Testimonials for A History of Megantic County: Downhomers of Quebec’s Eastern Townships

The Standstead Journal, Standstead, Quebec, Sept 15, 1999 :
History buffs will be pleased to hear that Townshippers’ Day will be launching Gwen Barry’s new book on Meganitc County. ‘The Record’ recently published an article on this book, which generated a great deal of interest. Callers flooded the lines wondering where they could lay hands on a copy. It will be available at Townshippers’ Day, and the author will be present to answer your questions and to autograph copies.

Bernard Epps ‘The Bookcase’, The Townships Sun, Dec 1999/January 2000. Lennoxville, Quebec :
This book is written in the French style of La Petite Histoire. It is not about kin, wars and politics, but about your own home town, and the people and places you know. This is local history at its very best, history as it should be taught in schools. Downhomers and genealogists with roots in this county will find this book priceless. Indeed, anybody with an interest in the history of English Quebec can enjoy a good read.

Brendan and Elizabeth Larrabee, Guelph, Ontario :
We enjoyed your book. My husband and I want to congratulate you on such a wonderful compilation of history. We almost fought over the book when it arrived. I will definitely recommend it to others. How did you ever organize so much material? This has been the best book we have ever seen and read! You deserve a huge recognition. Thanks again for all your efforts to enrich Megantic’s descendants.

Peter MacDonald, Harvard University, Law Library :
I am truly impressed at the details you have collected and enjoyed the interesting maps and diagrams included. The amount of research you had to do is very evident and I compliment you on a superb presentation. I have already learned much from it and I look forward to reading in it often and I will be recommending the book to others, I’m sure.

Jack Cummings, Grand Junction, Iowa :
I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It is obvious that you have done a great job of researching your topic. You may use this as a testimonial from me that the book is well worth the money and should be a part of any library for those who are researching ancestry in that area of Canada, as I am.

Jack O’Donnell, Chicago :
I received your book today and spent a lot of time just skimming. It’s great. You really seem to have captured a historical snapshot of the life that my ancestors lived. Congratulations and thanks for doing it.

Marie Milliken, Littleton, Colorado :
What a prodigious work! I’ve just dipped in and I’m sure it will take me a long time to digest it all. Thanks for doing it and for all your work on the book.

Dr Eldon Hay, History Professor Emeritis, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick :
I thought you did full justice to the small bit of information I gave you on the Reformed Presbyterians. What a tremendous effort - as you very well know.

Gerry Watts, Ayr, Ontario :
You have done a fantastic job. Your research is quite unbelievable. It must have been a labour of love. I have many hours of enjoyable reading ahead of me!

Brian Symonds, Powell River, British Columbia :
What a massive effort, and what a great reference volume you have compiled. It will take some time to fully appreciate all the information that is in it. Wow! Thank you so much for letting me know about it. Hope you get a bit of time to rest on your laurels!

Barbara Wiatt, Florissant, Missouri :
Thank you so much for researching and writing all this interesting history. Maybe that’s why I felt such an affinity for the area. Although I was born and raised in the big city, I feel like I am ‘down home’ in Megantic County. Thanks again for doing it.

Maude Arundel Ross, Bowen Island, British Columbia :
I’ve spent several hours browsing through your new book. It is a delightful thing to read. Information is easy to find, the format pleasantly varied, your style of writing open and easy without being chatty, and I very much enjoy the unusual charts. I will be spending many more hours with it.

Janice and Alton Cook, Lakeland, Florida :
We were surprised that your new book is so extensive. You surely have worked hard to do all that investigating. We are going to send another order to be sent to Aunt Lyla. We will be showing it to everyone on our trip to Canada this summer. You have done so much, you deserve to be successful with this.

Arnold Deane Aldrich, former Director of the National Space Transportation System, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
Congratulations on your book! You have made possible an incredible wealth of information for members of past, present and future generations who have connections to or an interest in Megantic County. I’m greatly impressed with the scope, quality and breadth of your work. It was wonderful to recall all those old names and places which I became familiar with years ago.