
  4. Alex b 1853
  5. Elizabeth b 1855
  6. Jane b 1856
  7. John b 1858
  8. Catherine b 1860

McKELVIE DUNCAN m MARY STEWART. To Inverness in 1831, from Knockan, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Children :

  1. Betsy b 1819 m John McGillivray
  2. Mary b 1814 m a Dunn
  3. Jane b 1817
  4. William b 1819 m Mary Stewart
  5. Flora b 1821 m Donald Murchie
  6. John b 1824 m Mary Shaw. Children :
    1. Duncan b 1853
    2. John Shaw b 1864
    3. Mary Jane b 1857
    4. Flora b 1861
    5. William b 1866
    6. Robert b 1868
    7. Neil b 1871
    8. Alexander Lorne b 1875
  7. Mysie b 1826 m Donald McKillop
  8. Robert b 1828

McKELVIE MARY b circa 1780 in Arran, Scotland, m in Scotland to NEIL McKILLOP. They came on brig Caledonia to Quebec in 1829.


McKELVIE MARY from Kilmory Parish, Isle of Arran, Scotland, came over in 1831, m in 1825 to Archibald Cook


McKELVIE MARGARET m PETER FERN (or Jeror or Giroux). Lived Inverness. Children :

  1. Emma Maud b 1882, bapt Inverness WM
  2. William John b 1880
  3. Charlotte Matilda b 1878
  4. Margaret Louisa b 1885
  5. Mary Jane b 1886, d 1887, bur Inverness WM

McKELVY JOHN b Leeds Tsp, mason, m JANE CRAWFORD b Leeds. Child :

  1. Charles Alex b 1882 at Littleton, NH

McKELVY JOHN b LC, m MARY ADAMS b LC. Child :- John Quincy b 1884 at Littleton, NH.



  1. James Thompson b 1862 Leeds, m in 1883 at Barnet, Vt to Emily or Emma Greenwood, b Barnet, Vt. Child :
    1. Earl James Thompson b 1887 at Barnet Vt
  2. Thomas Thompson b Leeds, m Margaret b Inverness. Lived in Barnet, Vt. Child :
    1. Charles Frederick Thompson b 1871 at Barnet,Vt


  1. John m in 1862 at St Ferdinand RC to Elizabeth Gallagher

McKELVIE CHARLES D d 1912, bur Inverness Presb. Lived Augusta, Maine.

Contact info available for McKelvie.

McKENNA OWEN m CATHERINE. Lived Leeds Tp. Child :

  1. John m in 1859 at St Pierre de Broughton RC to Bridget McLyre


  1. Phillip m in 1843 at St Sylvestre RC to Ann Harvey

McKENNA M CLEMENTINE 1872-1951, bur HT, C of E, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp


McKENNA DENIS m MARY LUNNIE 1873-1951, died Haverhill, Mass


McKENZIE PETER b 1784 SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, FC, d 1861, m in Scotland to MARGARET DAVIDSON, b 1796, Isle of Arran, d 1875. Lived Inverness Tp. Margaret Davidson is not known to be related to the Davidsons of Ireland who settled in Inverness Tp. Not likely any connection. Came over in 1843 with their 4 children born in Scotland as follows :

  1. Donald b 1830 SCOTLAND, d 1901, m Catherine McKillop (dau of Donald Valdie McKillop). Children :
    1. Annie b 1874
    2. Margaret Davidson b 1870
    3. Peter b 1872
    4. Jessie 1876-1928
    5. Archie Donald b 1879
    6. Elizabeth Russell b 1880
  2. Robert b 1832 SCOTLAND, teacher and merchant in Inverness, d 1910
  3. John b 1835 in SCOTLAND, d 1901, shoemaker
  4. Peter b 1840 in SCOTLAND, m in 1879 to Mary McKillop, and moved to Missouri, USA.

McKENZIE MARGARET (Mrs) b 1796 in SCOTLAND, Congregationalist, widow in Inverness Tp in 1861 census. Children :

  1. John b 1825 in SCOTLAND, single in 1861
  2. Mary b 1830 in SCOTLAND, single in 1861
  3. Neil b 1834 in LC, single in 1861
  4. Margaret b 1835 in LC, Single in 1861

McKENZIE WILLIAM 'VOOLIES' b 1786, d 1854, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness Tp., wife MARY McKENZIE b 1786, d 1870, and 4 children born SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, Lochranza, came over in 1831. Children :

  1. John 1819-1831
  2. Donald 1822-1890, nm
  3. Ronald b 1825 Scotland, single in 1861
  4. Peter b 1824 in Scotland, d 1903, nm
  5. Marjory b 1827 in Scotland, d 1914, nm

McKENZIE DUGALD, b 1797 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1878, m ISABELLA McKILLOP, b 1805, d 1887, and 2 children born SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, came over in 1829 on the ship "Caledonia". Children born in Inverness Tp :

  1. John Dugald b 1826 SCOTLAND, FC, d 1874, m in 1853 to Marion Susan Brodie b SCOTLAND, FC, bur Presbyterian, Adderley, Que. Lived Halifax S Tp. Children :
    1. Dugald b 1853
    2. Mary b 1857
    3. John b 1859
    4. Angus b 1857
    5. Isabella 1861-1915
  2. Dugald b 1829 in LC, the first white male child born in the Scotch settlement in Inverness Tp
  3. Neil b 1827. Child : Dugald, doctor in Holstein, Grey Co, Ontario
  4. Donald Dugald b 1833, d 1885, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness, m in 1864 to Ann Arkley. Children :
    1. John Arkley b 1872, d 1898 at Palmer, Mass, bur Inverness Presb
    2. Dugald James b 1875, d 1951, m Mary Purdon Lafleur
    3. Isabella Harriet b 1868, m 1897 to Morton Whitecomb of VT.
    4. Margaret Lindsay b 1865
    5. Charles William b 1883
    6. Annie Elsie Agnes b 1881
  5. Margaret b 1834
  6. Margaret b 1836
  7. Peter b 1838
  8. James b 1839, m in 1864 at Inverness Presb to Margaret Arkley, sister of Ann. Brothers James and Donald Dugald McKenzie married sisters Ann and Margaret Arkley on the same day.

    Also living in their home in 1861 were Dugald McKenzie b 1855 and Mary McKenzie b 1859


McKENZIE LAUGHLIN b 1794 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1883, settled Inverness Tp, 11th Range, Lot 4, household of 3 in 1831 census, m JANET HARROLD b 1812, SCOTLAND, FC. They came over before 1829. Ie before the first large Arran contingent. Children:

  1. Donald b 1831 in LC, m Catherine Crawford. Child : James b 1867 at Inverness
  2. Christy b 1832
  3. Rebecca b 1834, d 1851
  4. Malcolm b 1838, tailor,m in 1856 to Janet McKenzie, d 1920. Lived Leeds Tsp. Children :
    1. John Mayburn b 1881
    2. William Donald b 1871
    3. James Malcolm b 1873
  5. Mary b 1842
  6. James Murdoch b 1845, m in 1899 to Margaret Hannah Rockingham, dau of Joseph and Ann Rockingham
  7. William Bennett b 1849
  8. Also living in their home in 1861 were : Janet McKenzie b 1843, married; Margaret McKenzie b 1859 and Mary McKenzie b 1861

McKENZIE JOHN m MARGARET ROBERTSON, b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, came over in 1829 on ship "Albion" with their 3 children born in Scotland. Settled in Halifax Tp. Children :

  1. John 1823-1874
  2. Margery 1825-1870
  3. Mary 1828-1896
  4. Neil b 1831 in Halifax Tp.
  5. Margaret

McKENZIE THOMAS b 1789 in SCOTLAND, Perth, Dunkeld, d 1860, C of S, bur Presbyterian Burial Ground, farmer, miller, m in Scotland to MARY BURY, b 1801, Scotland, Dunkeld, d 1875. They came over in 1829 on the ship "Albion", settled in Inverness Tp on the Hamilton Range. Children :

  1. Mary b 1831 LC
  2. Ann b 1836, d 1876
  3. Flora b 1840
  4. Jane Ann b 1844
  5. Thomas Andrew b 1838, m Flora. Child : James b 1867
  6. James Alexander b 1843, m in 1887 at Inverness Presb to Emilie Devaney of Inverness

McKENZIE ELIZA b 1802 IRELAND, RC, single in 1861 census, living in home of Charles and Rose Regan, in Leeds Tp.


McKENZIE MARGERY of Inverness m in 1848 at Shipton Congregational to ARCHIBALD McKILLOP, son of Donald McKillop and Catherine Kelso


McKENZIE MARY d 1875, from Arran, Scotland, came in 1830 on George Canning, m JOHN McKILLOP


McKENZIE Rev MALCOLM m JESSIE NISBEL. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Jessie Nisbel b 1874, twin, bapt Inverness Presb
  2. Marion Nisbel b 1875, twin, bapt Inverness Presb

McKENZIE CLEMINTINE AGNES 1870-1946, bur Kinnear's Mills United, school teacher. Lived in East Angus, Que


McKENZIE ANNIE 1874-1937, died at San Diego, Calif, bur Inverness Presb


McKENZIE ELIZABETH 1791-1871, bur Leeds C of E, m DAVID FRIZZELL


McKENZIE MARGARET 1786-1866, bur Inverness Presb, m WILLIAM HENRY




McKENZIE THOMAS m ISABELLA. Child : George Alexander d 1895 at Inverness


McKENZIE DUGALD m MARY ANN ROBINSON. Lived 6th Range of Inverness. Children :

  1. Gertrude Annie b 1884
  2. John Dugald b 1874
  3. Maggie Ferguson b 1870
  4. Mary Elizabeth Agnes b 1879
  5. Jane Isabella b 1867, d 1941 at Lachine, Que m William Murchie

McKENZIE JOHN J m MARY EMMA FORBES. Lived 10th Range of Inverness. Children :

  1. Margaret Emma b 1891
  2. John James b 1897
  3. Sarah Elsie 1899-1983
  4. Kenneth Angus Forbes b 1902
  5. Marian Olive 1888-1973, died Westmount, Montreal
  6. Mary Mildred b 1894

McKENZIE DONALD GEORGE m EDITH F FORBES. Lived Inverness. First child born 1908.


McKENZIE NEIL m CATHERINE COOK. Lived Halifax Tp. Child : Mary b 1881


McKENZIE JAMES m ELIZABETH CAMERON. Lived St Joseph, Levis, Que. Child :

  1. Mary, bapt 1833 at C of E Leeds Tp

McKENZIE WILLIAM KENNETH of Inverness Tp, m in 1897 to Bella Hill, dau of Robert Hill. They lived in Rathwell, Man.

Contact info available for McKenzie.

McKICKAN JOHN granted 200 acres of Leeds Tp, 9th Range, Lot 11 on 4 May 1821.


McKILLOP Five (5) McKillop families, all related to each other, came from SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, Sannox, all arriving in 1829 on the ships "Caledonia" and "Albion". The family heads were all born and married in Arran. They, along with all the other Arran passengers on the Caledonia and Albion, were destined for McNab Tsp, Renfrew Co, Ontario, but were diverted at Montreal by Immigration Agent, A. C. Buchanan. They all instead, settled in Inverness Tp, Megantic Co., Quebec. The 5 families are as follows :

  1. McKILLOP ARCHIBALD and wife JANET McMILLAN, came over from Arran, Scotland with their 5 children:
    1. Donald "Valdie", b 1808 in SCOTLAND, FC, m 1st Flora McEachern, came on the 'Caledonia' in 1829, remarried in 1839 to Ann McMillan, b 1819 in SCOTLAND, dau of Neil McMillan and Catherine Kerr. Valdie died in South Dakota, USA. Children :
      1. Archibald b 1843 LC
      2. Catherine b 1845
      3. Jannet b 1847
      4. Mary b 1848
      5. Neil b 1851
      6. Anne b 1853
      7. Donald b 1854
      8. Duncan b 1856
      9. Angus b 1858, m Catherine McKinnon, to Hamilton, Ontario
    2. Mary b circa 1806, m H. Thurber to Missouri, USA.
    3. Malcolm, died shortly after arrival in Quebec, circa 1835.
    4. Angus m in 1847 to Catherine MCKinnon, moved to Hamilton, Ontario.
    5. Archibald
  2. McKILLOP ARCHIBALD b 1782 in SCOTLAND, Glen Sannox, Isle of Arran, Congregationalist, m FLORA McKILLOP b 1791 in SCOTLAND, d 1861. Came on the 'Caledonia' in 1829. Archibald was the immigrant leader of the Arran group, Colonel of the Megantic County Militia and a magistrate in Inverness. McKillop and 69 of his followers of the Loyal Megantic Volunteers, spent the winter of 1837-38 in Quebec City during the Rebellion, as did the wives and 105 children of the married soldiers. Source for the Loyal Megantic Volunteers information: J. I. Little, Loyalties in Conflict: A Canadian Borderland in War and Rebellion, 1812-1840, Toronto, U of T Press, 2008, 82. McKillop and wife lived in Inverness Tp, they came over with their 9 children :
    1. Flora died 1821, aged 9 months, buried Lochranza,Arran, Scot.
    2. Jane died 1820, aged 4 years, buried Lochranza,Arran, Scot.
    3. Mary b 1813 in Scotland, nm
    4. Catherine b 1817 in Scotland, nm, d 1843, teacher
    5. Margery 1815-1900, m in 1839 to Donald McKillop, (son of # 3 below).
    6. Flora
    7. Malcolm 1823-1857, m in 1848 to Ann Kelso b 1824 in SCOTLAND, widow in 1861. Malcolm was a Divinity Student. Children:
      1. Flora Ann b 1850
      2. Catherine Elizabeth b 1859
    8. Archibald b 1824, nm, d 1904, went to Maxwell or Maxville, Dundas Co, Ontario, poet, linguist and inventor
    9. Jane died on arrival in 1829
    10. Jane b in Canada, m in 1851 at Danville Congregational to A. Solandt
    11. Donald Alexander b Canada in 1831, d in 1831.
  3. McKILLOP NEIL 1767-1858 m MARY McKELVIE , came over with their 6 children, from Laggan, Isle of Arran, Scotland, on Caledonia in 1829.
    1. Mary 1801-1880, m Archibald McLean, lived in Leeds Tp
    2. John T. b 1802 in SCOTLAND, d 1871, bur Congregational Chapel Cemetery, Inverness Tp, m in 1835 to Catherine McKinnon, b 1802 in SCOTLAND, d 1888, dau of James McKinnon and Catherine McKinnon. Children :
      1. Mary b 1835.
      2. Neil 'Yock' b 1842, schoolteacher
      3. Catherine b 1839
      4. Isabella b 1844
    3. Ann 1803-1892, bur Inverness Presb, m JAMES WHITEMAN. Lived Inverness
    4. Ann b 1824 m Donald Nichol
    5. Neil b 1808, d 1873, m Sarah McKinnon b 1810 in SCOTLAND. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :
      1. James b 1839 LC, d 1868
      2. Catherine Bella b 1843, d 1886 at Lowell, Mass
      3. Neil N b 1845
      4. Mary L b 1841, d 1887
      5. Sarah b 1847
      6. John b 1848, d 1876
      7. Alex b 1850, d 1861
      8. Donald W b 1854, d 1880
    6. Catherine b 1814, m Robert Stewart, to Proton, Grey Co, Ont.
    7. Donald "Daniel" b 1814 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, d 1895, m in 1839 to Margery McKillop b 1816 in SCOTLAND, dau of Archibald McKillop and Flora McKillop. Lived 3rd Range of Inverness Tp. Children :
      1. Neil b 1841 LC
      2. Archibald b 1843, sawmiller, m in 1870 to Annie McKillop, dau of Peter McKillop and Margaret Currie.
      3. Catherine b 1845, schoolteacher in Inverness
      4. Donald b 1847
      5. Rev William Anderson b 1849, Baptist. Studied at Newton, Mass. Married in 1887 at Amesbury, Mass to Letitia Langille of New Germany, Nova Scotia. Ordained at Eau Claire, Wis. Served at Eau Claire 7 years, then Milwaukee. In 1901, he was at Waukesha, Wis.
      6. John A b 1851
      7. Margery b 1854
      8. Malcolm A b 1856
      9. Dugald McKenzie b 1858, author of the book, Annals of Megantic County , published Lynn, Mass in 1902.

        ' D. McKillop of Lynn, Mass. advises that his book is now ready for sale at $1.00 per copy. Available from the Gazette Office, Rectory Hill, Inverness Township.'

        Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 3 April 1902. The only copy of the newspaper in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

    8. Isabella 1805-1887, m Dugald McKenzie
  4. McKILLOP DONALD 1775-1847, m CATHERINE KELSO, came with their 6 children, from Glen Sannox, Arran, Scotland on 'Caledonia' in 1829. Children :
    1. Mary 1803-1882 m in 1830 to John Cook
    2. James (John) b 1805 in SCOTLAND, m in 1838 to Catherine Kelso b 1819 in SCOTLAND, dau of Robert and Catherine Kelso. Their children :
      1. Mary E b 1836
      2. Catherine b 1838
      3. Catherine b 1839
      4. Donald b 1841
      5. Margaret b 1844
      6. James b 1846
      7. Robert b 1848
      8. Alex b 1851
      9. Catherine b 1853
      10. John b 1856
      11. Malcolm b 1860
      12. Mary Elizabeth b 1861
    3. Margery b 1808 m Alexander Kerr
    4. Catherine b circa 1810, nm
    5. Flora b 1820
    6. Malcolm b 1813, m Catherine Cook. Their children to Lynn Centre, Henry Co, Illinois. Child : Daniel b 1848.
    7. Archibald 1821-1899 m in 1848 to Margery McKelvie. Lived in Somerset, Que. Children :
      1. Catherine
      2. Margaret
      3. Mary
      4. Elizabeth
      5. Donald
      6. Flora
      7. John
      8. Archibald
  5. McKILLOP JOHN died Arran, Scotland, m MARY CRAWFORD. Mary came over from SCOTLAND, Corrie Burn, Arran with her 10 children. Mary was the dau of William Crawford and Katherine Shaw. Children of John and Mary :
    1. Peter b 1796 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, d 1864, m Margaret Currie, b 1813 in SCOTLAND, d 1872, bur Congregational Chapel, Inverness Tp. Children :
      1. Mary b 1836 LC
      2. Janet b 1837
      3. Isabella b 1838
      4. Margaret b 1843
      5. Marjory b 1845, schoolteacher
      6. Catherine b 1846
      7. Ann b 1848, m in 1870 to Archibald McKillop, son of Donald and Marjory Mckillop.
      8. Donald b 1850
      9. Peter b 1852
    2. Donald b circa 1800, m Ann Hamilton. Their children :
      1. Isabella b 1835
      2. John b 1836, teacher
      3. William b 1837
      4. Mary E Donald baptized 1848, m in 1857 at Shipton Congregatinal to Rev Judson Wickes Treusdell
      5. Rev Peter Stewart, b 1844. Took training in medicine at Ann Arbour, Mich. Ordained in 1872. Organizer for the Dominion Alliance in 1901. Baptist minister
      6. Rev Donald or Ronald b 1846, Baptist minister. Educated at Woodstock, McGill and Rochester, NY. Pastor at Coaticook Baptist, Que and Mumford, NY, and Centralia, Wash, and in 1901 was pastor of the Salem, Oregon Baptist Church. Married at Arthabaskaville, Que on Christmas Day 1870 to Bessie Goodhue.
    3. Catherine b circa 1804, d 1889 at Toronto, bur Inverness Presb, m Sinclair Goudie
    4. John Banker b 1804, nm
    5. Mary b circa 1808, m Allan McLean
    6. Malcolm, b 1812 in SCOTLAND, twin, d 1905, m Ellen 'Helen' Martin b 1824 in LC, CE. Lived Inverness. Children :
      1. Flora b 1843 LC, CE
      2. Mary b 1848 CS
      3. John b 1849 CS
      4. Catherine b 1852 CS
      5. Margaret b 1855, d 1865
      6. Malcolm b 1857, d 1865
      7. Helen b 1858 CS
      8. Donald b 1860 CS
      9. Peter b 1862
      10. Robert Grant Ward b 1863
    7. Alexander b 1814 in SCOTLAND, twin, m in Chatham, Kent Co, Ontario to Emma Gammage
    8. Isabella died young
    9. William

      Two other McKillop families from the Isle of Arran, Scotland, related to the above McKillops, arrived later as follows:

  6. McKILLOP JOHN b 1799 Corrie, Arran, d 1877, m in 1823 to MARY McKENZIE, b 1792, d 1875 and 4 children arrived in 1830 on the ship "George Canning". John and Mary were buried on their farm 4th Range, Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. Mary b 1824
    2. Catherine "Kate" b 1825
    3. Alexander b 1827, an Inverness Tp schoolteacher
    4. Elizabeth 1829-1915, m William Mowat
    5. John b 1830 in Canada, d 1895, m in 1860 to Mary Ann Hill. Children :
      1. John b 1861
      2. Jane Elizabeth b 1863
      3. Mary b 1865
      4. Alexander b 1867
      5. Catherine b 1869
      6. Matilda Maggie b 1880, twin
      7. Henrietta b 1880, twin, d 1972, m Peter McKenzie
  7. McKILLOP CATHERINE, widow, nee McKILLOP, came over in 1831 with her 4 children, from Urinbeg, Kilmory Parish, Arran, Scotland. Children :
    1. Angus b 1811 in SCOTLAND, Baptist, m Ann McGillivray b 1827 in SCOTLAND. Children :
      1. Archibald b 1849 LC, schoolteacher in Inverness 1833-1835, m Isabella Bannerman ?????
      2. Angus b 1850
      3. Catherine b 1853
      4. Rev Alex b 1855, Baptist
      5. Ann b 1857
      6. Flora b 1859
      7. Dugald C b 1861
    2. Archibald m in Elgin, Ontario to Isabella Bannerman ????? Original entry
    3. Alexander nm
    4. Donald m in 1846 to Marion "Mysie" McKelvie, dau of Duncan McKelvie and Mary Stewart.

McKILLOP ALEXANDER b 1828 in SCOTLAND, FC, farmer, single in Inverness Tp in 1861. In the same household were :

  1. Mary McKillop, widow, b 1796 in Scotland, FC
  2. Mary McKillop b 1826 in Scotland, single
  3. Catherine McKillop b 1827 in Scotland, single
  4. John McKillop b 1834 in LC, m in 1861 to Mary b 1839 in LC
  5. Robert Stewart b 1848 in Scotland, FC, aged 14

McKILLOP ANN (Mrs), b 1802 in SCOTLAND, Arran, Congregationalist, widow in Inverness Tp in 1861, d 1898. Arrived after 1840. She was the widow of DONALD BLUE. Ann went on later to Ontario. Children :

  1. Isabella b 1836, Baptist, schoolteacher
  2. John b 1837, Baptist, schoolteacher
  3. William b 1838, Baptist
  4. Peter b 1845 Congregationalist
  5. Ronald b 1847, Congregationalist

McKILLOP MARY 1791-1866, from Mid Sannox, Arran came on Caledonia in 1829, m WILLIAM KELSO


McKILLOP MARY, from Lochranza, Arran came in 1831, m DUGALD CAMPBELL


McKILLOP ISABELLA 1844-1914, died Leeds Tp m FRANCIS ROGERS. Lived Leeds.


McKILLOP DONALD of Inverness Tp m in 1874 at Inverness Presb to ANNABELLA GILLIS, dau of John of Halifax Tp. Children :

  1. Donald b 1879
  2. Peter Alexander b 1875
  3. John Archibald b 1876
  4. James William b 1882

McKILLOP JOHN, of Carnduff, NWT, m in 1890 at Inverness Presb to MARY McKILLOP of Inverness.


McKILLOP ALEXANDER m in 1883 at C of E Inverness to MARGARET YOUNG


McKILLOP CATHERINE of Inverness m in 1878 at Inverness WM to ROBERT JAMES McQUAY of Proton, Ontario



  1. Donald Judson b 1871
  2. John Livingston b 1873
  3. Anna Elizabeth b 1877
  4. Jennie Margaret b 1881

McKILLOP Jane, d 1910 at Springfield, Mass, bur Inverness Presb, m ANDREW SOLANDT.


McKILLOP ANN CAIRNS 1862-1944, bur CCLI, m a WARD

Contact info available for McKillop.

Note that in the 1820s, a group of Lord Hamilton's tenants from the Isle of Arran settled on the Bay of Chaleur in Quebec and in New Brunswick, around Dalhousie and Charlo. They were followed later by others from Arran. One such family, was that of a McKillop, whose connection, if any, to the above McKillops is not known. The info was provided by Darlene Campbell, She was born in this Bay of Chaleur community. Contact info available.

1841 census for Buteshire, Scotland (Isle of Arran)

- John McKillop, age 43, gardener, Castle Cottage [born 17 June 1804 at Dykehead, Kilbride Parish, Isle of Arran, Buteshire]

- Janet McKillop, age 31, Castle [married John McKillop 19 March 1833, she, nee Shaw, WAS BORN 16 Feb 1811 in Kings Cross, Kilbride Parish, the daughter of William Shaw and Mary Hamilton.]

- Isabella McKillop, age 7, Castle

- John McKillop, age 6, Castle

- Neil McKillop, age 4, Castle

- James McKillop, age 11 months, Castle Cottage.

This family settled in Scholbred, Nouvelle Tp., Bonaventure Co., Quebec, on the Bay of Chaleur. Another child of John and Janet McKillop was Catherine, who married Donald Campbell. Catherine and Donald are Darlene Campbell's great-grandparents.


McKINNON The following McKinnon families all from SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, to Inverness Tp with their children born in Arran as follows. Their relationship to each other in Arran is not known. :


McKINNON Family # 1 :

McKINNON JOHN arrived in 1829 in the ship "Caledonia", with wife CHRISTIANNA McKINNON. They came from Arran, Sliddery, Kilmory Parish, but were both originally highlander Scots from Skye, Scotland. They settled in Adderley, Inverness Tp., and named their farm 'Cherry Hill.' Children :
  1. MARY b 1797
  2. JAMES, b 1800 in SCOTLAND, d 1886, schoolmaster, farmer and piper, m in 1838 to widow,Janet Kelso, b 1805 in SCOTLAND, d 1894. Both buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Adderley. Janet was m 1st to John Kerr. Child :
    1. Christina McKinnon b 1838 was a schoolteacher in Inverness.
  3. JOHN, b 1803, d 1893. He came over earlier than the rest of his family and he was living in the Bay of Chaleur area of New Brunswick in 1829, where a group from Arran had settled. He moved to Inverness and married in 1838 at Inverness Tp to Margaret Sillers, b 1813, Isle of Arran, d 1910. Margaret was the dau of Peter Sillers and Janet Kelso of Inverness Tp., Megantic Co., Quebec. In 1861 John and Margaret were living in Halifax S Tp. Information on John MacKinnon and Margaret Sillers and their descendants is from a paper of 1981, 'The Family MacKinnon,' written by Helen MacKinnon MacDonald. Contact info available. Their children :
    1. Margaret b 1848 to Lowell, Mass. USA.
    2. Christina b 1845 m William McKillop, to Sask, living near her brother John. Children:
      1. Annie
      2. Judson
      3. Livingston
    3. Elizabeth b 1853 m David Common, to Lowell, Mass. USA. Children:
      1. Grace m Fred Bishop from Atlantic Canada. They lived in Rochester, NY.
      2. Everett
      3. Russell
      4. Flora
    4. Catherine b 1857 m Dugald McKillop, to Lynn Mass. USA. Dugald was the author of the book, Annals of Megantic County, Quebec, published in 1902, which is the history of the Arran settlement in Megantic. Children:
      1. Allan
      2. Kenneth.
    5. Mary died in the USA of typhoid fever, aged 21. Probably died at Lynn, or Lowell, Mass.
    6. Janet b 1844, d 1894, m Malcolm Kerr. They eloped. Lived in St Julie, Somerset, Que. Children :
      1. Mary m Charles Robertson, a lawyer. They lived on St Mark St., Montreal, in a 3 story house. Charles died in Eventide Home, run by the Salvation Army.
      2. James, a gold miner in Colorado. Married, but no children.
    7. Flora b 1859, d 1929 of 'creeping paralysis (possibly now known as muscular dystrophy) m John McKinley, b IRELAND. Children :
      1. Gordon died in infancy
      2. Gordon
      3. Douglas
      4. Malcolm
    8. Alexander b 1852, d 1941, m in 1886 to Ida Caroline Auld Marshall. Lived 10th Range of Halifax Tp. They took in one of Barnardo's Home Boys from England, Johnnie Telford. He was 9 when he came to Canada. In his 20s, he moved to Vermont to work, and married Bessie Humphrey. Children of Alexander and Ida :
      1. Margaret Helen b 1900
      2. Mary b 1889
      3. John Scott b 1890
      4. Murdo Alexander b1893
      5. Ida May b 1895
      6. Florence Janet b 1898
      7. Annie Margaret b 1887
      8. Grace Elizabeth b 1901

        Note: For the ancestry and descendants of Ida Caroline Auld Marshall, see: Gwen Barry, The Descendants of Robert and Anne Marshall of County Leitrim, Ireland and Megantic County, Quebec,

    9. John b 1841 LC, nm, to Sask, Can.
    10. Peter b 1843 was a judge in Tecumseh, Michigan. Died in Lowell, Mass, USA., in the 1920s, m Margaret ? She died in childbirth, along with the baby.
    11. James b 1850 was a rancher in Colorado, m Margaret (possibly Marshall). No children, but they took in a family of 2 boys, Roy (m Pearl) and Richard, and a girl.
    12. Daniel b 1855
    13. Donald b 1856 to Lowell, Mass., m Margaret ? Child :
      1. Dr Donald McKinnon, died in 1918 influenza epidemic.
  4. DONALD(Daniel) b 1801 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1874, m in 1839 to Mary Sillers, b 1816 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1911, dau of Peter Sillers and wife Janet Kelso. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. Jannet b 1842 LC
    2. Christina b 1844, schoolteacher in Upper Canada in 1861
    3. John b 1845
    4. Mary b 1848
    5. Peter b 1850
    6. Donald b 1852
    7. Catherine b 1854
    8. James b 1856
    9. Ann b 1857
    10. Duncan b 1861
    11. Jessie

McKINNON Family # 2 :

McKINNON JOHN, nicknamed 'SOMERSET', arrived in 1831 m ANN ROBERTSON, b 1787 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1868. They came from Corriecrevie, Kilmory Parish, Arran. They lived in Somerset, Que. In 1861 Ann was a widow living in Inverness Tp. Their children, who came over with their parents were :
  1. Donald b 18112.
  2. Janet, b 1813, deaf mute
  3. Mary, b 1815, deaf mute
  4. Neil 1818-1879
  5. Catherine b 1820, m Angus McKillop
  6. John b circa 1821, m in 1853 at Danville Congregational to Jane Campbell. John died of smallpox in Montreal. Child :- Catherine b 1856
  7. Elizabeth b 1823

McKINNON Family # 3 :

McKINNON JAMES, FC, arrived in 1832 from Corriecrevie, Arran, Scotland, m CATHERINE McKINNON. Children :
  1. Catherine b 1802, d 1888 in the residence of Francis Rogers, m in 1835 to John McKillop
  2. Alexander 'Sandy' b 1804 in SCOTLAND, d 1886, m 1st to Isabella 'Bell' Ross b 1809 in SCOTLAND. Alex m 2nd in 1871 to Janet McGillivray, d 1887, bur Presbyterian Cemetery, Adderley. Children :
    1. Mrs Hugh Jamieson
    2. Mrs Francis Rogers
    3. Neil
    4. Mrs Williamson

      Also living with them in 1861 in Inverness were : Elizabeth Falconer b 1836 in Scotland, and Mary Jane Ross b 1844 in the USA.

  3. Donald b 1807, m in 1842 to Catherine Kerr. Catherine was killed in a landslide on Champlain St in Quebec City in 1893. Child :
    1. John Alexander 1885-1888
  4. Sarah 1810-1880, m Neil McKillop
  5. William b 1812, went west

McKINNON JOHN b 1803, d 1893, m MARGARET GILLIS, settled Halifax Tp. Children :

  1. Catherine Jane b 1837
  2. Flora Ann Robinson b 1859
  3. Ann b 1857
  4. Duncan b 1860

McKINNON JOHN m ELIZABETH of Somerset Tp North, b 1824, d 1879, bur Congregational Chapel, Inverness Tp.


McKINNON JAMES HUNTER m ANN McKELVIE. From East Brennan, Arran, came on 'Bowlby' in 1846. Children :

  1. John m in 1864 to Isabella McKillop, dau of Peter McKillop and Margaret Currie. Children :
    1. Peter 1869-1896
    2. James Alexander 1866-1897
    3. Margaret Currie b 1868
  2. Donald b 1834, m in 1866 to Catherine Crawford, dau of Donald Crawford. Children :
    1. Bella b 1882
    2. John Alexander b 1885
    3. Donald Crawford b 1879
    4. Anna b 1869

McKINNON JAMES m MAY VICTORIA McGILLIVRAY. Lived 3rd Range of Inverness Tp. Children:

  1. Florence Lily b 1894
  2. Mary Christina b 1890
  3. Lizzie May b 1887
  4. Laura Isabella b 1902
  5. Donald L b 1892
  6. Annie Janet b 1897
  7. Florence Crawford b 1905
  8. John Russell b 1900 m Isabelle

McKinnon Notes :

  1. There were other McKinnons from Sliddery, Arran who went to the Bay of Chaleur area of New Brunswick in 1852, settling at Dundee, NB
  2. The clan McKinnon is normally associated with the Isles of Skye and Mull. But an enclave of MacKinnons was established at Sliddery on Arran from early in the 1000 millennium. Some of the MacKinnnon lands in Skye were allotted to the clan by Robert the Bruce, following the Battle of Bannockburn, as a reward for aid given to him by the MacKinnons of Arran. They provided a haven for him during his stay on Arran, as he returned from Ireland to wrest Scotland from the English. The Arran MacKinnons supported him in battle. According to local tradition, in feudal times, the MacKinnons held the hereditary right to Sliddery directly from the King, and were a class of men known as 'barons'. But well before the beginning of the 18th century, ownership of Sliddery, along with that of most of Arran, had been acquired by the Duke of Hamilton.
  3. Contact info available for McKinnon.

McKNIGHT ANDREW b 1817 in IRELAND, settled Leeds Tp, Megantic Co., blacksmith, m in 1843 at Leeds to PRUDENCE CROMWELL b IRELAND, of St Sylvestre Parish, Lotbiniere Co., Que. Marriage witnesses George McKnight and Thomas Cromwell. Children :

  1. Eleanor b 1844 in Leeds Tp.
  2. James b 1846, to Wisconsin

McKNIGHT JOHN settled Leeds Tp, Megantic Co., blacksmith, m in 1844 to NANCY CROSS


McKNIGHT JAMES, WM, lived in Ireland Tp, Megantic Co., carpenter, b 1782 in IRELAND, d 1868, m ELEANOR McCOMB, b 1788 IRELAND, Co Down, Castle Vellon, d 1881.


McKNIGHT JAMES granted 3 lots St Fredericks Range of St Sylvestre and 1 lot St Catherines Range of St Sylvestre in 1830s.


McKNIGHT THOMAS ADAMS b 1800, d 1887, bur Methodist Cemetery, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp., Megantic Co.


McKNIGHT JAMES b IRELAND, C of E, settled Ireland Tp, blacksmith, b 1821, d 1898, m ISABELLA ADAMS b 1829 LC, of St Sylvestre, d 1917, bur Methodist, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. Marriage witness was Thomas Adams. James and Isabella moved to Dudswell, Wolfe Co., Que. Children :

  1. Ann Jane b 1853, d 1879
  2. Elizabeth Catherine b 1855
  3. George Irwin b 1878, d 1888
  4. John d 1875
  5. Eleanor 'Helen' b 1857, d 1888, m a McDonald
  6. Elizabeth Margaret b 1859

McKNIGHT MARGARET of Ireland Tp m in 1854 at Sherbrooke, Que., WM to ROBERT BAILEY



  1. Frederick James b 1885 at Adamsdale, Mass
  2. Lewis Thomas b 1889 in Rhode Island
  3. Ethel Isabel b 1886 at West Attleboro, Mass

McKNIGHT RICHARD of Inverness Tp, Megantic Co., m in 1853 C of E to ANN HENDERSON. Marriage witness was John Henderson.

Contact info available for McKnight.


See also: McLEAN



See also: McLANE


McLAUGHLIN JOHN settled Frampton Township, Quebec, m CATHERINE DUNCAN. Child John b 1831.


McLAUGHLIN JOSEPH, baptized Jan 1825 Megantic Co. Children :

  1. William m 1858 at St Pierre de Broughton RC, Leeds Township, Megantic County, Quebec to Elizabeth McCartney
  2. Elizabeth m 1854 to John Fitzgerald

McLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM, baptized Jan 1825 in Megantic County, Que., married Margaret Early of St. Sylvestre, Lotbiniere County, Quebec.. (RC) (Brother of Joseph McLaughlin above, and Amos McLauglhin below)


McLAUGHLIN, AMOS baptized Jan 1825 in Megantic Co., Quebec. (Brother of Joseph McLaughlin and William McLaughlin above).


McLAUGHLIN, ALICTA baptized Feb 1825 in Megantic County.


McLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL settled Ireland Tp, Megantic County, m in Dec 1838 to PATIENCE BRIDSON of Ireland Tp. She born Wexford, Ireland. Child :

  1. Madeline Electa b1840.

McLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL IRA b 1830 Upper Canada (Ontario), Episcopal, m in 1852 to ELIZABETH SEALEY b 1834 LC, Epis. Lived Ireland Tp., Megantic County. Children :

  1. Albert Franklin b 1853 LC
  2. Lucinda b 1854
  3. Percy Jerome b 1856
  4. Aaron b 1858
  5. Emma Elizabeth b 1860
  6. Olivia Augusta b 1862
  7. Ida Elmira b 1864

McLAUGHLIN, ROBERT settled in Megantic County, Inverness Tp, 7th Range, Lot 9, family of 5 in 1831 census, m FANNY CARSON. Child :

  1. Mary b 1833.

McLAUGHLIN, JOHN settled Leeds Tp, Megantic County, m MARGARET COLLINS. Children:

  1. Margaret b 1832,
  2. Thomas b 1835,
  3. Sarah Jane b 1838.

McLAUGHLIN, ANN d 1884, bur Leeds Wesleyan Methodist, m ROBERT ORR


McLAUGHLIN, JAMES b 1827 in IRELAND, RC, m in 1855 to MARTHA O'CONNELL b 1837 in the USA, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Margaret b 1857
  2. Mary 1861-1864
  3. Jane b 1863

    In same household in 1861 were Matilda Hillyard b 1856 in USA and James Hillyard b 1859 in LC.







Note : Most of the descendants of the above McLaughlins moved in the 1880s-90s to New England.

Contact info available for McLaughlin.

Source for the following : Paul Turner,Toronto. Contact info available.

John McLaughlin was born in co. Cavan, Ireland c. 1792 and married Margaret Collins

They had Robert, Charles and George before immigrating to Canada in either 1828 or 1830. They first settled in Quebec and remained there until sometime prior to 1851 as I find them in Durham Co., Ontario in that 1851 census.

I have two sources that tell of their daughter, Sarah Jane McLaughlin being born in Megantic, Que in 1837. I found a Thomas that was born in Quebec and it seems that this Thomas remained in the area. Another born in Quebec was Thomas

Charles is said to have been born in Ireland and first settled with his family in Quebec.

There are a number of items pointing to Megantic or Quebec and it seems to fall between 1828 and 1851.

John McLAUGHLIN[1786 or 1792-25 Jun, 1861] (b. Cavan, Ire)

mc.1823 in co. Cavan, Ireland

Margaret COLLINS[?1795-9 Feb, 1860]

Born Ireland|---- Robert McLAUGHLIN [c.1823- ] may have remained in Quebec|---- Charles McLAUGHLIN [c.1825-1907] m. Mary Jane NESBITT [1829-1903] to Durham Co, Ont and then to Bruce Co, Ont.|---- George McLAUGHLIN [c.1827- ] to Bruce Co.

Born Canada|---- Margaret McLAUGHLIN [c.1832- ]|---- William W. McLaughlin [c.1832- ] Willie of the Hill - Bruce Co.

|---- Alexander McLAUGHLIN [c.1832- ] poss twin to Mary to Bruce then to the USA|---- Thomas McLAUGHLIN [c.1833- ] m. Hannah GUILES or Gillies|---- Sarah Jane McLAUGHLIN [1837- ] m. William RUSK [c.1835- ] in Durham

Sarah Jane was born 25 Feb, 1837 in Megantic Co, Quebec

From 1901 Census:

Robert [b.1823- ] in Ireland may have stayed and lived in Cleveland Twsp. Quebec, married and issue:

William [b. 1853- ] married Catherine [b.1853- ] who had:

Georgina b.1887

Francis b. 1888

Catherine b. 1890

Robert b. 1892

Thomas born in Quebec married Hannah Guiles or Gillies. In 1881 was living Durham



See also: McCLEAN, McLANE



See also: McLEAN, McLANE



See also: McLEAN, McCLEAN


McLEAN/McCLEAN ARCHIBALD b 1776 in SCOTLAND, Isle of Mull, Baptist, d 1863, first settler in Leeds Tp in 1809, (brother to Malcolm). He and brother, Malcolm, were destined for York, Upper Canada, but got diverted to Quebec. Archibald m in 1832 to Mary McKillop b 1802 SCOTLAND, dau of Neil McKillop and Mary McKelvie. Archibald was from the Argyll Fencible Regiment, and was a scout in the War of 1812, guarding the Craig Road against American incursions. Children :

  1. Archibald b 1833, doctor and teacher at Lambton, Que
  2. John b 1836
  3. Mary b 1839
  4. Neil b 1842

McLEAN/McCLEAN MALCOLM, b c1784, died March 1828, aged 44 years. He was in the Glengarry Regiment. Arrived Leeds Tp. in 1809, m in Scotland to MARY. Malcolm was a brother to Archibald. On arrival at the port of Quebec, Malcolm remained there for a few years. He returned to Scotland around 1811 to convince 80 or 90 others to join him and Archibald in Lower Canada, only to find that they had already left, for Australia. Malcolm married in Scotland and returned to settle beside Archibald in Leeds Tp. Malcolm was killed by a falling tree two or three years after his return from Scotland. Child :

  1. Mary b circa 1815, bapt in 1820 at St Andrews Presb in Quebec City. Lived St Sylvestre, m William Woodward.

McLEAN NEIL b 1786, d 1845, bur C of E Leeds.


McLEAN JOHN M. Child :

  1. Allan, lived in Ireland Tp, m in 1832 to Mary McKillop, dau of John McKillop and Mary Crawford. Children:
    1. Mary b 1833
    2. Susannah b 1835.

McLEAN JOHN granted 200 acres Leeds Tp in 1822, 8th Range, lot 8.


McLEAN Mrs MARY 1831 census : 7 in house, 6 CS/1RC, settled Leeds Tp before 1825.


McLEAN JOSEPH, b IRELAND, Queens Co, d 1832, bur C of E Leeds, m ELIZA HARVEY, settled St Gilles. Child Joseph Henry b 1832.


McLEAN DONALD, b 1802 SCOTLAND, WM, d 1877, arrived in 1812, settled Ireland Tp, m in Feb.1825 to ROSINA THURBER b 1802 LC, d 1879, bur Methodist, Maple Grove. Children :

  1. John bapt 1826 LC, d 1902, m in 1851 to Martha Annesley Bennett, b 1821 LC, bapt 1826, Epis, d 1894. Children :
    1. Melisa Jane b 1852, d 1943, bur HT CE Maple Grove, m Foss Bennett Gill
    2. Michael Annesley b 1853
    3. Edwin Donald b 1855, d 1864
    4. Rosina Martha b 1859 m in 1904 at Lyndon, Vt to Dr John Wesley Copeland. His 2nd marriage.
    5. Drucilla b 1861
    6. Sarah Laura 1863-1899 m Foss Bennett Gill
    7. John Allan b 1865
    8. Charles Walter b 1868
  2. Archibald b 1832
  3. Allen b 1837
  4. Margaret b 1840
  5. Alexander Cathcart b 1846, of New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m 1st in 1870 to Emma Harriet Hunt, m 2nd in 1885 at Danville, Vt to Julia A Hall (nee Dana) b 1841, her 3rd marriage, dau of Josiah Dana of Peacham, Vt. Children :
    1. Ernest b 1878
    2. Archibald b 1876, d 1877
    3. Benjamin Allen b 1874
  6. Donald of California, m in 1858 at C of E Ireland Tp to Julia Annesley

McLEAN WILLIAM b 1822 in SCOTLAND, m CHRISTINA ROSS b 1816 in SCOTLAND. Lived in Inverness Tp, FC. Children, all born LC :

  1. Donald b 1844
  2. Catherine b 1846
  3. Elizabeth b 1848
  4. Jessie b 1850
  5. Charles b 1852
  6. Alexander b 1853, d 1876
  7. John b 1854 twin
  8. David b 1854 twin
  9. William Allan b 1856
  10. Christina b 1858

McLEAN ALLAN b 1806 in SCOTLAND, arrived in Inverness in 1829, m MARGARET b 1830 in IRELAND. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Alexander b 1855
  2. Allan b 1855 LC
  3. Susanna b 1857
  4. Margaret b 1859

    Also living in same household in 1861 were :

    1. Catherine Henderson b 1846 LC, CS
    2. William Henderson b 1849 LC, CS
    3. John Henderson b 1845 LC, CS
    4. Moriah Henderson b 1851 LC, CS
    5. Abraham Lockwood b 1780 in England, C of E, widower


  1. Lillian C b 1877 at Inverness, m in 1895 at Barton, Vt to John Lewis b 1869 at Barnston, Que.

McLEAN CATHERINE 1779-1875 m ALEXANDER ROSS. Lived Inverness Tp.


McLEAN MARY d 1873, m HUGH JAMIESON. Lived 8th Range of Leeds Tp.


McCLEAN could be McLEAN :


McCLEAN MARGARET b 1821 IRELAND, RC, widow living in Leeds Tp, 8th Range, Lots 16-17 in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Mary b 1836 Ireland
  2. Ruth b 1838 Ireland
  3. Frank b 1839 Ireland
  4. Patrick b 1842 Ireland
  5. Bridget b 1844 Ireland
  6. Ann b 1848 Ireland
  7. John b 1852 Ireland

McCLEAN ELLEN b 1802 IRELAND, RC, widow in Leeds Tp in 1861 living with son :

McCLEAN JOHN b 1836 LC, living in Leeds Tp, 14th Range, 1/2 Lot 21 in 1861 census m ELLEN b 1839 LC. Child Catherine b 1861 LC.


McLANE WILLIAM b 1788 in IRELAND, RC m MARY b 1801 in Ireland, RC. Lived in Nelson Tp in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Ann b 1837 in Ireland
  2. Lawrence b 1839 in Ireland
  3. James b 1841 in Ireland
  4. Mary b 1844 in Ireland

McLANE JAMES m in 1837 at Frampton to ANASTASIA O'CONNOR, dau of Matthew O'Connor and Catherine O'Brien.

Note: One of the above McLean families came from SCOTLAND, Rothshire. Which one is not known.

Contact info available for McLean/McLane.

McLEOD NORMAN Rev of Inverness Tp m in 1849 at Danville Congregational to ESTER WOODENAN LORD.


McLEOD DONALD, blacksmith of Inverness Tp m in 1875 to CHARLOTTE LOWE. Children :

  1. Catherine Lillian Lowe b 1877
  2. Kenneth Osborne b 1879
  3. Joseph Donald b 1884

McLEOD ALEXANDER JOHN, miner, b 1874 at Capleton, Que, d 1924 at Black Lake, Que, bur C of E Thetford Mines.


McLEOD : 1600 acres of land was granted in 1831 in Tring Tp, Beauce Co in 200 acre lots to each of the following :

  1. Roderick McLeod
  2. Mary McLeod
  3. Francis McLeod the elder
  4. Francis McLeod the younger
  5. Joseph McLeod
  6. Stephen McLeod
  7. John McLeod
  8. Mary McLeod
Contact info available for McLeod.

McLYRE MICHAEL m ELLEN MOORE. Lived Leeds Tp. RC. Children :

  1. Ann m in 1858 to Edward Tuite
  2. Bridget m in 1859 at St Pierre de Broughton RC to John McKenna
  3. John m in 1859 at St Pierre de Broughton RC to Ellen Tuite

McMAHON WILLIAM 1831 census : 13 in house, 5 C of E/8 C of S, settled Leeds Tp Megantic County, came to Lower Canada after 1825.



  1. Sophia b 1860, bapt WM Ireland Tp

McMAHON THOMAS b 1804 in IRELAND, RC m BRIDGET FARRELL b 1808 in IRELAND, RC. Lived in Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. John b 1829 in Ireland
  2. Edward b 1834 in LC
  3. Ellen b 1836
  4. Bridget b 1838
  5. Thomas b 1840, m Elizabeth Cummings, dau of William Cummings and Dorcas Gallagher
  6. James b 1843
  7. Bernard or Bryan twin b 1845
  8. Elizabeth twin b 1845 in Leeds Tsp, m in 1869 at Newbury, Orange Co, Vt to Thomas Stewart b 1849 Greenoch, Scotland, shoemaker, son of Charles and Catherine Stewart.
  9. Laurence b 1848, d 1912 at Northumberland, NH
  10. Charles b 1850
  11. William b 1851, millman, d 1907 at Northumberland, NH of Brights disease.

McMAHON JAMES m ANN JANE EARLY . Lived St Sylvestre. Children :

  1. Peter m in 1872 at Inverness RC to Ann McCartney
  2. Margaret m in 1864 at St Sylvestre RC to David McCartney

McMAHON BENJAMIN J b 1881, cook, m in 1909 at Groveton, NH to Agnes M Coates b LC.

Contact info available for McMahon.

McMANLEY DAVID b 1802 in IRELAND, RC, m AGNES b 1812 in IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. (See also Manley) Children :

  1. Sarah b 1838 Ireland
  2. Hannah b 1841 LC
  3. Patrick b 1843
  4. William b 1846
  5. John b 1848
  6. Catherine b 1850
  7. Thomas b 1852

McMANUS PETER, b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, settled Ireland Tp, m JANE GIBSON. Children :

  1. Hamilton b 1827, d 1845, bur Christ Church, Lower Ireland, Inverness Tp. At the time of his death he was an orphan and servant apprentice of John Wilton, from 2nd Episcopal Church of Inverness, (Rectory Hill), Lot 22, 10th Range.
  2. Peter b 1832
  3. Contact info available for McManus.



McMASTER JOHN b 1778 in IRELAND, settled Inverness Tp, 10th Range, Lot 8, household of 7 in 1831 census. Land granted 26 Aug 1830. They lived in Leeds Tp in 1861. Child : - Susan m John Cummings


McMASTER MARGARET d 1913, bur Kinnear's Mills Presb m FREDERICK CUMMINGS


McMASTER WILLIAM BELL, widower of Montreal, m 2nd at Leeds C of E in 1877 to HARRIET NEWELL JIGGENS, dau of Matthew Jiggens and Sarah Goff. Children :

  1. Sarah Bell b 1879
  2. Julia Whitton b 1880

McMASTER MARY 1779-1863 bur Leeds C of E, m JOHN BAILEY

Contact info available for McMaster.


See also: McMEEKIN



See also: McMICKING


McMICKING WILLIAM, FC, settled Leeds Tp, m MARY SERVIS (BERWIS?), b 1799 IRELAND. Granted land in Leeds Tp in 1834. Children :

  1. Elizabeth b 1834,
  2. William b 1838 LC, d 1890, bur Leeds C of E, m in 1860 at St Sylvestre Presb to Jane Cooper of St Sylvestre b 1842 LC. Children :
    1. William John b 1862
    2. Margaret b 1864, m in 1884 to Shadrack Cummings
    3. Mary b 1866, d 1909, bur Leeds Presb, m Andrew Alexander

McMILLAN CATHERINE b 1775 in SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, d 1863, nm, living in home of Neil and Catherine McMillan in 1861 in Inverness


McMILLAN NEIL, b 1785 SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, FC, d 1861, bur Inverness Presb, came over in 1829 on ship Caledonia, with wife CATHERINE KERR b 1795 in SCOTLAND, d 1874 and 6 children. Three more children born in Inverness Tp. They married 2 June 1816 in Kilmory, Bute, Scotland. :

  1. Ann b 1802 m Donald 'Valdie' McKillop
  2. Duncan m Katherine Crawford. No children
  3. John Rev 1824-1900, m Catherine Walker. John graduated from Knox College, Toronto in 1856. Was at Fingal, Ontario in 1865, then became Presbyterian minister at Mount Forest, Wellington Co, Ont, where he served for 20 years. Children :
    1. Isabella dy
    2. Malvina
    3. Rev John Walker 1868-1932. He served in Vancouver 1891-1895, then Lindsay, Ont, then became a Professor of Sociology, Victoria College, Toronto
    4. Rev Kerr Duncan b 1871, graduated from Princeton Seminary, specializing in Semitic languages. Also studied at the U of Berlin.
  4. Margaret b 1831
  5. Janet b 1834
  6. Daniel b 1837.
  7. Mary
  8. Catherine
  9. Donald

McMILLAN ARCHIBALD m JANET. Came from Aran on Caledonia in 1829.


McMILLAN Mrs. MARY 1831 census : 3 in house, Presb, settled Inverness Tp.


McMILLAN Mrs Mary B 1827 in SCOTLAND. FC. Living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Agnes b 1853 in Scotland
  2. Sarah b 1854 in England

McMILLAN Sarah b 1835 in ENGLAND, married. In 1861 census she was living in the Leeds Tp household of William Learmonth and Agnes Dobie.


McMILLAN MARGARET, widow and 2 children born SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, came over in 1829 on the ship Caledonia. Children :

  1. MALCOLM 1810-1887, born SCOTLAND, m in 1842 to ELIZABETH BELLINGHAM b 1823 in IRELAND. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. Margaret b 1844 LC
    2. Neil b 1846
    3. William b 1848, d 1874
    4. James b 1851
    5. Duncan b 1853
    6. Catherine b 1857
    7. Malcolm Alexander b 1860, m in 1890 to Catherine McVetty. Lived Inverness Tsp. Children :
      1. William b 1891, m Adelaide Elizabeth Kimball
      2. Malcolm James b 1894
      3. Archibald Graham b 1898
      4. Calvin Duncan b 1900 twin
      5. Clifford Neil b 1900 twin
      6. Isabella b 1907, m John Russell McKinnon
      7. Alexander Bellingham b 1901
      8. John Sidney b 1914, m Helen Wilton
  2. JAMES

McMILLAN ANN from N Sannox, Arran, arrived Inverness in 1831, m JOHN KELSO


McMILLAN DONALD DANIEL of Inverness Tp m in 1867 to CHRISTINA McKINNON. Children :

  1. Catherine Kerr 1875-1950
  2. Mary 1871-1940
  3. James 1879-1899
  4. John McKinnon b 1873
  5. Neil Alexander b 1868

McMILLAN DONALD m ANN. Lived Inverness Tp. Child : - John b 1861


McMILLAN CATHERINE 1858-1902, died Portland, Maine, bur Inverness Presb.


McMILLAN MARY b Co. Antrim, spinner, widow of James Hutchison, weaver, remarried

to Malcolm Smith. Hutchison died of cholera with baby son, shortly after arrival in Megantic Co in 1831. Mary had 3 daughters. One was Mary Jane Hutchison b 1825 in Ireland m Thomas Warcup, b 1815 in Yorkshire, England.


McMillan Notes :

  1. There were McMillans from Arran settled in 1831 on the Jacquet River, and at Blacklands, NB on the Bay of Chaleur.
  2. The Macmillans of Arran are related to Daniel MacMillan, founder of the famous MacMillan Publishing Co, and also related to the Right Honourable Harold MacMillan.

    One Malcolm McMillan 1735-1822 was the grandfather of Daniel MacMillan, and he was the great-great grandfather of Rt Hon Harold MacMillan.

    Contact info available for McMillan.



McMULKIN family of Co Tyrone, IRELAND settled on the Belfast Range of St Patrice de Beaurivage. Child Grace McMulkin m in Ireland to Patrick Corrigan, of Co Tyrone, Ireland.


McMAKEN THOMAS b 1803, and EDWARD b 1837, both living in Leeds Tp, 5th Range, 1/2 of lot 18 in 1861 census.


McMURCHIE DONALD b 1810, d 1882, bur St Andrews Presb, Inverness Tp, m FLORA McKELVIE. Children :

  1. Mary Stewart b 1853
  2. Donalda

McMURCHIE ISABELLA 1845-1909, bur Inverness Presb, m LIONEL APPLETON. Lived St Pierre Baptiste.


McNAB DONALD, to St Sylvestre, m FLORA ?. Child Archibald b 1837.



See also: McNULTY



See also: McNALLY

Note that poor census writing sometimes made it difficult to distinguish between McNally and McNulty. The following is as best as they could be deciphered.


McNALLY JOHN b 1786 in IRELAND, Co Mayo, d 1882, bur C of E Ireland Tp, burial witness was Patrick McNally, settled Ireland Tp, m HONORA GRAHAM, b 1783, d 1866. Both are buried Holy Trinity C of E, Maple Grove. Child :

  1. Ann b 1831, d 1900, m Charles Bennett

McNALLY MICHAEL b 1813 IRELAND, RC, m ELLEN FAGUE b 1822 IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Bridget b 1844 LC
  2. Mary b 1847
  3. Margaret b 1851
  4. Michael b 1853
  5. Ellen b 1855
  6. Alice b 1856
  7. Anne b 1859

McNALLY or McNULTY JAMES b 1805 IRELAND, RC, m JOHANNA HOULEY b 1805 IRELAND, RC, d 1893, bur Leeds. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. John b 1840 Ireland
  2. Mary b 1841 Ireland
  3. Bridget b 1843 Ireland
  4. Thomas b 1842 LC
  5. Martin b 1847
  6. Jane Anne b 1849
  7. Margaret b 1851
  8. Johnana b 1853 m in 1876 to Barnard McCartney
  9. James b 1855
  10. William 1855-1855, bur Leeds RC
  11. Francis 1858-1859, bur Leeds RC

McNALLY or McNULTY EDWARD b 1787 IRELAND, RC, d 1866, bur Leeds Tp, m CATHERINE McCAULEY or McINENLY b 1802 IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. John b 1832 Ireland m Catherine b 1842 Ireland, RC and m 2nd in 1860 at St Sylvestre RC to Mary Brown. Children :
    1. James b 1861
    2. Mary b 1862
    3. Catherine b 1866
  2. Mary b 1839 Ireland m in 1845 at St Sylvestre RC to Michael O'Rourke.
  3. Catherine m in 1866 to Charles McGinley

    Also living in their home in 1861 were : Catherine O'Rourke b 1847 LC, Mary Clancy b 1857 LC and Catherine Clancy b 1860 LC. Note Clancy may have been 'Cloney'.


McNALLY (or McNulty) JOHN m MARY HOULEY from Sligo, IRELAND. Child :

  1. Bernard m in 1838 at St Sylvestre RC to Catherine Redmond

McNALLY JOHN m in 1884 at Inverness WM to REBECCA GALBRAITH. Child :

  1. Henrietta Susan Amanda b 1885

McNALLY MARY d 1849, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m JOHN READY


McNALLY JAMES m in 1856 to MARTHA O'CONNELL, widow of James McLaughlin. RC


McNALLY PATRICK, RC, m SARAH BENNETT, b 1830, d 1913, Protestant, dau of John Bennett and Martha Tackaberry. Children :

  1. Samuel Michael b 1858, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
  2. Charles b 1852, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
  3. Sarah Jane b 1861, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
  4. Foss Tackaberry b 1866, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
  5. Sarah Amanda b 1870, bapt C of E Ireland Tp

McNALLY JOHN m CATHERINE CURRIE. Lived Wolfstown. Children :

  1. Mary Ann b 1848, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
  2. Sarah Jane b 1856, bapt 1857 C of E Inverness Tp
Contact info available for McNally.

McNAMARA MICHAEL m ELIZABETH GIBBONS. Elizabeth remarried in 1848 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to John Carey.



  1. McNAMARA MICHAEL of Inverness Tsp, b 1814 in IRELAND, RC, d 1896, m CATHERINE CARROLL b 1832 in IRELAND, d 1900. Michael was a soldier in the Mexican War. They moved to Westmore, Orleans Co, Vermont in the early 1860s and were Westmore neighbours of the Inverness Hendersons, Ralstons, Bowmans, Hintons, McLaughlins, Ready's and Marshalls. Michael and Catherine are buried in Buck Cemetery, Hudson Rd, East Charleston, Orleans County, Vermont. Children :
    1. Bridget b 1855 LC
    2. Mary Jane b 1857
    3. Edward b 1859 LC m Annie Agnes Hinton
    4. William b 1860 LC

      Living with them in 1861 was Margaret Carroll b 1851 USA


McNAMARA ANDREW b 1821 IRELAND, RC, m ALICE MENONGE b 1824 IRELAND, RC. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Thomas b 1844 LC
  2. Margaret b 1846
  3. Elizabeth b 1848
  4. female b 1850
  5. Martha b 1852
  6. Alice b 1854
  7. Sarah b 1856
  8. Ellen b 1858 m John O'Donnell at Lancaster, NH
  9. Rose b 1860
  10. Andrew b 1861

McNAMARA THOMAS b LC, m 1st Kate, and m 2nd to Lillie Stevens b Vt. Children :

  1. William b 1878 at Lancaster, NH (by Kate)
  2. son b 1880 at Lancaster, NH (by Lillie)


  1. Daniel b 1865 Leeds, m 24 Dec 1886 at Wheelock, Vt to Susan Elliot, dau of Robert and Elizabeth Elliot.

McNAUGHTON JOHN, culler of Leeds Tp, m by a travelling missionary in July 1826 to MARY WILLIAMSON, employee of George Hamilton of New Liverpool.


McNAUGHTON WILLIAM m KATHERINE MURPHY. Granted 1 lot in St Sylvestre in 1828. Child:

  1. Charles m in 1851 at St Sylvestre RC to Mary Manning


See also: McNEY



See also: McNAY


McNAY JAMES 1796-1880, born IRELAND, died Inverness, C of E. Settled in Inverness Tp, m in 1823 in Ireland to BRIDGET QUINN, b 1800 in Ireland, d 1884. Both bur C of E Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Mary Ann b 1831, d 1905, m James Thomas Walker
  2. Eliza b 1836, m Robert Patterson
  3. James b 1841, d 1897, m in 1878 to Rachel Emily Greenley, dau of Francis. Lived Inverness Tsp. Children :
    1. Bertha Maud 1891-1893
    2. Lila Maud 1880-1882
    3. Edwin Oswald b 1883
    4. Francis b 1882
    5. Rose Elizabeth 1885-1894
    6. Ellen Jane b 1886
    7. Agnes Louisa 1889-1892
    8. William Harold b 1894
  4. Rose b 1834, d 1885, m John Stewart. Lived Inverness Tp
  5. Margaret b 1845, d 1921 at Compton, Quebec, m William Patterson.,
  6. Eleanor (Ellen Ann) b 1848, d 1928, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m Thomas Patterson, son of William James Patterson and Sarah Watts. Child : Henry Ward Patterson m Ella Rose Longmoore.

    Living with James and Bridget McNay in 1861 was a George Henderson. George may have been the son of Dr James Henderson, who died in Westmore, Vt in 1866 and whose wife left him to go to Iowa in 1854.


McNEY JEMIMA b 1802 in County Monaghan, Ireland, d 1864, bur St Lukes, Broughton Tp., Megantic County. (St Lukes was in Inverness Tp, not Broughton Tp) Perhaps she lived in Brougton and was buried in Inverness. She married John Hopper b 1791 in County Monaghan, arrived in Megantic Co in 1830.


McNEY ELIZABETH lived 9th Range of Inverness Tp., m David Brown, b 1789, came to Canada before 1825. He died 1834, buried Leeds C of E. Children :

  1. Marie Brown b 1829, baptized RC St Nicholas, Quebec.
  2. David Brown b 1830, baptized RC, St Nicholas, Quebec.

McNEY JOSEPH b 1827 IRELAND, C of E, m MARY ISOBEL CHRISTIE, b 1826 SCOTLAND, d 1906, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Janet b 1851 LC
  2. Mary b 1853
  3. Elizabeth b 1854
  4. James b 1856
  5. Madeline b 1858
  6. Malcolm Christie 1857-1938, m Charlotte Margaret Bolduc
  7. Joseph b 1860, d 1933, m Jessie B McIntosh. Lived Inverness Tsp. Child :
    1. Joseph Austin d 1909
  8. Catherine b 1860
  9. Rosina b 1861
  10. Ellen b 1863, d 1891
  11. Bridget Christie b 1867
  12. John b 1868
  13. Annie Isabella 1874-1892

McNEY JOHN m SARAH PROUD. Lived Inverness Tp. Child : Mary Jane b 1849.

Contact info available for McNay/McNey.

McNEIL JOHN settled Nelson Tp, m in 1839 to MARGARET WATT, widow of Nelson Tp.


McNEIL JOHN, saddler of Inverness Tp m in 1845 to ADELINE HARWOOD. Witness James McNeil.


McPHERSON PETER m MARGARET WELCH. Lived Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Martin b 1881
  2. John b 1880

McQUEEN R. F. of New Hampshire, USA, m BARBARA JANE GUY, d 1885, buried Megantic Co.


McREYNOLDS GEORGE b 1776, d 1868. Child :

  1. James McReynolds b 1836 in IRELAND, d 1875 married Mary Dinning, b 1833, d 1918. Lived Ireland Tp. Children :
    1. George 1866-1868
    2. Charlottte 1868-1869
    3. George b 1873, d 1932, bur HT CE Maple Grove, Ireland Tsp, m Lucy Nugent b 1887
    4. James b 1865
    5. William Henry b 1875

McREYNOLDS JAMES of Ireland Tsp m in 1899 to ELIZABETH HOUGH of Ireland Tp, d 1925, bur WM Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. Permission was given to her son in 1950 to disinter her body and rebury in St Johnsbury Centre, Vt Cemetery.


McSHERRY PATRICK m ANN. Living in Halifax S Tp in 1861. Children :

  1. Patrick b 1846 LC, RC,
  2. Ann b 1838, LC, RC.
  3. John b 1833 LC, d 1901 at Sutton, Vt.

    Note that there were McSherry's living in Westmore, Vt and Burke, Vt in the 1800s.


McSTEPHENS LEWIS b 1813 in ENGLAND, d 1880, bur WM Leeds Tp.


McSTEPHEN ANN 1803-1888, bur Inverness Presb, m JOHN MATTHEW. Lived Nelson Tp.


McSTEPHEN ANDREW lived in Lower Ieland, Inverness Tp in 1837 where he participated in meetings of the Lower Ireland Constitutional Association, during the Rebellion of 1837, as per the Quebec Mercury, 16 Dec 1837.



See also: McTAGUE



See also: McTAIG


McTAIG MICHAEL b 1812 IRELAND, RC, m BRIDGET MONAGHAN b 1812 IRELAND. Settled in the Hankerchief Mountain area of Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. Ellen b 1843 LC, m Thomas Monaghan
  2. Phelix b 1846
  3. Ann b1850
  4. Mary b 1853

McVETTY WILLIAM m JANE who d 17 Feb 1869, aged 75 years (born c 1794), bur C of E Leeds on 19 Feb 1869. Burial witness was John McVetty.


McVETTY WILLIAM b 1829 IRELAND m in 1849 TO JANE b 1832 IRELAND. Epis. Children:

  1. James b 1845 LC
  2. Jane b 1847
  3. William b 1849
  4. Ann b 1851
  5. Sarah b 1853
  6. Susan b 1855
  7. John b 1858

McVETTY JAMES b 1813 in IRELAND, Epis, settled Leeds Tp, m ELEANOR BASKIN, b 1817 in IRELAND, d 27 Apr 1894 aged 77 years, bur St James, Leeds. Eleanor was a widow at the time of her death. Children :

  1. Catherine b 1836 in Ireland
  2. John Alex b 1839 in LC, d 1898, m in 1880 to Caroline Watkins. Child :
    1. James Watkins b 1881
  3. Abraham b 1840, d 1928, m in 1867 to Sarah Jane Park. Lived 1st-2nd Range of Thetford Tp. Children :
    1. Elizabeth b 1868 at Thetford, Que, d 1900, bur Leeds Presb, m in 1893 at Barton, Vt to James Lowry
    2. James b 1873
    3. Sarah Jane 1875-1895
    4. Annie 1883-1914, twin, died Derby, Vt
    5. Agnes b 1883, twin
    6. Eleanor b 1869
    7. Mary b 1871
    8. Abraham 1872-1904
  4. Isabella b 1846
  5. Robert b 1849
  6. James b 1853

McVETTY BELLE JANE d 1918, bur Inverness C of E, m JULES HERHART


McVETTY ROBERT b 1810, d 1872, British Army pensionner, Sgt, bur Leeds Presb


McVETTY JOHN b 1814, IRELAND, Co Donegal, C of E, d 1894 at Inverness. Arrived in Canada in 1830, worked on the docks at Quebec City from 1830-1842, then settled in Leeds Tp, m in 1842 to BARBARA THOMPSON b 1822, of Leeds Tp, d 1899, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. Barbara was the dau of Alexander Thompson and Rosanna Milligan. Their children :

  1. Ann Jane b 1843 LC, d 1906, bur Kinnear's Mills CE, m Patrick Campbell. Lived Leeds
  2. William b 1845, d 1925, m Isabella Graham. Children :
    1. Catherine b 1871, d 1949 at Hamilton, Ont, m Malcolm Alexander McMillan
    2. Barbara Martha b 1873, d 1950, m Charles Octavius Ward
    3. Caroline Jane b 1875, d 1944, m John Frederick Walker
    4. Isabella Amanda b 1877, d 1972, m Kenneth Norman McDonald
    5. Elsie Lavina b 1884, d 1972, m Ernest Alfred Johnson
    6. Mabel b 1887, d 1973, m Kenneth Nicholson McIver
    7. Edith b 1890, d 1938 in Toronto
  3. Agnes b 1846
  4. Ellen b 1848, moved to Sherbrooke, m in 1874 at Sherbrooke CE to Sidney Turner
  5. Isabella b 1851 m John Brown
  6. Selina b 1856, m in 1881 to James Maxwell. Children :
    1. Mrs James Lang
    2. William
    3. John
  7. Barbara b 1855, d 1922, m Alexander Campbell
  8. Caroline b 1856, d 1944, m Alexander Graham
  9. John Jr b 1859, d 1946, m in 1884 to Caroline Ellen Lowry, dau of Elias Lowry and Ann King. Children :
    1. Alex John b 1885, m in 1923 to Martha White of Glen Murray, Inverness Tsp
    2. Clark Wallace b 1896
  10. Alex b 1862, d 1952 at Thetford Mines
  11. James 1864-1946, bur C of E Inverness

    For the emigration pattern of the above family, see 'Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre,' by Gwen Barry.


McVETTY JAMES. Lived Inverness Tp. Child : - Annie Grady 1875-1900, bur Leeds Presb


McVETTY ELLEN of Leeds Tp m in 1864 at Shipton Congregational to WILLIAM NILES Jr.


McVETTY JAMES 1796-1865, settled St Gilles/St Mary's Range, m ANN ELIZABETH MACKAY 1801-1894. Arrived in Lotbiniere Co in 1833 from Ireland.Children :

  1. William McVetty 1826-1896 m in 1856 to Ruth Lowry 1837-1889. They lived in St Bernard, Que at the time of their marriage. Children :
    1. James L 'Little John' McVetty 1857-1932, m Margaret Cascadden. Children :
      1. William John Edgar McVetty 1886-1953, m Verna Grace.
      2. Joseph McVetty 1890-1891
      3. Arthur Raymond McVety 1892-1964, m Ruby Maria Elizabeth.
      4. Stanley Harry McVety 1894-1967, m Pauline Jane Jackson
    2. Joseph McVetty 1858-1931, m Ettra Idella Waldron. Children :
      1. Horace McVety 1895-1965
      2. Florence Burrell McVety b 1898
      3. Ruth Averil McVety 1900-1922
      4. Susan Woodsworth McVety b 1903
      5. William Floyd McVety b 1907, m Marjorie Bangs
      6. Newton Warren McVetty 1907-1972
    3. William John McVetty 1861-1891
    4. Elizabeth McVetty 1863-1938, m Thomas Ridle b 1864
    5. Esther Ann McVetty 1865-1949, m Edward Crimmons b 1869
    6. Mary Jane McVetty 1867-1955, m Robert Charles 'John' Butso
    7. Barbara McVetty b 1869, d 12 Dec 1881, aged 11 years, bur 14 Dec 1851 at WM Inverness
    8. Charlotte Agnes McVetty 1871-1943, m John Graham b 1871. Children :
      1. Harry Erwin Graham b 1894, m Zelma Ruberta Greenlay
      2. Sterling Harold Graham b 1896, m Gladys Mary Greenlay
      3. Gladys Ann Esther Graham b 1897, m Charles Henry Wood
      4. Ruby Elizabeth Graham b 1911
    9. Barbara Luella McVetty 1873-1948, m Ezra Russell Blair. Child :
      1. Clayton Russell Hosea Blair 1903-1970, m Elizabeth
    10. Alfred Alexander McVety 1874-1947, m Lucy Lindsay. Children :
      1. William Levi McVety b 1897, m Gladys Leda Ellen
      2. George Irvine McVety b 1899, m Jessie Page
      3. Cecil Garnet McVety 1900-1900
      4. Erwin Milan McVety b 1901, m Laura Mae Sweet
      5. Rufus Henry McVety b 1904, m Satina Bitardi b 1904
    11. Harriet McVety 1877-1900
    12. Alberta Emily Victoria McVety 1880-1934
    13. Eva Ruth McVety b 1882, m Charles Albert Butson b 1882
  2. Alexander McVety 1828-1843
  3. Ann Jane McVetty b Feb 1830 in Ireland, d 1889, m 3 Jan 1854 at WM Ireland Tp to William McVetty 1825-1910. They lived in Leeds Tp. Marriage witnesses were William and Ellen McVetty. Children :
    1. James H McVetty b 06 Jan 1854, d 1911, bapt 13 Apr 1854 at WM Ireland Tp., m Letitia Crawford, dau of John Crawford and Elizabeth Wark. Children :
      1. Charles Howard McVety 1896-1988
      2. Hazel McVety b 1899
      3. Harold Wilfred McVety 1903-1992
    2. Eliza Jane McVetty b 06 Aug 1855, bapt 17 Jan 1856 at C of E Leeds, d 17 Nov 1890, m Richard Shorten, son of Richard Shorten and Jane Evans
    3. William McVetty b 02 Feb 1857, bapt 05 Apr 1857 at C of E Leeds. Born Lambys Mills.
    4. Ellen 'Nellie' McVetty b 30 Aug 1859, bapt 27 Nov 1859 at C of E Leeds, d 1894, m James Harron
    5. John McVetty b 20 Apr 1861, bapt 7 July 1861 at C of E Inverness, d 1944, m Elizabeth Wilding b 1879
    6. Ruth McVetty b 07 Apr 1865, bapt 25 Aug 1865 at WM Ireland Tp, d 1869
    7. Agnes McVetty b 02 May 1867, bapt 18 Aug 1867 at C of E Inverness, d 1935 m 08 July 1908 to John McKee 1867-1939
    8. Barbara McVetty 1871-1881
  4. Barbara McVetty 1832-1877, bur Leeds WM, m John Shorten b 1839. Lived St Patrick's Range of St Sylvestre Children :
    1. Richard Shorten b 1869
    2. James Shsorten b 1870
  5. Ruth McVetty 1834-1916, m 1st to Thomas McKay 1827-1869 and m 2nd to Joseph L Lowry b 1812.
  6. James 'Highshaver' McVetty 1836-1917, m 1st to Mary Lowry and m 2nd to Elizabeth 'Eliza' C. Children by Mary Lowry :
    1. Girl McVety 1862-1862
    2. Girl McVety 1862-1862
    3. Elizabeth McVetty 1863-1935, m Alexander Miller
    4. James Alexander McVety 1865-1925, m Mary Ann Cascadden. Children :
      1. Bertha May McVetty 1904-1988
      2. Arnold John McVetty 1906-1972, m Brigitte Quesnelle
      3. Harold James McVetty b 1906, m Josephine Mary Bradshaw
      4. Margaret Alice McVetty b 1907
    5. Hester Emily McVetty 1867-1900
  7. Joseph McVetty 1838-1877, bur Leeds WM, m Elizabeth Cooper b 1838. Lived in St Bernard, Dorchester Co, Que. Children :
    1. Margaret Ann McVetty 1868-1890, m albert Burton Waldron
    2. Thomas James McVetty 1869-1960
    3. Charlotte Elizabeth McVetty 1871-1903, bapt WM Leeds
    4. Samuel McVetty 1874-1952, bapt WM Leeds
  8. Margaret McVetty b 1840
  9. Elizabeth McVetty 1841-1920, m Robert McKay d 1964. Children :
    1. Charlotte Lottie McKay b 1868
    2. Alexander McKay b 1871
    3. Mary McKay b 1874
    4. Henry McKay b 1875
  10. Alexander McVetty 1842-1930 m Mary Elizabeth McKay
  11. Rachael McVetty b 1843

McVETTY WILLIAM ALEXANDER, of New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m in 1877 at Danville WM to ISABELLA 'LIZZIE' KERWIN of New Ireland, Ireland Tp, b 1835, d 1894 in NH.


McVETTY JOHN ALEXANDER of Thetford Mines, m in 1902 to SELINA DAVIDSON of Inverness. Lived Thetford Mines. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Child : - Walter Marvin d 1917


McVETTY PHEOBE JANE 1883-1925, bur C of E Inverness Tp m WILLIAM MARSHALL. Lived St Pierre Baptiste. For Marshall, see the publication The Descendants of Robert and Anne Marshall of County Leitirm and Megantic County, Quebec, by Gwen Barry.


McVETTY CATHERINE JANE d 1919, bur Kinnear's Mills Presb, m RICHARD CANNING


McVETTY CATHERINE J d 1925, bur Kinnear's Mills Presb, m JAMES MAGWOOD.


McVETTY MARY 1811-1884, bur Leeds Presb m JAMES PARK. Lived Leeds

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McWADE JOHN b 1801, RC, living in Leeds Tp in 1861 census. Married CATHERINE SLATTERY. Child :

  1. Margaret m in 1851 to William Dwyer

McWADE JAMES b 1805 IRELAND, RC, m HONORA DWYER b 1824 IRELAND. Lived Leeds Tsp. Children :

  1. Edmond b 1845 LC
  2. Margaret b 1846
  3. Catherine b 1849
  4. Mary b 1850
  5. Johanna b 1854
  6. John b 1855
  7. Bridget b 1856
  8. James b 1857

McWHIRTER JOHN m SARAH PLUMKETT. Lived Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Agnes b 1850, bapt C of E Inverness Tp
  2. Sarah b 1852, bapt C of E Inverness Tp

McWILLIAMS JOHN, mason, settled Leeds Tp, m MARGARET ANN BARRON. Children: John b 1832, Margaret Barron b 1834, Thomas b 1836, Elizabeth Parker b 1838.



  1. Fred b 1848 at Inverness, m in 1877 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Maria McCutcheon b 1853 at St Sylvestre, dau of William McCutcheon.

McWILLIAMS male m MARY LEARMONTH. She later remarried in 1877 to William Ferguson


McWILLIAMS JAMES, stonecutter of Barre, Vt, m in 1895 to MARY ANN ORR of New Armagh, Lotbiniere Co, Que. Children :

  1. Herbert Thomas b 1897 at Barre, Vt, bapt Leeds Presb
  2. Oswald David b 1896

McWILLIAMS, Mrs. JOHN: Announcement: 'Hendersonvale: Mrs John McWilliams of Vermont is home to visit her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Clark.'

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 2931 May, 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.